5 Best Home Remedies To Cure Black Spots From Lips!

5 Best Home Remedies To Cure Black Spots From Lips!

Lips are one of those part of your body that speaks for itself. Your lips create a big impressing when you meet someone new, so if it crucial whether you are male or a female that you take care of your lips. Lips come in different shapes and sizes and a healthy lip, noted by gorgeous pink shade or pinkish red puts a glow to the face of the owner. But what can really play with your mind around is having black spots on lips. And if you have dark or black lips that aren’t natural, it can be a sign that you can or already have some serious health problem.

So to get rid of this black spots on your lips and to understand why you got those, all you have to do is read along. Today we will talk about all the causes of dark spotting on your lips and also tell you about the top 10 remedies to get rid of black/dark spotting on your lips.

Let us first look at why one would get black spots or darken lips in the first place.

About Dark Spots on lips & What can cause blackening or Dark Spots on lips?

Dark spots or blackening of lips is a health concern that causes the lips to lose its natural look and in many cases cause the lips to become dark and look unhealthy.

There can different causes that can trigger dark spots or darkening or lips. Let us first have a look at the causes and know which are natural and which external actions can cause darkening of lips.

External Causes:

  1. Wrong/Defective Lips Product: A wrong or defective lips product can cause more harm than good. Using an expired product can cause clack spots on lips, so it is recommended that you check the expiry date on any product before you use it.
  2. Smoking: Smoking isn’t just harmful to your overall body but the first sign as a smoker is darkening of lips. Though many smokers may not have dark smokers lip you will notice certain changes in your lips when you start smoking.
  3. Drinking: If you thought drinking can’t harm you lips like smoking then you are wrong. Unlike smoking drinking can cause the lip to swell (with pain) or chapping up (break due to dryness) in many cases. this is due to the fact that your body will have more alcohol content (acidic in nature) which runs in your blood will first affect your lips. You might have noticed dry lips and hangover after a drinking party.

stop drinking smoking

Natural Causes:

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin B: If you are noticing changes in your hair, nails, and lips at the same time it is probably due to Vitamin B deficiency. The easiest way to track down whether you have any vitamin deficiency is that you consult a doctor immediately if you notice multiple poor health symptoms. Having a vitamin deficiency is completely natural as we tend to miss out on much daily nutrition every day in our busy life.
  2. Amount of Water Intake: Drinking less water can also lead to poor or unhealthy chapping dry lips. And if you have dry lips for a long time, the lips will start to shed skin an will become a breeding ground for infection and disease.
  3. Iron Content: Iron is good for your blood as it helps to carry oxygen efficiently to different parts of your body. But little did you know that having excessive iron in your body can be harmful too. You might not notice any symptoms of excessive iron in your body, but the dark spot on lips can be a giveaway of this medical condition. Get a blood test and consult a doctor to take immediate control over your body.
  4. Hormone: Hormone change can be the cause of many changes in your body and your lips are no different. So if you suddenly notice any change in your lips with no possible trigger that we have mentioned so far, then hormonal change can be a cause of dark spots on lips.

So these were the list of all the natural as well as external causes of the black spots on lips. No matter what the reason might be for why you got those black spot or darken lips, we will now look at the best homemade remedies to get rid of the annoying black spots from lips.

Without further delay let us have a look at the list of the top 10 remedies to remove black spots from lips.

5 Remedies to Cure Black Spots from Lips:

All these 10 remedies that we are going to talk about on how you can easily remove black spots from lips are natural. The methods involved here will be provided in detail so you can easily work your way out with these remedies right at home alone.

The ingredients that we will talk about will be available at home or you can get them easily at low price from the supermarket near you. So let us have a complete look at the natural remedies to remove dark spots from lips.

1. Almond Oil to Treat Dark Spots on Lips:

Things that you need for this natural remedy:

For this first remedy all, you will need a teaspoon of almond oil.

How to use it: 

First, you will need to clean your fingertip and rub the almond oil on your lips thoroughly till it is absorbed. Take a little more almond oil and apply it over again and leave it overnight.

How it works and how often to use:

The nutrients in the almond oil are really good for your skin. Using almond oil daily on your lips will help you get healthy, puffy and red lips So it is recommended that you use the almond oil 4-5 times in a week at night.

2. Treat Dark spots on Lips with Apple Cider Vinger:

Things that you need for this natural remedy:

To remove dark spots with Apple cider vinegar you will need Apple cider vinegar and cotton cloth or swab.

How to use it: 

Pour a little portion of the Apple Cider Vinger in a bowl and soak the cotton cloth or swab. Now rub the cloth gently over the affected area on your lips. Leave it for 5mins and apply gel or vaseline.

How it works and how often to use: 

Apple cider vinegar helps by lighting the black spot whether you are a smoker or a drinker or have natural back lips. And the infection treating properties of the apple cider vinegar helps to stop any further infection. So to help your lips for recovering from dark spots you will need to apply this solution at least 2 – 3 times every day.

3. Beetroot to Treat Dark Spots on Lips:

Things that you need for this natural remedy: 

For this dark spot solution, you will need beetroot sliced in thin layers.

How to use it: 

You will simply need to store the sliced beetroot in the refrigeration for 5minutes. Now take out the slices and rub it on your lips, you will notice that beetroot will start releasing red juice on to your lips. Leave the juice for another 5 minutes and then rinse it off.

How it works and how often to use:

The natural red color in the beetroot helps to remove black spots from lips and also keeps them hydrated which in turn reduces skin damage. So I recommend you to repeat this daily.

4. Treat Dark spots on Lips with Lemon and Honey:

Things that you need for this natural remedy: you will need 2-3 drops of Honey and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

How to use it:

 You will need to mix both the ingredients together and apply it on your lips. Leave the solution for 10+ minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

How it works and how often to use:

The oxidation(bleaching) properties of lemon juice along with the antiseptic properties in honey helps to remove black spots as well as heal the stops and prevent further deformation. I recommend you to use this twice every day.

Treat Dark spots on Lips with Pomegranate:

Things that you need for this natural remedy: 

You will need a tablespoon of Pomegranate seeds and half a teaspoon of milk cream or rose water.

How to use it:

You will first need to mash the Pomegranate seeds and add rose water or milk cream to it.  Now mix the solution for a while throughly. When the paste is ready you will need to apply the paste on your lips and leave it for 5minutes. Wash the paste off with warm or normal water.

How it works and how often to use:

Pomegranate along with rose water or milk cream adds moisture to your lips which slowly removes the black spot on your lips. This paste also comes with healing properties which means you will see a faster regeneration of your affected lips from infection or dark spot. To get the most out of this remedy, I suggest you use it every alternate day.

So these were the list of the top 5 best remedies to remove dark spots from lips naturally at home. hope this was helpful for you. Use these remedies in case you have a natural dark lip to make them brighter and lighter in color. And if you have any allergic reaction using any of these remedies then discontinue the method and try other remedies.

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