What’s Your Wedding Theme??? Things You Should Know

What’s Your Wedding Theme??? Things You Should Know

Hello friends, I am back again…. My first question is what’s your wedding theme? I mean what kind of wedding are you planning for???? Is it a small gathering wedding or a royal wedding? Oh, Wait!!! Don’t get me wrong when I ask you such question as I am not trying to investigate anything.

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Therefore, I just want to know your wishes and how are you planning your wedding. Because as a bride, you may have many dreams how to decorate your wedding.

However, let me give you an idea or let me guess what type of bride are you & what kind of wedding will look perfect:

What’s Your Bridal Taste???

Being a bride, you may have different styles of a wedding that you are dreaming. Worry not I will help you to find the perfect wedding theme. Before that, ask a good question to your guy for strong relationship. 

Fairytale Elegant Wedding Themes:

Your fairytale love story are going to be real with this pretty lovely fairytale wedding. Therefore start with something new in your life. Just like stars came down from the heaven in your dreams now you got a reality wedding with twinkling lights.

With a pretty carriage in place of a glamorous car will bring your dreams princess-like feelings to real life. Also, you can use from forest theme with beautiful cute decorations.

Modern Full Featured Wedding:

Modern wedding theme must look something unique and different especially decorations and the wedding dresses. Not only that, even your bridesmaids must feel that they are special for you. Also, try the wedding hairstyles for long hair to look beautiful on your BIG DAY.

Therefore, talking about the decoration it should be full of colors or should be smart and standard with a black and white theme. Glassy things, beautiful curtains, and flowers bring out the modern wedding theme.

Vintage Style Wedding Theme:

You can never go wrong with a vintage style long gown wedding dresses. Also, the bridesmaid dresses must be unique in a vintage wedding theme. The reception table also needs to be arranged ina  very traditional look. Definitely, it’s not very easy to do it but working hard can bring outstanding results to have vintage style wedding theme.

Rural Wedding:

A beautiful wedding cakes decorated with some olden flowers and shrubs symbolises a rustic wedding. And it’s not neccessary that you need a clean cut wedding cake. As a result, even a mismatched wedding cake will be beautiful. For this ocassions a bridesmaid wearing cowboy shoes and a liitle blue dress is for the ocassion. Even a casual dressed bridgeroom will bring the wedding perfect.

Speaking about the decoration, it must be simple barn rustic style with old types of equipment and old bottles.

Seaside Wedding Theme:

Seaside wedding seems so romantic. Am I right? It looks so lovely and beautiful. A romantic beachfront wedding with cool breeze sounds interesting. Therefore, with beautiful lanterns for the reception near thebeach will bring delicacy to your wedding theme. Brides and groom dancing on the beach is the most surprising thing for the seaside wedding theme.

Countryside Wedding Theme:

Some of your house don’t have good space of accommodations for a geand wedding. So therefore, you can choose for a countryside wedding with beautiful decorations or a simple theme. With a pretty offwhite flower and a dinner table just inspires me.

As a result, a country style wedding should be like full of fresh and beautiful sweet smelling flowers. And if you are planning for a wedding in a countryside church then yes that’s possible.

Romantic Wedding Theme:

Wow!!! just look at the slideshow that I have provided, they just look romantic. As a matter of fact, whatever season may be a romantic wedding just bring smile to your face. Likewise let it be a cold wintry days or a hot summer days, when you both bride and the groom agrees everything looks romantic.

But if you want something special then you can go for pretty peachy flower decoration or an off-white decor. Both looks stunning with top wedding themes. Also, you can try other options. For more details to decorate your wedding read, Pretty Flowers. 

So, now what’s next, what’s your wedding theme? How do you plan it? Prepare for a perfect wedding themes 2017. And the moment you are done with your engagement, make a proper list for a perfect wedding. Also, read things that people regret not doing right after an engagement. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Till then enjoy your marriage with elegant wedding themes and colors.

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