Best Market for Shopping in Mumbai – You Must Go Once

shopping in mumbai

Shopping is a very crucial part of our life; people need to shop to fulfill their desire. Whether online or offline shopping is a hobby for most of the ladies. And shopping in Mumbai is like passion for shoppers. Mumbai, the most popular city of India, has its unique essence which attracts the shoppers of not only from India but also from overseas. There are vast numbers of shopping malls, showroom, but there are also a various number of markets available in Mumbai which makes the ‘shopping in Mumbai’ more exciting.

shops in mumbai

If you love to bargain while shopping or want to apply your bargaining tactics shop in Mumbai marketplaces, I am sure you would love to shop here.  You’ll find anything you want. A wide range of products is available in shopping malls of Mumbai from where you can also buy your favorite things with a very low cost. You might be wondering where to go first for shopping in Mumbai. As it is a very big city, Mumbai comprises of more than ten thousands of market and shopping malls, so I have mentioned some best marketplaces of Mumbai in here which you should check out first.

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Famous Markets for Shopping in Mumbai:

1. Chor Bazaar:

Chor bazaar is very famous in India; shopper’s paradise chor bazaar is famous for its unique concept.  It was called as ‘shor bazaar’ during earlier days, and now it is called as ‘chor bazaar.’ You will find vintage things and much more stuff which you have never seen before in this famous market of Mumbai. Chor Bazaar is an ultimate destination for shopping In Mumbai and if you are a bargaining expert I will suggest you to visit this market at least once.

‘Chor Bazaar’ the famous vintage market of Mumbai is located nearby the Mutton Street in south Mumbai. The best time for visiting this market is during 11 AM to 7.30 PM every day, but you will not find this market open on Friday.

chor bazaaar

2. Crawford Market:

Craw ford market is a very oldest market it was built during the era of British Rule. Now this market is officially called as Mahatma jyotiba phone market. Jyotiba Phule was a famous reformer during the 19th century, and this name was given in Honour of him. Crawford market is a very popular destination for buying wholesale products. Household items are the main things of the Crawford market, whether you want to buy fruits or vegetable, chicken or fish, utensils or clothes, cosmetics or detergents, Gifts or toys. Crawford market has it all; besides all of this, there is also a pet market nearby and much different breaded animal selling area which makes this place a must visit the area if you are in Mumbai.

crawford market

This market is located in the Dhobi talao, Fort Mumbai and the best time for visiting the Crawford market is any time between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, except Sunday. I must insist you to visit this market whenever you visit Mumbai.

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3. Fashion Market:

Fashion Street is one of the famous places for shopping in Mumbai, more than 150 shops spreaded along the street; this market is famous for the collection of trendiest clothes and fashion in Mumbai. You may find the latest designer brands here at very low prices.  A huge verity and collection of export quality accessories, hats, footwear, shirts, are available here. You’ll need some bargaining skill if you want more profit. If you really want to enjoy the shopping in Mumbai, you should check out the Fashion Street.

fashion market

Fashion market is located in the opposite of Azad Maidan, M.G Road in South Mumbai but the thing is you must have to go in time to buy things from this market and the time is  11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

4. Zaveri Bazaar:

The most popular jewelry market in Mumbai is Zaveri Bazaar. Thousands of small shops selling precious stone and jewelry, the old and nicely architect buildings are an attractive tourist spot, the street foods, and photo frames are the reason for which I recommend you to visit this place while you are shopping in Mumbai.

zaveri market

This famous jwellery market is located in the Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai and the timing of the market is 10 AM to 7:30 PM

5. Hindmata market:

Buy many varieties of stylish fabrics at a very low price from here. The quality marked fabrics, and the low cost of the garments attracts the shoppers in hindmata market, one of the largest collections of textile can be seen here, salwar, lehengas suits, sherwanis absolutely in very low prices. Many of the other shopkeepers from the different state came to this place to buy the textiles and garments at a low price. Hindmata market is perfect if you want to buy fabrics and clothes for your love ones.

The location of the market is Dadar East, Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marg, Mumbai and the time of the market is from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Hindmata market

6. Lamington Market:

Lamington market is very popular among the gadget lovers. This market is famous for its wide range of electronic products. Buy laptops, computer, television, radio, transistors, cables, mobile phones, and much more electronic products at a very low price than its retailing price. You’ll get any of the electronic equipment whether it is latest or outdated they have it in their storehouse. Visit this place if you want to buy any electronic device while shopping in Mumbai.

lamington market

The Lamington market lies in Lamington Road, Mumbai, Pincode-400007. The best time to visit this market is from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Except Saturday you can visit any time of the whole week.

7. HeeraPanna Shopping Center:

The oldest shopping center for electronic and accessories is also a very famous shopping center of Mumbai. This market is very attractive and attracts a huge amount of crowd every day. The stores there are selling many varieties of electronic devices and products like mobiles, headphone, earphone, play station and many more interesting and popular electronic device.

Location of this famous maket is Malviya Nagar, Haji Ali, 400026 Mumbai and the time is from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

heerapanna shopping centre


Mumbai is a hotspot for shoppers. Having a good communication with its railways and international airport, it makes possible for a variety of products for import. Top brands from all over the world export their products to this city for the convenience of its consumers. It has got both new and old shopping mall which are not just worth shopping but also visiting. So the next time you visit Mumbai do not forget to check out these malls stated above and I can guarantee you that it will be worth your time. Thank you for reading this Article.

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