Beautiful Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Shades of straw Blonde hair color

Like any other hair colors, Strawberry blonde hair color also comes in many beautiful shades. This hair color is a trendy one which you will surely love to go with. The blonde hair color may be common but you can look different with the different shades of the Strawberry blonde.

Strawberry blonde is a blend of golden- reddish tone. They also come in beige and neutral tone, delicate pink and reddish shade. You can also get the darker and the lighter hues of this shades.

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If you are looking for the Strawberry blonde hair color, there are many shades you will get. You can choose any one shade of your choice to make your hair beautiful. Enjoy the beauty of every texture of the different shades that I will show you today and just keep looking fabulous .

Different Shades of Strawberry Blonde:

  1. Strawberry Ready Blonde Waves:

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It is neither a fiery red or bright blonde, yet is with a hint of intensity. Your hair will just look gorgeous with the soft, brownish side of the color with graceful waves finishing.

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2.Strawberry Waves With Visible Black Roots: 


The contrast color of the black roots and the strawberry blonde will give your hair a very different look. Though it portrays a low maintenance dye, it is still one of the preferred blends of color.

3.Light Brown Hair With Strawberry Balayage:


This light reddish brown blonde with golden highlights will give your hair a natural look. The highlights make the hair look shinier than it already is.

4. Red and Blonde Tousled Waves:

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This shade is redder at the roots, blonde in the middle and brown at the end side. The colors are so finely blended that one can not notice the mixture of the different colors  leaving your long hair beautiful.

5. Muted Strawberry Hair Color:


This is rich and lustrous color your hair can look awesome with. The shine of the blonde on your hair will just look natural and bold.

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6. Strawberry Hair With Choppy Layers: 


This funky strawberry hair color with a mixture of orange will give you the complements your hair is longing for. You will need a different haircut to bring out the best texture of this shade.

7. Strawberry to blonde straight hair:


This strawberry blond is deeper at the roots flowing down with a lighter or pale blonde at the end tips.This shade looks great on the long straight hair hovering on your shoulder. The lesser layers you have the more focus the blonde gets.

8.Long Hair with Strawberry Highlights:


The pale strawberry highlights on the dark brown hair will just add a glamorous look to your hair. The contrast of the base and the highlighter will just give you a different look.

9. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Pink Streaks:

pink streaps

The golden strawberry blonde base can astonish your friends with the deep pink highlights. The wavy twirls of your hair will glow with the combination of this two colors.

10. Reddish Blonde To Warm Blonde:


The darker roots and pale highlighter at the tips crossing over your shoulder will keep your face focussed. You will look bold with this shade of strawberry blonde hair color.

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When these varieties of shades and color of the strawberry blonde  at hand, I think you should really try them using them to explore your best personality.There are many more shades of this blonde which I will come up with in my later article. As for now, I hope you like my description of the different shades of strawberry blonde for you to look beautiful with.