Yoga For Weight Loss – 12 Step By Step Guide To Give You Right Shape

Every one of us wants to look fit and healthy with right exercises. We end up going to gym centers for losing weight. Instead, it consumes a lot of time and hard work as the exercises are tough. So, Why don’t you try right pose of Yoga for weight loss?

yoga for weight loss

It is not just a yoga to lose weight but an old Indian form of exercise for maintaining good health. As a result, yoga poses helps you to stay healthy physically as well as spiritually. To improve your health status, right yoga poses will benefit you the most. This yoga posture is for those people who didn’t like the tough gym workout.

Here you can check out the best pose of yoga for weight loss…

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Top Poses Of Yoga For Weight Loss:

I think you have tried many methods of exercise to lose weight but never helped out. So, it would be better if you try different yoga poses for weight loss. Here are the tips…

1) Dhanurasana – Bow Pose:

Lie down on the floor and make sure you touch your belly on the floor. Now exhale bending your knees touch your ankle with your hands. Make sure your knees are apart from each other. While you inhale, raise your thighs and chest high as much as you can. Maintain this position for few minutes and come back to the initial position. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight easily. People who are prone to back pain can also follow this yoga pose.

yoga for weightloss

If you wish to add some variations then you can try the locust pose by releasing your hands straight I the air and lying down just like the bow pose.

2) Utkatasana – Chair Pose For Weight Loss:

this is one of the best yoga exercises for strengthening your thigh muscles, hips, chest and your back. Even your knee and ankles get toned with this utkatasana posture. First of all, when you practice this step, you may get strain on your legs. Slowly you will be habituated with this pose.

utkasana pose

All you have to do is, stand straight and bring both your feet together. Now raise your hands straight above and inhale, remember to bend your knees while you inhale. Remain in this position for nearly 60 minutes and then relax. This may be little difficult for the beginners, so, hold your knees as much as you can. This exercise will help you to flatten your tummy effectively.

3) Setu Bandh – Bridge Yoga Pose:

bridge pose

Setu bandh or bridge pose helps you to burn fats from your tummy, thighs, and especially the neckline. It tones and strengthens the arms and helps in digestion. Follow my guide for doing this yoga to lose weight. Lie down completely on your back and relax. Make sure both your feet are together. Now slowly inhale by lifting your chest from the floor. Try holding this pose for 30 to 60 minutes. When you will the pressure then slowly come to the original position and exhale.

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4) Pavanmuktasana – Wind Release Yoga:

Just like the bridge yoga pose, you have to lie down the same way. Lie down flat completely on your back. While you inhale lift up your legs and try bending them at your knees. Hold your both knees with your hands and press them firmly to your stomach. Now touch your knees with your chin in the same position. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds and then come to the initial position. Exhale and relax, it will improve your digestion and leave you free from constipation. This is how yoga for weight loss works.

5) Bhekasana – Frog Yoga:

frog pose

Simply lie down flat on your tummy and try to catch hold your feet wit the help of your hands. Now bend your knees upwards, if you have a trouble in bending your knees then ask help from your trainer or your dear ones. Lift your chest when you start inhaling and bring both the shoulder nearer. When you hold your feet make sure your feet touches the thighs too. Now go back to your original position and exhale.

6) Paschimottanasana – Forward Seated Bend:

right pose

This pose relieves from anxiety, tension, and stress. It reduces your fat and improves your digestion. Relax and sit on the floor with straight legs stretched. Bend all your body as you inhale and touch your head to your knees while you bend. Hold your feet with your hands and remain in this position for a minute. Now exhale and relax to your initial position.

7) Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand Yoga:

straight pose

For performing this yoga, you will be needing a thick mattress or a thick carpet to lie your head pressed on the ground. Slowly lift your legs and feel upwards inhaling, spread all your palms on your back for a strong support to last long in a straight erect position. Remain for around 30 seconds and slowly come down, exhale. This exercise tones your leg muscles leaving no stress behind.

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8) Virabhadrasana I –  Warrior Pose Yoga For Weight Loss:

warrior pose yoga for weight loss

Virabhadrasana is also one of the best poses for weight loss, at the same time it strengthens your muscles from thighs, hips etc.  For those people who have back pain, this pose is very much suitable. All you need is, stand straight with both feet far apart. Like the Indian does Namaste, clasp both your hands. While you stretch your hands, you need to bend your knee forward. Repeat with both the legs.

9) Halasana – Plow Pose:

halasana pose

Lie down flat on your back and relax. Lift up your legs and rolled over your head leaving back behind your hands for firm support and inhale. Perform this step for 30 seconds and once you have finished with this pose then slowly bring down your legs. This poses not only lose your weight but calms your brain and stresses.

10) Padahastasana Yoga For Weight Loss:

right yoga pose

To perform this asana you have to stand straight with your feet apart from each other. Now bend your body and touch the soles of your feet without bending your knees. Stay in this position for few minutes and return to your normal position. Repeat at least three times every day. This posture improves your health related issue and you heart beat ratio gets to normal.

What are the essential tips to improve your yoga for weight loss?

  1. It is necessary that you do all the yoga poses correctly for effective work.
  2.  Before you perform the pose, do some warm up exercise and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  3. Do not hurry with the pose, slow and steady wins the race.
  4. Do practice your yoga asanas every day and learn new techniques of asana.
  5. Don’t be stress while you perform the yoga steps, take a deep breathe in and out.
  6. Relax and rest whenever you finish your asanas.

This is my top pick of yoga for weight loss, although they are difficult, slow practice will bring you to good results. The steps and instructions of yoga to lose weight will help you to be in a good shape. These poses will stretch your legs, thighs, arms etc and strengthen your muscles. They not only help you to be in shape but also calms your mind, body, and soul physically spiritually.

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