Well Known Celebrities with herpes: Check the 3rd one


Herpes is one type of viral disease that is caused by herpes virus which is eventually divided into two types i,e. known as HSV-1& HSV-2. This virus attacks in the various form of the human body and its symptoms Fever blister and cold sore are the symptoms of oral herpes. This is actually related to STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) affected from one person to another. Most of the celebrities with herpes is influenced with this virus.

Many people are affected by genital herpes, and most of them are celebrities with herpes according to the survey. These celebrities suffer more from this disease called herpes or STD, and they have to cover it with their heavy make-up. People are always so conscious about the celebrities because they are all loved and followed by their fans and keeps the curiosity to know all about their life.

​Here you are going to know about which are those top ten celebrities with herpes, believe me it will shock you. 

Famous Celebrities With Herpes.

1. Britney Spears:

You will be shocked to know that even the most famous singer Britney Spears also suffering from herpes. She is one of the best and famous singers across the world, but even the celebrities like her need to hide their secret disease from the world.

celebrities with herpes

2. Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt, the famous male actor, is also infected with herpes. Brad Pitt known to be the best and had the valued career in Hollywood, is said to be affected with contracted herpes. It has been found that he has been suffering even before his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. So he is also one of those celebrities with herpes.

celebrities with herpes

3. Justin Timberlake:

The successful man among the famous artist in Hollywood, Justin Timberlake is also one of the celebrities who is infected with herpes. It has been noticed that he has dated many young women, maybe that can be the only reason for his herpes. As herpes is a viral disease, it got the chances to ample between one person to another.

celebrities with herpes

4. Kate Moss:

She is one of the most reputed models and actor in Hollywood industries. It has been rumored that she has been quite addicted to drugs for some time. Perhaps it has been found that she is also infected with the herpes virus. It's not confirmed that where did she get this disease from.

celebrities with herpes

5. Janet Jackson:

She is one of the famous among the fashion designer also she write songs and produce films. It has been confirmed that she is also one of those celebrities with herpes. These rumors have passed through her chef, as she use to get the medication in the name of her chef.

celebrities with herpes

6. Alyssa Milano:

She is also one of those celebrities who is infected with the virus herpes. She is very famous for her songs, acting and also a TV producer. There have been rumors that she got infected from Derek Jeter who is already affected by the disease herpes.

celebrities with herpes

7. Mariah Carey:

Mariah Carey the famous celebrities is also another victim of virus herpes. It has been reported that she got the disease from Derek Jeter, the famous baseball player. There have been a rumors that Derek had to give a hard time to almost all of the female celebrities. So Mariah Carey is also one among the celebrities with herpes.

mariah carey

8. Jessica Alba:

The beautiful Jessica Alba is also suffering from herpes, Jessica is 33 years of age and has got this herpes disease from his ex-girlfriend Derek Jeter. You see Derek Jeter is very famous in spreading herpes disease.

jessica alba celebrities with STD

 9. Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is very much well known for her sexy photography, she has never said NO for exposing herself . Many guys have kept her as a dream girl, but you will get shock to know that even your dream girl is having herpes. Actually whenever we do talk about the celebrities living STD Kim Kardashian is the first pictures that comes to everyones' mind.

Kim Kardashain with herpes

10. Rihanna:

Rihanna a famous artist, there is nothing strong proff that Rihanna is having herpes. But there is a photo where Rihanna and her boyfriend has spotted with scars on her lips, which is a very good sign of herpes. So we can still say that Rihanna is having herpes. 


These are the celebrities living with STDs, might be you have't thought that this celebrities also has STD. So never again think that there is no celebrities with herpes because you are going wrong. You can share this post with your mates who are always dreaming about going out celebrities and so on.

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