10 Best Small Hair Dyers For Daily Use

Hair dryers are a device to make your life easier. They are made to help you manage your hair, making others wonder for the beauty. Hair dryers are for drying up your wet hair instantly without damaging your hair.

There are hair dryers of different shapes and sizes. When you go to the beauty parlor, you may find the stylist using hair dryers of big size. You must be thinking those hair dryers perhaps may be the best ones. But, you may be surprised to know that there are also small hair dryers best for you to use at home.


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Small hair dryers or mini hair dryers are specially made for your comfortable use. They are easy to be handled, light weight for efficient use. Though small in size, the small hair dryers will not lack to give you the best of quality service. You can look best with the small hair dryers you use daily.

Best Small Hair Dryer for You:

1. Conair 1600 Watt Folding Handle Hair Dryer

Conair hair dryers are one among the popular hair dryers. They are famous for their best service. If you are tired of handling the big hair dryer to use every day, get one of this product. It will not only relief you from the heavy weight hair dryer, but also will give a healthy and gorgeous hair making it smooth and shiny.


This beautiful Conair mini hair dryer is lightweight and easy to handle. It has a folding handle which is easy for storage. This small hair dryer is of 1600 watt power with 2 heat and speed settings. This also includes the dual voltage, therefore, is flexible during charging.

2. Andis Micro Turbo 1600 Watt Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Andis Micro hair dryer, with its small size and best quality service, can really be one's best choice. It has 2 heat and 2 air speed settings. Besides the mini size, this hair dryer is also quiet and silent. The dual voltage it has can be used worldwide. It is easy to be carried along during travel. With 1600 watt power, this hair dryer will give you your desired look of hair.

hair dryer

3. Conair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer

This small hair dryer gives out negative ions to protect the hair from damaging positive ions. It is small yet powerful. It has a folding handle, adjustable controls for you to adjust according to your hair type. It has 2 heat and speed settings, a cold shot button and 6 ft cord. This hair dryer is best to carry during travel because it can easily be packed. The compact size and folding handle of this hair dryer can easily fit in your travel bag.

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4. Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

This beautiful hair dryer of 1875 watt power has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip. You can comfortably use this hair dryer at your home to get a stunning hair. It has 2 heat and speed settings. It also has multiple temperature controls. The air flow from this hair dryer will make your hair soft smooth and silky.

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5. Wazor Ionic Ceramic Mini Blow Dryer with Cool Button

This beautiful professional hair dryer though small in size does not lack the features of a good hair dryer. It has temperature settings and a cold shot button to lock the style of your hair. It also has a removable filter giving us the easier way to clean it. It is a simple dryer with 1000 watt power, less weight, and low noise. If you go to buy this hair dryer for use, you will get 2-year warranty and 1-year replacement facility.

ceramic dryer

6. JINRI Mini Hair Dryer Professional Travel Size Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer

This lightweight mini hair dryer is more powerful and long lasting than the other dryers. It has a removable filter for easy cleaning and a cold shot button to set the style of your hair. It has a 1.8m power cord for comfortable use. It also has two wind speed and a recessed switch holder that prevents accidental change of style settings.

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7. MiniPRO by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

mini hair dryer

This small hair dryer is a tourmaline ceramic technology with 1200 watt power. It has 2 heat and speed settings to be adjusted accordingly. It is a dual voltage which gives the best touch to the hair to make it look beautiful and gorgeous. You will also get a deluxe travel pouch along this hair dryer.

8. VAV 1000W Mini Ceramic Hair Dryer

vav dryer

You can choose this mini and light weight hair dryer for travel. It is easy to handle and store. The DC motor is long-lasting, so you don't need to be worry of getting the other one soon. This hair dryer is of 1000 watt power and includes a concentrator. It also has a hanging loop and 1.8m power cord for you to comfortably use it. This product carries 1-year replacement plan and 2 years warranty along.

9. Andis 30135 Wall Mounted Hang Up 1600 Watt Hair Dryer

small dryer

This quiet hair dryer is long lasting one. It is small yet very powerful. It has 2 heat and speed settings. It is of 1600 watt power ready to give you the best of service. It is a wall mounted dryer designed in style different from others. This mini hair dryer is easy to use and comfortable. You can give a parlor look to your hair at home by using this dryer. You can still feel the softness of your hair like you get after going to a beauty parlor.

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10. Berta 1000 Watts Mini Hair Dryer Ceramic Ionic Travel Blow Dryer

mini dryer

This professional hair dryer gives out a mild blow to your hair without damaging it. It has 2 wind speed and temperature settings to be adjusted accordingly. It is light weight and can be the perfect choice for traveling. It has a double removable filter for easy cleaning and 1.8m power cord for flexible use. This mini hair dryer is of 100-watt power and has a hanging ring for easy storage. This product has 1-year replacement scheme with 2 years warranty.

Get yourself updated with more advanced technologies like the mini hair dryers mentioned above. They are meant to make your life easy and comfortable. You no more need the help of another to dry your hair with the heavy old-fashioned hair dryers. The above mentioned small hair dryers are perhaps among the best ones. They can be easily carried along, easily store and easily handled. Though small, these hair dryers will never disappoint you with their quality. Forget about those big and huge hair dryers you once used, it's time to make your life smarter and better. Get going with the most beautiful hair with these mini hair dryers.

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