15 Simple Henna Designs For Any Occasions That Can Be Done On Your Hands, Legs

15 Simple Henna Designs For Any Occasions That Can Be Done On Your Hands, Legs

Simple Henna Designs is the beauty of many women. I guess many girls or women do apply Mehendi on their hands during occasions. Applying Mehendi on your hands is not just simply for rituals but we apply because it looks beautiful. In fact, one will be crazy for the different as well as easy mehndi design.

Mehendi is actually a color or you can also call it a dye from the leave of a tree. So, what you do with this leaves is, make a paste out of the leaves and apply it a pretty henna design on your hands. And nowadays especially on the wedding woman apply it to bring a beautiful look.

simple henna designs

To make yourself beautiful, mehndi can be applied to your hands, palms, legs and many other body parts. Most of the time in weddings, I see only complicated henna designs decorated. That looks awesome but one cannot apply alone without any proper practice. This is the main reason that I am going to guide you through the simple henna designs that can be done easily.

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List of Simple Henna Designs:

You can apply simple henna designs on any occasion whether it is an engagement or a wedding party. These easy mehndi designs are available in many styles like Rajasthani, Marwari, Pakistani and much more. Here in this post, you can check out the list of 15 simple henna design.

1. Modern Leave Simple Henna Designs:

It gets very tiresome to apply mehndi on the front part of your hand. So, try decorating your hands with the mehndi paste accordingly to your comfort. Apart from its simple designs, the mehndi on your hands looks beautiful.

easy henna designs

Although it looks simple but looks very modern and goes with the trend. You can create this small leave henna design for your dear one’s wedding or engagement. This style will look perfect for the unmarried girls. It will be pretty good to apply on the middle finger and these simple easy henna designs do not require any tutorial.

2. Simple Flower Henna Design:

flower henna designs

This flowery henna designs will look pretty for your engagement as because it is not much decorated. It will look flawless if you love a flower design painted on both your hands. You can also bring more design on the sides where there is a space.

3. Peacock Henna Design:

simple henna designs on the palm

I guess you and your kids love the colorful peacock and that I have designed it here. The single peacock looks extremely enchanting. If your kids liked the beauty just paint for them as well because it is a marriage season so let your children also enjoy it.

4. Jewel System Henna Design:

jewel system henna design

Does it look like hand pieces of jewelry? Absolutely yes, as there is neither a flower nor any other decorated leaves. This mehndi design will make you look like wearing a jewelry on your front hands. This will look unique as well as stylish.

5. Henna Designs On Both Hands:

mehndi design on both hands

Wow! This is pretty awesome. If you are an Indian bride this will look enchanting. They also look very traditional. Just see how this flower type mehndi looks like as all your hands will be full with a henna design. As I have said above that applying henna in the front is a bit difficult as well as hard to manage. You can ask help from someone who is good in painting mehndi.

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6. Beginners Mehndi Design:

easy henna designs

If you are new to creating henna designs then here is an option for you. Try this simple and easy henna designs. Although they are simple yet they look charming with just one flower on the palm. Even an inexperienced small kids can learn this cute design simple henna paint.

7. Rajasthani Henna Design:

rajasthani design

The Rajasthani henna design is pleasantly enchanting. You will exactly look like a Rajasthani Princess. The inside mehndi is different with the front hand mehndi. Here mostly the finger tips are darkly shaded to bring the clean look on the palm.

8. Pretty Mehndi Design For Girls:

grils henna design

This one at a time henna design is very attractive as well as stylish. The pattern seems to give you an Indian look as well. This mehndi design can be either painted outside or inner palm. The design near your fingers gives you an enchanting look.

9. Henna Design For Fingers:

henna design for fingers

The henna design is very easy and simple as well as it does not take much time. They are similar to a finger ring. Even going for college or office you can draw this pattern of simple henna design on your fingers. Apply a nail paint that is light and colorful. Try nail art at home.

10. Smart And Elegant Arabic Mehndi Design:

unique design

This needs a little practice because the design is little difficult. They are not easy as you think because it might all give an ugly when applied without practice. Start from the wrist to the fingers. This design is one of my dearests.

Easy Henna Designs On Your Legs:

Mehendi is not only applied on your hands but also on your legs too. Let us see some beautiful designs:

11. Pretty Floral Henna Design:

design on legs

On your wedding day why leave your leg empty. It would be better if you decorate it with a floral mehndi design. They are not so difficult, simply draw a flower and add some leaves into it. Apply a bright nail paint to look glamorous.

12. Easy Beginners Design:

easy design

I don’t like too much of design in the legs. This easy and simple design is very nice. You can do it in just 5 minutes and also you do not require any professionals. It is so easy you can just do it by yourself.

13. Colorful Henna Design:

unique henna design

Now, this looks stylish and beautiful. Although this mehndi pattern looks a bit different and difficult yet it suits during a Hindu wedding. The rounded flower pattern looks lovely and elegant.

14. Ankle Henna Design:

ankle design

The flowery ankle henna design looks very cool. wear something that will show off your tattoo. This tattoo can be worn with any attire whether an Indian or a western attire. If you are fair in complexion then it will look stunning.

15. Feather Henna Design:

feather design

This tattoo looks similar to a real anklet with feather design. You can create this design easily and can be worn at anytime. It looks more good when you wear short western dresses during summer while going in a beach.

Now you got a list of 15 simple henna designs for hands and feet to wear on any ocassions. They are easy henna designs and I hope you will choose this design and get inspired by it. Do not feel shy to appy because ocassions don’t come everyday.

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