Best Professional Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Best Professional Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hurray!!!! It's your Grand Wedding Day. Wedding Gown? Check. Flower decoration? Check. Everything is finalized with proper planning. But WAIT... Something is still lacking. Guess What? Your Wedding Hairstyles. Oh My God! You are still messing up with your wedding hairstyles for long hair? Stay calm, breathe in and breathe out. 

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Further, I do know that long hair is very difficult to maintain. Still, you go for this lovely wedding hairstyle for your long hair that I will enlist below. So that in your most precious day of your life you look the most beautiful with this best wedding hairstyles for long hair.

I have come up with different varieties of wedding hairstyles for long hair with braids and loose curls, half updo and many other designs. But make sure you match the hairstyle with your personality. Try creating a perfect fit hairstyle with your makeup and your dress. Even you can also check on the Best Flower Girl Hairstyles Must Try Out for the flower girls.

Lovely 15 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair:

For your Luscious long hair, I have collected some of the best lovely wedding hairstyles. People who can manage and create a beautiful hairstyle during a wedding is counted to be as the best hairstylist. So you do not need any high-class professionalists for creating a beautiful hairstyle for a wedding. Here you will get an idea how to create this beautiful hairstyle. I will also attach some pictures which will help you to look a beautiful bride.

1: Loose Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle

loose curls wedding hairstyles

More than straight looking hair, if you make a curl then during your wedding, you will look very glamorous. You will feel like you are the one and only piece on your wedding with a full feature bride. This hairstyle will drive you crazy and with a headband, it will make you excellent pretty girl. It is very easy to do this hairstyle all you need a curling iron and a good quality hairspray. Create little big curls so that it looks flawless.

2: Fish Tail Braid

fish tail braid wedding hairstyles

Inarguably, this is another big piece of hairstyle on your wedding. When you don't have any idea about what hairstyle you should choose then this will be the right choice. Apart of that, if you are running out of time for saying I DO in the church then immediately grab this hairstyle. It's very easy to follow just braid it in front and bring all your remaining hair to the side and fish braid it. Put a beautiful glittering accessory on your head which will add extra glamor to your looks.

3: Messy Twist Bun With Side Loose Curls

twist bun with side loose curls

Nowadays millions of bride do not like to have a clean combed hair instead follow the trend of loose curly voluminous hair. This is the best wedding hairstyles for long hair, you will look very romantic with some strands letting loose in front. Braid some few strands in front and twist the rest portion of your hair in such manner that looks bouncy and pretty. Wear a pretty ear piece for that beautiful looks in you. The front hair that you let down need to be curled a little. Finally, complete it with a hairspray for the end touch.

4: Low Braided Chignon

wedding hairstyles braided low chignon

If you have less thin long hair then for creating this volume hair you will need to fix extra hair strand from the market. Curl it and start twisting and turning one after the other. If you cannot do well then show this picture to your hairstylist. And you are done with your hair. Now team it with your wedding gown perfectly with matching earrings and makeup. make sure your bun is in the low end and loose but should be perfectly matched.

5: French Twist

French twist updo wedding hairstyles

Are you having a trouble to decide which wedding hairstyles you should choose for your wedding? Whether old french hairstyle or the party look hairstyle, but French twist will bring a boom to your looks. Even if your hair is short you can still go for this style because this looks amazing for any age. To look sleek and shiny do not forget to blow dry your hair and apply a hairspray. You can buy best Best Professional Hair Blow Dryer For a Professional Hairstyle at Home on your big day.

6: Low Curly Pony Tail With Braided Headband

low curly pony

For more fashionable look, go with this low curly ponytail wedding hairstyles for long hair. Create a bouncy look with a hairspray or some other accessories. Your hairstylist will know how to do it, you can easily create a simple braid with few of your strands. Now with the braid turn it and make an original headband. Pin the braided headband with a secure bobby pin so that it won't let loose. But do remember to curl your hair with a curler and knot it with bobby pins. Let loose some strands of your front hair which will bring an extra glow to your chicks.

