Top 11 Stunning Korean Short Hairstyles You Can Try

Korean girls are famous for their hairstyles all over the world, and Internationally Korean girls go behind the latest trends. Whether taking care of skin or hair, Korean girls play an important role in the red carpet. They seem to be in the first list when you speak about their beauty. If you are bored with your long hair, then I am here to help you with the Top Stunning Korean Short Hairstyles.

best korean short hairstyles

These Korean short hairstyleswill make you look not only cute but stunningly gorgeous. Korean hairstyles are innovative and trendy and would match any type of face shapes. Korean hairs are mostly straight and super smooth which makes it difficult to tie or create any style. If possible, you should cut it short if your hair is straight just like the Koreans. In this article, you can find the top 11 stunning Korean short hairstyles which would perfectly match with your personality.

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List of Top 11 Stunning Korean Short Hairstyles:

So, here I have enrolled some of the different stunning Korean short hairstyles, keep reading till the very end.

1. Boyish Korean Pixie:

Boyish Korean Pixie

There is nothing many hairstyles you can do if you have a boyish pixie hairstyle. You don’t even require to comb your hair. However, it is best suited for the office goers who don’t get proper time to take good care of their hair, as short hair do not trouble much like the long hairs do.

2. Sleek Bob with Curls:

sleek bob short korean hairstyles

All I can say is wow! These sleek bob hairstyles along with soft curls look very charming. No one styles sleek bob better than Park Shin Hye a famous Korean actress, she with her innocent face looks perfect with this hairstyle. I wish I have the same hair texture like her. These hairstyles are also one of the most popular hairstyles as it matches all the face shapes. If you are going to adopt this hairstyle in this winter, then you can also apply a slight shade of lipstick to look more stunning.

3. Side-Parted Smooth Swept Bob:

side parted bob hairstyles

Look at this dark brown super smooth short side-parted bob, isn’t she looking beautiful? If you have a long face shape, then this hair will suit you the most because as the hairstyle seems to have a round shape, this will make your face to look rounder. Just highlight your hair with a dark brown shade, and you are ready with your new stunning hairstyles.

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4. Straight Blunt Cut:

straight blunt cut

Well, if you prefer a darkest black shade with a blunt bob haircut, then here it is for you. Back side of the hair is shorter than the front, but you have to make sure you shape your front hair pointed. For a sexy look highlight, few strands with a light shaded color may be a golden yellow.

5. Wavy Smooth Bob:

wavy smooth bob haircut

Now this is the real hairstyle you must be looking forward into. Yun Seun Young, another prettiest women in the Korean movie, looks super glamorous in this hairstyle. I liked the way she styles her hair, with little bouncy and wavy look. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have thin hair to make it look thicker.

6. Side-Parted Pixie:

side parted pixie

This Side-Parted Korean hairstyle from the top stunning Korean hairstyles looks very simple and easy to style. This hairstyle looks awesome because they match to all individuals. What you do is, just apply an anti-frizz serum, and flat iron your pixie hair and you are ready to go anywhere. I must say this is the best short hairstyle you can have.

7. Smooth Brown Pixie:

smooth brown pixie

The short smooth brown pixie haircut looks superb as you only need to comb your hair gently. You don’t even have to worry about how to tie your hair or how to pin your hair because pixie hair cut with a brown shade touch gives you no worry. You only need seconds to maintain your hair with the pixie cut so no more taking much time in designing your hair. For extra shine on your looks, wear small glittering earrings which will suit with all types of dresses.

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8. Oval Fringed Smooth Bob:

oval fringed hairstyle

The stunning Oval fringed smooth Bob Korean Short Hairstyles looks smart and cute. They are shorter strands of hair in the middle forehead and the end strands longer. This style goes perfect for the school going girls and also the office going women. Even during family gets together program these top stunning Korean hairstyles with its simple and easy cut looks the best.

9. Round Smooth Fringe Bob:

round smooth

The round fringe appears shorter than the other bob hairstyles. This top stunning Korean short hairstyle looks smart and classy. You can try this hairstyle as I am sure you will look super gorgeous. This hairstyle will make you look softer and whenever you try this round bob cut hairstyle make sure you pair a big earring to match your personality. Just like the girl in the picture above.

10. Lovely Bob Hairstyle:

stunning layered bob Korean short hairstyle

This hairstyle looks very good to every type of people. This is another celebrity look hairstyle with adds little volume to your hair. You will look incredibly gorgeous, and the front wavy hairs give you a unique look. You will look like a princess, and I suggest you to please try this hairstyle. So before you put a spray on your hair, just flat iron it for smooth and flawless locks.

11. Shaggy Bob For Wedding:

shaggy bob korean hairstyle

During your wedding, you will find very difficult to decide which dress to wear and which make up will bring a glow to your skin, same as that even your hair have to be perfect. This short shaggy bob hairstyle is the best option for your wedding. Just curl a little with a curler and spray it to keep a hold on your hair. This hairstyle will suit to all the face shapes, so without any worry just seal this hairstyle for your wedding. Make your hair look more beautiful with a white flower or diamond clip.

So there you are with the top stunning Korean short hairstyles, with its each different and unique hairstyles. All these top stunning Korean hairstyles are the latest trend worldwide, and I also hope that you have found the best stunning Korean short hairstyle you are searching for. Don’t hesitate to share this content with your mates on your timeline.

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