Questions to Ask your Boyfriend for a Better Relationship Status


When we get committed in a new relationship, the first thing which we often do is, hunt to find out certain necessary things which you and your partners have in common. These way you will know about the likes and dislikes of each other and much more. It is very accurate that new relationships are often the best relationships with so much of love, fun, and excitement, with full of life. You can ask those special question to you boyfriend eventually.


But above all, it is crucial for you to know whether your boyfriend is truly loyal to you or not, so first of all asking him some kinds of broad questions is very compulsory. In a relationship, one of the best qualities in guys which most of the girls are searching is the quality, like how good they can connect even in their worst time.

Get into some controversial topics to learn more about his views and personality. You know very well what type of questions to ask your boyfriend to keep your relationship firm and stable. In a relationship, you need to share small basic things about each other, so that your relation is bounding and no chance of misunderstanding between you both.

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Some Tough Questions to force your Boyfriend to think:

Want to make your boyfriend get into thinking when he is free. This questions will help you out to do this. I must say this is very tricky questions, so here below are the list of questions.

boyfriend thinking

  1. Will it be me if you are allowed to live in any era? If yes, then why?
  2. If one of my family members both the kidney fail and you are the only person to match then would you sacrifice one for the sake of me?
  3. If I ask you unfortunately if it happens that your mom and I felt inside the water, and none of us both knows swimming then whom among us would you safe. Me or your mother?
  4. Would you leave me if I grow old and ugly?
  5. If your beautiful Ex Girlfriend once whom you love a lot comes back in your life will you ever accept her again?
  6. If you have only 3000 rupees, and you had to spend it on something very special for me then will you spend it?
  7. If your Girlfriend fell in love with someone else, what would you do to get her back?
  8. If you have to choose one among your job and Girlfriend then whom would you choose?
  9. Would you ever sacrifice your most valuable things just to sell it and get some other things for me?
  10. Before I die if I have three tight wishes to be fulfilled, will you fulfill it for me?

Questions that you should ask your Boyfriend about his Past:

If you want to know about the past life of your boyfriend then you must ask this question to your boyfriend. This questions will force to tell the past life history of your boyfriend.

question to ask your boyfriend

  1. If you get the opportunity to change something from your past, what would that be?
  2. Is there anything in your past which you are ashamed off till now?
  3. What was your worst memory ever with your ex?
  4. Have you ever done something that makes you regret till now?
  5. What did you see in your ex that you couldn’t forget her till now?
  6. Is there anyone in your life who change your life and makes you a better person?
  7. What is your biggest fear?
  8. When did you first fell in love?
  9. Do you have any wishes which you cannot fulfill it till now?
  10. What were the hardest things which you couldn’t forget quickly?

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Questions that is Important to Ask your Boyfriend to Know he Feels About You:

  1. What did you see in me that you feel in love with me?
  2. What is that specialty about me which you appreciate a lot?
  3. Are you ready to introduce me to your parents?
  4. What are those specific things which we have in common?
  5. Do you have guts to introduce me to your friends as your fiancee?
  6. What do you think I’ll be better in kitchen or bedrooms?
  7. If I tell you the truth that I don’t know how to cook then will you ever leave me?
  8. Will you surprise me buying an expensive gift or ask me once before getting it?
  9. Which features do you want your baby to get from you and me?
  10. What do you think it is more admirable to me after the marriage a housewife or a career drove women?

Some Serious and Spiritual Questions that You need to Ask your Boyfriend?

Seriously, you must ask this questions to your boyfriend. This will make your relationship status far better.

ask question to your boyfriend

  1. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the savior?
  2. Do you believe that there is heaven?
  3. Will you ever force me to convert to your religion?
  4. Do you believe that you would be blessed abundantly if you keep helping the poor and needy people?
  5. Did you ever face a fierce struggle in life?
  6. Did you ever blame God for giving you a tough life?
  7. If you know that you would die tonight, what would you like to share with me?
  8. Do you think physical relationship before marriage is a sin?
  9. If our parents are against our marriage what would you do elope with me or take me to a small church and take blessings  from the local priest?
  10. If you become one of the richest people in the world will you ever forget that there is God?

So, these are some of the important fundamental questions that you can ask your boyfriend, and that is all about love. As we all know love has a special feeling, and you can make it more special by asking some of these few questions that I have stated above. So, what are you waiting for? Note it down on your mind and start asking them to your boyfriend.

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I have listed down each and every question that you can ask your boyfriend. If you have any more good suggestions then you can help me in listing it through comments. Share this on your social media timeline so that your mate also know what question she should ask her boyfriend.