The 15 Most Important Exercises for Men


Exercises for men is so important for all of the physique lover’s. We all have must have seen that for all the guys who is into fitness got lots of methodology with their pieces of equipment. They all need is to train up their body everyday, as some of them follows bodybuilding protocols.

fitness for men

Whereas, today we have seen many of us are getting into bodybuilding with different types of tips. Most of you must have visited gym and got lots of tips from their instructor, but that seems to be so expensive.

Let me help you with some of the best tips exercise for men that you can follow up everyday at your home. All you need to do is just buy some of the few equipments for dailly exercises for men and you can stay fit and fine.

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Different types of exercises for men:

This are some of the few tips that i have shared below exercises for men.

#1. Barbell Overhead Press: If you want to develop your upper chest muscles into a good shape. Then barbell overhead press can be the best exercises for men, who love to develop their muscles into a perfect tone. The best thing you can gain from this exercise is the stronger shoulder that will help you to get look like cannonballs. The chest will be stronger with the tight muscles on it.
exercise for menAll you need to do is lift up the barbell for at least 15 times a day and have a perfect body within a couple of weeks. This exercise will also help your abs to grow stronger and in perfect shaped.

#2. Medicine Ball Slam: Some of you may workout to bring a good shape in your body. But the midsection can certainly help you to grow the better abs for you. The medicine ball slam is the only way to burn up the fats from your belly, as that contribute to crunch up with its variation.

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The medicine ball, in fact, helps to carve the body into gorges of the midsection. You can start working out today with the procedure of medicine ball slam exercise.

#3. Deadlift: Deadlift can be called the king of all the exercise, as it helps to hit the major muscle into the body. Deadlift is the greatest test of the strength, as all the muscle get involved into it. This exercise will help you to release the enormous amount of testosterone, i.e.,., is so called the muscle building hormone that is found in the bloodstream. This is the only reason behind the deadlift that you can gain lots of muscles fitness in the body.

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#4. Swiss Ball Rollout: Swiss ball can be the best exercises for men, as it is also known to be an essential exercise for men the abs quest. This exercise is very challenging; it is all because of the surface tension to the abs. This exercise is especially best for the secret building ripped, as lean muscle is the high muscular tension that affects to the abs. Place the ball to the ground crunch to crave your abs on it and roll it for a moment.

exercise for men

These can help you to bring a six pack into your abs instantly within a week. Try doing this exercise for almost every day and gain the abs in your body with a better muscle muscles.

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#5. Hamstring Curl: This move is very similar to the biceps curls for the legs, that you may find it very easy to practice. It will help you to ease pain from the joints and the major risk that occurs in the muscles or the bones. Hamstring and the Swiss ball can be the best exercise for you.

exercises for menIf you are looking for the various effects to the muscles and the joints in the body. This activity is known to be the best assistance to the deadlift, as that helps to grow the muscles stronger in the legs. Try this exercise every day at home for the best result.

#6. Back Squat: It is all similar to the deadlift, all you need to do is lift the barbell towards your back shoulder. The barbell back squat helps the back shoulder muscles to grow stronger and tighten all the body parts. The ups and down process in this exercise will diligently help the legs to grow muscles stronger. This exercise back squat will help the athlete to run faster and jump higher, as it will help to increase the stamina and the also release the testosterone in the body system.

exercises for men's

#7. Suspended Pushup: Pushup is one of the essential parts of the exercise. If you haven’t tried out this earlier, try stretching your both the hand to the suspended rope and get into pushups. To give more fitness to the body suspended pushups is the best way to gain the stronger muscles to your body. Practice this exercise for almost every day and achieve a better fitness.

fitness for men's

#8. Bench Press: If you visit gym center, each and every instructor will surely ask you to get into bench press for at least once a day. This move is very helpful to build up and developing powerful to the body. All you need is a barbell and the bench to lay down on it and lift the barbell with your both the hands.This exercise will let the testosterone release in the body, as that will help the triceps, shoulders and the pecs to get into a perfect shape and stronger.

exercise for men

#9. Barbell Hip Thrust: This move will help you to grow the muscles of the glutes. This move relatively hits the muscles directly and effect the thighs parts to grow stronger. For this exercise, you will just need to hold on to the barbell and then lay the half portion of your body on the bench. Lift it up at least twice a day for the best result in your muscles growth and body fitness.

exercises for men

#10. Dumbell Romanian Deadlift: Well, here comes the most important tools for exercise that all men love to own it. This moves will help your arm muscles to grow stronger and also the chest. You don’t need any perfect timing for the exercise, do it in your own room. This move will ultimately help your hamstrings to be more flexible and strong. Try this for at least a couple of week, you will find the result.

fitness for men's

#11. Suspended Inverted Row: This move may be a little difficult for every men. But you can try for this suspended inverted row move. It will help your chest muscles to grow stronger and fit. This move will also help your shoulder joints and the arms joints to be stronger. All you need to do is just balance it while doing this exercises for men at home.

exercises for men's

#12. Banded Good Morning: You may be wondering that this move will hurt your lower back. But it is all opposite  effect that you will get from this move. Banded good morning can be the best developer for your lowerback as well as it helps as a physical therapy exercise. This exercise will also help you to load up more weight on a bar.

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#13. Pull up: This move will help you to shape up the shoulder muscles into a big part. The shoulder will get very wide and stronger, as the pull ups helps the multi joints  to move and make it flexible. The testosterone released in the body, while the exercise will ultimately help the body to grow more stronger. For this move you will just need the bars that is tied on the walls or any supporting materials. Then with the help of your hands hold on to that and pull yourself ups and down for the best result.

exercises for men's

#14. Kettlebell Swing: For this move you will just need to get a set of kettlebell and then swing with both of your hands. All you need to do is raise the kettelbell ups and down respectively, as this moves will help you to grow the hip hinge in the body. When you are into this exercise it helps the cardio in the body system and make you fit.

exercises for men's

#15. Farmer’s Walk: If you do have an intension to make your body more is and perfect. Lifting the heavy weights and walking for atleast a mile will help your joints and muscles to grow more stronger. Try carrying out a 70 pound dumbells around your compound and walk for a few minutes. After a weeks you will get a better rersult finding your forearms stronger.

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If you are still confused checking down all the moves that are listed down. Then try out some of this moves, as it can certainly help you to make your body fit and fine. This are some of the moves that i opted for best exercises for men. If you do have some of the related quest please do comment below.

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