Top 10 Haunted Places In The World – Scariest Places


Are you scared of the paranormal activity? Have you ever experienced scary places or ghostly things in your life? Imagine, suddenly door banging on you, Death body arises from the cemetery or dolls walking in the midnight. Automatically, your goosebumps will rise hearing it.

I know the adventure lovers will enjoy going such top 10 haunted places in the world😝. Going to such haunted places, it’s kind of scary but also if you succeed you get relief that you could visit the scary places.

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Here you can check out the most Top 10 haunted places in the world:

10. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland: 

Edinburgh Castle is one of the haunted places in Scotland. The castle is a historical fortress where you can view the entire Edinburgh from the Castle Rock. The castle was also involved in many historical conflicts. It has recently voted the top UK attraction in the British Travel Awards.

edinburgh castle

It is said that the castle has some paranormal activity of the former prisoners who were kept inside the dungeons. There are different rooms in the castle, and each room has some ghostly nature. It’s one of the haunted cities of the world where thousands of people died in the battles history.

haunted jail

St. Margaret Chapel is the oldest building in Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh has secret tunnels which also has a history. When the tunnels are discovered a piper has been sent to discover the way but after half way, there was no trace of the piper’s music.

It’s been told that his piping music could be heard even today and also, many prisoners wailing could still be heard. According to Edinburgh visitor survey, more than 70% visited the castle though it’s haunted.

9. Ancient Ram Inn, England:

Ancient Ram Inn, seeing the picture itself I got scared. It is one of the scariest places in Britain, and the rumors are around 20 specters ghost roam about the house. Whoever comes could not stay there instead just escape effortlessly even from the windows.

Ram Inn

The Inn is located in the village of Gloucestershire in Wotton- under- Edge. It is built in 1145 burial ground, believed to be a child sacrifice called Rosie and a male sex demon named Incubus. Many visitors fled from this house. It is believed that you hear a child screaming, beds moving up and down, lights going on and off, terrible sights.

Inside the Inn, you can see the ancient grave. It’s crack walls, and graves symbolize a haunted house.

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8.  The White House, Washington D.C, USA:

The White House is one of the official residences of the President of the United States at Pennsylvania. Since John Adams in 1800, it has been the residence of every United States president.

The white house seems so enchanting, but there are also several stories of the ghosts of former President Abraham Lincoln since his death in 1865.

the white house

Some of the travelers reported that they could feel the bed flowing and while sleeping the blankets pulling.

7.  The Beech worth Lunatic Asylum, Australia:

The Beech worth Lunatic Asylum is also one of the haunted places in the world and also the second oldest hospitals. Initially, it is called Haunted Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum.

beech worth lunatic

The hospital is especially for the patients who are mentally sick. Workers also heard of a child crying or sometimes playing with a doll.

paranormal acitivities at beech worth lunatic

Some people reported that you would see women climbing and scratching the walls of the Asylum with their hairs open and their skin pale white.

6. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore:      

Old Changi Hospital was built for the Japanese police for their secret force. It is also known as the British Royal Air force or Kempeitai.

old changi hospital

Visitors hear disembodied happenings and paranormal activities. Sights of a woman with a black aura can be seen and other odd occurrences. It is really very scary at night 😨

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5. The Bhangarh Fort, India, Rajasthan:

According to Archaeologist survey staying after sunset nobody returns. In Bhangarh Fort Government also prohibited staying late after sunset.

Mostly the Bhangarh fort is without roofs as it is said that the roof collapse if you construct it.

Bhangrah fort

According to the legend, it is said that when a black magic tantric cursed the place when he fell in love with the princess of, Bhangar but the princess denied which made him frustrated and he killed her and poisoned all the inhabitants. The wizard’s curse remains there.

4. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes:

A number of legends associated with the late 15th-century castle. Some people say that people who died during the battles have haunted this place. You can hear the banging of doors and windows, screaming of voices, quarreling, etc.

berry haunted house

80% of the entire ghosts are seen during the day😱. According to the legends, you can see two female ghosts too- The White Lady and The Blue Lady.

3. Screaming Tunnel:

Screaming Tunnel is a small limestone tunnel which has been the right passage of Niagara for the youth.

screaming tunnel

This is an imposing dark structure and during night time ghost haunts. It is said that when the train passes through the tunnel every time the train collapse. The more the people die, the more the place gets haunted.

2. High Gate Cemetery, North, London: 

More than 170,000 people were buried and 53,000 graves just imagine how scary it looks. Will you be able to sit in the graves at midnight? Behind the gothic walls, there was paranormal activity going. Hope I do not need to give a brief discussion about strange happenings in the graveyard.

high gate cemetery

You will feel vampire lurking in its shadowy nature. Some say that they have seen glowing eyes of a man and some with no head; you will encounter more if you visit.

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1. Island Of Dolls, Mexico:      

Located in Mexico, Island of Dolls is one of the strangest haunted places in the world. According to the legend, there were three young girls playing dolls in 1920 and one of them fell and since her death, the place has been haunted asking for more dolls. It is reported that the dolls eyes followed people who visit the place and whispers them asking to stay for a night to play with the girl.

island of dolls

So these are the top most haunted places in the world which are really haunted. I am sure after reading all this your goosebumps have got up out of scariness of this haunted place. This list is made by me, so if I have missed up any place then you can also suggest us in the comment section below. Remember ghost travel around at night 😨

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