Thailand Honeymoon – Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner

Thailand Honeymoon – Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner

Want to go for a romantic honeymoon with your partner? If yes then get ready now and book your Thailand honeymoon as soon as possible. Let your partner know how much you love her/him. And I do know that going for honeymoon far from your native place is a way more enchanting. In fact, after marriage, you just got one honeymoon to go to the best romantic places.

thailand honeymoon

Along with your lovely couple, you can spend long hours near the beaches, pamper yourself with mesmerizing body spa and many such other things. Therefore, today I will be your guide for visiting the romantic places with your partner in this best Thailand honeymoon packages.

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Romantic Places to Visit in Thailand | Thailand Honeymoon Package:

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and as far as my concern Thailand is the 51st biggest country. It is also 20 most populated country in the world. After a big wedding, if you wanted to spend some good times with your partner then have a look.

You are going to find the romantic places to visit along with your partner. 

1) Koh Samui:

Have you ever thought why newly wedded couples always choose a holiday destination in Thailand? This is because of the romantic beaches. Here couples can have a full-moon party with beautiful serene ideas. And as you know that full moon happens just once in a month so many couples try to go there for the parties.

It is a romantic destination, especially for the couples. With the warm climate and the enchanting sea breeze, you and your partner holding hands together look so romantic. Just imagine….

koh samui

Here you will find beautiful restaurants as well as resorts for the perfect couple. With your sweetheart, you will be able to enjoy peaceful dinner because the restaurants are full of yummy dishes.

You can also dine beneath the rocks with Six Senses Samui Restaurants located near the Koh Samui. Experience the romantic dinner, soft music along with your partner.

Near the Chewang Beach, you will explore the TreeTops dining with your romantic love. There are also many hotels with their own beaches near Samui. You will get a chance to go for evening sailing with your loved ones. Both of you can enjoy a comfortable romantic ride. This will be the best Thailand honeymoon ever.

2) Bangkok:

This is the capital city of Thailand and one of the largest city. In any places you go to Thailand, you need to visit Bangkok anyhow. As you know that marriages between two couples are like a soul made for each other.

In Bangkok, you will be inspired by the overwhelming romantic places. The places are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Jim Thomson’s House etc. If you both wanted to spend a good time together you can go for water taxi tour, Chao Phraya River.

bangkok thailand honeymoon

The places are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Jim Thomson’s House etc. If you both wanted to spend a good time together you can go for water taxi tour, Chao Phraya River. Also, enjoy shopping in the floating markets of Bangkok with your partner buying fresh fruits.

For night outing, there are many night clubs as well as many other places. China town is also a place out there in Bangkok where you get gold, pieces of jewelry to buy.

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3) Krabi Island:

If you wish to stay secluded with your partner away from the noises of the cities then this is the right place for you. The sandy beach and coral reef will truly make your day. The most memorable thing about this beach is that you will not find anything crowded there.  This will be the right choice for the best places of Thailand for honeymoon.


Once you go to the place, you will never want to come back to your native land. Here is the time you can be close with your partner, hold your hands and think about how to make your future bright.

4) Hua Hin – Perfect Destination For Couples:

If you are looking for some romantic and serene places then Hua Hin is also one of the best Thailand Honeymoon Plan. Here you will experience romantic resorts near the beach with your one and only partner.

hua hin

The golf courses of Hua Hun is one of the famous places inThailand, you can go for an evening walk with your only valentine. You can go for night shopping and visit some national parks in Hua Hin.

5) Phuket – Full Fun Places:

Phuket is another perfect honeymoon package for couples in Thailand. Imagine going for a walk in the beaches holding hands together. Hmmm.. so lovely, Right. You can also relax with massage and spa near the beach.


These places are famous for scuba diving, so never miss this chance if you love it. Don’t worry there are budget friendly as well as pricey resorts to accommodate. If you dream, your dreams will become fulfilled visiting the Phi-Phi Islands.

Check out some of the best places for Sky Diving.

6) Chiang Mai:

If you like to visit the greenery of Thailand then you must never miss Chiang Mai. They are fit for Thailand honeymoon package. To view hills and mountains with your partner visit Chiang Mai.

chiangmai thailand honeymoon

There are many lovely tribal villages in Chiangmai and this village holds one of the most important cultural city in Northern Thailand. Make sure you do not miss to visit the national park of Chiang Mai with a night safari.

How To Reach Thailand?

You can reach Thailand from three ways that are by air, the second one is by train and the third one is by bus. Thailand is so convenient to go that you can travel through many ways.

thailand airport

To go by air, Thailand is connected through entire world and there are two international airports of Thailand. The first one is Don Mueang Airport and the second one is Suvarnabhumi Airport. the second one is more popular because most of the international flights are on schedule. From the airport itself, you can hire taxis or go with buses take a speed train service for reaching Bangkok main city. The airport is nearly 24-25 kilometers approximately to reach the main city.

To go by train, you need to go to Hua Lamphong is the main Railway Station in Thailand. From different parts of the place, you can get trains and reach Lamphong.

By bus, is a bit risky and this is because most of the travel agencies are frauds. There are many bus terminals in Bangkok from Mo Chit, Ekkamai and Sai Tai. make sure you book all the tickets earlier.

So, are you still thinking how to travel for Thailand honeymoon with your partner? Never mind as now you got all the information then you start packing up your things. I bet you will have a perfect time to spent with your partner. And the budget, you need to carry heavy cash, don’t be selfish just plan it.

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