7: Twist and Turn Garden Hairstyle

turn and twist garden wedding hairstyles

Maybe you wanted to let loose your hair or you are confused with whether to tie or leave it. Then this twist and turn hairstyle will suit you the most and do not think much just go for it. Curl your hair and just twist and turn and twist and turn, secure with some bobby pins and you are ready for your grand wedding. Place a garden type accessories to match with your hair. This hairstyle will be perfect for summer wedding near the beach or outside the church near your lawn.

8: Soft Curls Half Updo

half updo

Try this half updo hairstyle that makes you look extra pretty and do remember that it is your only day so you must be pretty totally. Let people see your inner as well as your outer beauty which gives an awesome touch to your looks. After you have curled your hair take few strands from the sides and roll it to bring both strands together. Bobby pins are always necessary and bridal pretty hair clip on your hair. You long lustrous hair will loo more pretty if you have a thick hair, this is one of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair.

9: Voluminous Goddess Hairstyle

goddess hairstyle

Your wedding gown is very simple..... What to do? Think think. Ok, I have got an idea for you, sometimes it takes time for me to decide. Well anyways, Why don't you try this goddess-like voluminous hair with a triple tiara on your head. If you ask me, I would say this is wow. I love it. Simple wedding gown does not mean simple hairstyle, if you want to look unique then this is your choice.

10: Unique Retro Updo

retro style wedding hairstyles

For formal wedding hairstyles, retro hair will never get missed. If you want this retro hairstyle then it is a good choice. This hairstyle will go with any designs of wedding dress. It never looks messy you know. Hairspray is a must for this type of hair, and if you are going to wear a sleeveless wedding gown then you will look hot chic.

11. Lovely Side Bun

side bun

This messy twisted side bun also looks fabulous and the pearly bobby pins will make you look stunning. To follow this hairstyle, you will need to grow your hair long or else it will just make no sense. Secure pearl-like bobby pins will be needed. Pull some of the strands of your hair to look a mess as well as create volume.

12: Wedding Clean Top Bun

top bun wedding hairstyle

When you create this clean top bun, make sure you see whether your hairstyle matches your looks. This hairstyle will awe inspire if your wedding gown is completely sleeveless. You do not need to put any sparkling headbands or any accessories on your hair. Just a clean look is all you need. You can also let your bridesmaid style in the same way like yours for a similar look. Puta long ear drop earrings will make you look more pretty with your beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair.

13: Rose-Like Wedding Hairstyles

rose like hairstyle

Like like the name, these wedding hairstyles looks exactly like a rose. From the start to the end fully a complete rose look. A sparkling head band will make it look pretty but remember that you need not put any flower accessories. This is because your bun itself looks like a rose, so why do you need another duplicate one. For whimsical wedding combination of rose-like hairstyle and the beautiful wedding dress is perfect.

14: Pretty High Pony Hairstyle

pretty pony wedding hairstyle

Look at this high pony tail with its length and thickness it looks just wow. I couldn't find any proper words to describe how this hairstyle dazzles me. The thing is you need to create big curls for this look and a hair extension for the thickness. So if you love yourself then you must love your hair too.

15: Unique Curl Princess Hairstyle

princess hairstyle

The last but not the least, you will look like a princess if you choose this hairstyle. A beautiful princess' wedding gown, a flower bouquet and a pretty hairstyle just perfect. People going to glaze at you at your dazzling beauty. If you have seen a barbie animated movie then you must have seen how they wear beautiful princess' gown. You will exactly look like one of then with this hairstyle.make sure you put a tiara on your head.

Now I guess you got relieved with the best lovely 15 wedding hairstyles for long hair. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and get ready to say I Do? Furthermore, whatever you do, you must remember that it comes only one time in your life. So make it special as well as memorable.

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