Best 7 Places For Bungee Jumping in India You Must Go For

bungee jumping in india

Bungee Jumping is an affordable sports work in which jump lover people jumps from a higher place such like as bridge with a strong elastic rope tied up to jumpers ankles to stop them from hitting on the lower ground level.

Most of the best bungee jumping places are located in the foreign places, so not all people can travel in foreign countries just for the sake of doing bungee jumping. So I will introduce you to some places in India itself, and I am sure you will loving this places than the other. There are many wonderful places are in India for Bungee Jumping. I will share with you some of Bungee jumping places in India.

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Best places for Bungee jumping:

1. Wanderlust in Delhi:

If you are looking for an awesome Bungee Jumping Place in North India location, then I think Wanderlust in Delhi is the best place for you. All Bungee jumping staffs of their are highly trained from Germany, and also they are operating with German Technology. If your age is in between 15 to 60 years, then you are the perfect person to visit here and try it once. They offer crane jump 130ft above the ground level.

bungee jumping in delhi

2. Della Adventure in Lonavala:

In India, one of the largest sweetest and the adventure able parks is Della Adventure which is in Lonavala. In all the bungee jumping places, it is one of them. In this jumping platform, they offer around 45 meters of jumping space with 4 to 5 min leap last and with a cost compare to another place as  Rs.1500 per jump. Mainly it is suitable for those who are 10 years age above.

bungee jumping in lonavala

3. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa:

I think you know Goa is a beautiful place in India. If you are plaining to go Goa, I think you should try once this Bungee jumping in Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa. Actually, it is located near the Anjuna Beach, one of the attractive beaches in Goa, in fact, all over the India. In this jumping place they set around the 25-meter high tower for jumping, and the jumping rate is Rs.500 per jump. It is really not the higher place jumping place compare to the other, so if you want to try jumping at the first time, then you can try it here, and minimum age requirement is 14 years.

bungee jumping in Goa

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4. Ozone Adventure in Bangalore:

In Bangalore, it is one of the popular bungee jumping located places in India. It named as Ozone adventure. In this jumping place, the jumping is conducted above the ground level of 80 ft, and there is no fixed platform for the jumper. The whole jumping equipment is faster of 130 ft high from the ground level mobile jumping. All of we know. Bungee jumping from a crane is not an easy and not a  safest one compare to other, But they have a tight safety security for their jumper and one more think the minimum age required is above 18 years.

bangalore adventure spot

5. Jagdalpur:

In Chhatisgarh, there is a bungee jumping place where people can start their jumping experience. This jumping place is initiated by NOMADIER. This place is totally full of nature. And one more thing the price of the jump is Rs. 300 per jump. This is the cheapest rated bungee jumping in India, and they have an age limit bar for their jumping purpose, which is min 14 years old.

jagdalpur bungee jumping

6. Jump Height in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh:

In India, it is the only place where  Bungee jumper can jump from a fixed and most preferable jumping platform. This jump Height Bungee jumping place in located in Mohan Chatti Village. Here Over a rocky Cliff, a cantilever platform is built with a height of 83 meters above the ground level. In this place with the jumping facility, they have a special safety staff, and the cost per jumping here is Rs.2500.Another thing, you should have minimum 12 years age to jumping this jumping place.

jump height in rishikesh

7. Bungee Jumping in Singshore Bridge(Sikkim):

If you love to try Bungee jumping and also want to push your mind towards the adventurous world with an extreme level, then you are not far from your dream work. Do you know, in Sikkim, there is a wonderful Bungee Jumping place exist?

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singshore bridge

This bungee jumping place (The Singshore Bridge) is located in the mid- way to Uttarey from Denham in Sikkim. Actually, it is the second highest Suspension bridge in Asia, whose height is about 220 meter from the ground level. After becoming a bungee jumping place, it became a Hub of Bunjee jumping place in Sikkim.

So this is all the best bungee jumping place in India that you must visit if you are a bungee jumping lover. Believe me this all places are just wow and is far more enjoyable than any other foreign tourist spots. What are you waiting for? Pack up your things and directly head towards your bungee jumping destination in India. Also, share this with your mate with whom you wanna go for a trip and do some adventurous things.

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