Different Yoga Asanas And Its Benefits

Different Yoga Asanas And Its Benefits

Yoga Asanas is a pose or posture of the body. These are a comfortable and steady pose. Yoga Asana is the postures which can help you to improve health, stability, concentration and balance.

Today you are going to know a lot about the benefits of yoga. You must know this thing very clearly before you do any yoga asans. So here below are the benefits of Yoga asans.

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Benefits of yoga asans:

Yoga asanas are the ancient practice which gives a wide range of mind and body benefits.If you practice yoga asanas regularly, then you will get the strong, beautiful and flexible body. There are immense benefits of yoga offers in uniting the body.

  • Weight loss
  • Better relationships
  • It also relief stress
  • It gives better posture and flexibility
  • It also increase energy

There is list of yoga asanas which can benefit for you:

1. Anantasana:

This asans is the best yoga which you can perform every early morning. This asana should perform on an empty stomach only. You can do this yoga in the evening also but remember to have your meals at least five hours before practicing this yoga.


How to do the Anantasana:

  1. Lie on your mat and turn left side.
  2. Take outer part of your left foot, and your heels should be firm into the floor
  3. Then raise your right hand or your arm over your head.
  4. Support your head by your left palm
  5. You have to bend your right leg at the knee
  6. Stay stable for some time.Try to maintain your balance.
  7. Exhale then stretch your right legs toward the ceiling and stretch as far as you can
  8. Maintain this pose for few seconds then release.

2. Anjaneyasana:

This asana can release tension, It also strengthens your knees, and this asana also helps to build mental focus. This is a great pose for athletes. There are lots of benefits of this posture.


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How to Do The Anjaneyasana:

1.Firstly start like a downward facing dog

2.Then Exhale and step your right forward between your hands.

3.Slide your left leg back and stretch until you feel comfortable.

4.Now inhale and lift upright by sweeping your arms.

5.Make sure that your arms should be perpendicular and straight

6.Hold this pose for 1 minute then exhale.

3. Bakasana:

This asana can increase your mental and physical strength. It also helps to make your body more flexible, and This asana will also increase your endurance capacity. If you practice this asana regularly, then it will help you in strengthening your forearms, wrist, and shoulders also.


How to do the Bakasana:

  1. At first, try to stand in Tadasana
  2. Then come down in Uttanasana position.
  3. Then keep your hands on the floor just in front of your feet.
  4. Now try to bend your arm as well.
  5. Then, try to Fold your right leg from the knee and take a look to put your right knee on the face of the right arm.
  6. Stay steady for 15 -20 minutes after that slowly release this pose.

This were the yoga asanas which can give you benefits.And this yoga can improve your health also. If you practice this yoga, it will detoxify your body.

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