12 Pedicure Kit Available At Most Desirable Prices And Its Easy Home Methods

12 Pedicure Kit Available At Most Desirable Prices And Its Easy Home Methods

Millions of people are suffering from cracked heels with a tan. This is because of the busy life that we are living. Furthermore, we hardly give time to take care of our skin. Later what happens is even our foot becomes so dry that it starts cracking. Do you have any remedy to soften your feet? Well, here I am available. I will help you with some pedicure tools and guides to refresh and restore your cracked heels. But before that, you must know what is a pedicure.

pedicure at home

Brief Note About Pedicure?

Just like manicure is done for cleaning nails, so this treatment is for toes as well as feet. In actual, this is a cosmetic, medical as well as therapeutic treatment for rough skin.

And who does this treatment? Obviously, the Women. Let us speak little history about pedicuring your feet below.

Since many ages more than over 4,000 years, millions of women have been following pedicuring. And from the year 2000 onwards, pedicure industry have been growing in importance. This is the reason now most of the celebrities and the common women and men do follow this treatment.

So this is few history that one must know before reading how to do pedicuring at home.

I also have a list of Best Long Designs That Goes Trendy For All Ocassions.

When do you do Pedicure?

Do you know when do you go for pedicuring? Yes, when you are tired and your legs are swollen then go for the following remedy.

Also when you have a cracked heels you can go for pedicuring your feet. Last but not the least, even if you have beautiful legs and toes, it would be better if you do the manicuring and pedicuring. So before I proceed with this treatment at home to remove tan let me first list out pedicure kit online.

List Of Pedicure Kit Online:

If you wish for smooth feet and toes then check out this few list of the best kit that I have mentioned below. Let me introduce you to the list of 10 kits for your feet and toes.

1: All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

This is an all-in-one foot massage to relief your stress and refreshes your feet. It is a very easy motorized massage with heating therapy and oxygen bubbles. In fact, you can also adjust the temperature. The product also massages your foot and leaves you feeling fresh and callous free.

pedicure set

This foot massager has a LED Display for easy processing. They are safe and secure because it has a dual overheating protection. It also has a built-in air blow which helps to dry your feet. They are used for both men and women and are made up of high-quality plastic which has a self-drainage facility.

2: Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

Finally, you can bring the relaxation spa at your house with the stunning heated aqua-jet foot spa. Even the price of this foot massage is cheaper than visiting beauty spa shops. When you are having an affordable beauty foot spa then why do you need to visit expensive spa centers.

peducire foot spa

It has a built-in heat that creates an amazing foot massage to relax your tired foot with two adjustable speed. They also have two rolling nodes that help to massage your arches. The most interesting thing about this tool is that you do not need to add any hot water as it automatically heats water up to 115 degrees F.

3: Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

For pedicuring, this will also be the right choice. A part of that this foot spa has a soothing massage as well as smart heat. Girls and Boys if you wish to remove your hard callous and wish to soften your heels then go for this pretty foot spa.

pedicure spa foot massager

It also features a Smart system which keeps the water warm for a soothing effect. Therefore, to keep your feet smooth and beautiful, you will also get 5 piece pedicure kit inside.

4: Foot Love Electric Rechargeable Tool:

This tool will be perfect for the spring season, this tool includes a handy case to take it anywhere along with three replaceable heads. Say goodbye to hard dead cracked heels with this electric rechargeable set. This means you don't require to buy AA batteries every time, just charge it and use it.

recharegeable pedicure kit online

Even the toughest and hardest area of your feet can be clean with this foot love tool. They are lightweight and portable, so what are you waiting for, buy it as soon as possible.

5: Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File with Diamond Crystals

To get a smooth refreshed heels use Amope Pedi Foot File. It gently removes entire dirt and callous from your feet. In fact, for effective results, this product spins up to 360 degrees.

pink pedicure tool

You will also need to purchase 4 AA batteries to run this tool. Overall, they are the perfect treatment for your feet at home to get flawless smooth feet.

6: Beurer Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit

Now with Beurer Electric Manicure and Pedicure tool, you can easily learn how to do this treatment at home. For nail and foot care it has 10 high-quality attachments. Clean your toenails as well as for fingernails with this amazing kit.

ac adapter pedicure kit

For simple easy use, it functions in an ultra-high speed. The LED lights will be useful at night. This tool is very useful for the diabetic person, so if you are one of them then buy it soon.

7: Pure Enrichment 8-in-1 Manicure and Pedicure Kit

For shaping, cleaning and buffering your toenails, this will be the best choice. This is an all-in-one finger as well as toenails cleaning. It includes over 8 attachments for cleaning your calluses.

8 attachments pedicure and manicure kit

The design of this kit also looks very professional and handy. They are also cordless powered by 2 AA batteries. The tool also offers both high and low-speed settings.

8: Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

Do you wish to get beautiful feet within a minute? If yes, then get this Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File. With just a single use, your cracked heels may turn to be smooth and soft.

foot file

You can use them either on wet feet or dry feet. A part of that you do not require any extra batteries because this pedicure set is used with the rechargeable system. It also provides double speed settings which make easier for you to change the settings. Overall, the product is quite comfortable and handy to carry.

9: ClipPro-Kohm Rechargeable Callus Remover

Are you confident enough to go out with pretty sandals? Here you go then, buy this professional ClipPro-Kohm Rechargeable Callus Remover. Inarguably, they are lightweight and you will get beautiful looking nails.

callous remover

So stop wasting your valuable time searching for new batteries every day because I brought for you the wonder callous remover set which is chargeable. You can use this product even while your feet is wet or dry.

10: Manicure, Pedicure Kit

If you wish to carry your kit along with you inside your bag then get this amazing manicure as well as a pedicuring kit. It comes up with 10 pieces of attachments kit with synthetic leather travel case.

pedicure and manicure kit

The kit is very easy to open and use. Both men and women can use this product. Get beautiful toenails with this grooming kit.

11: Belle Azul 4-in-One Spa Kit

Is there anyone who does not love pedicuring their foot? As far as I know there are none, as a result, I have brought a 4-in-one Spa kit for both men and women. The callous removing gel consists of ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera gel for softening your heels.

4 in one pedicure spa set

The foot cream gives you fresh and long lasting smell all day long. Also get a foot file that even removes hard callous and smooths your foot. This 4 in one kit is all in one a magical set to get pretty smooth feet.

12: Burt's Bees Tip and Toes Kit:

Here you get a 5 trial size kits for both foot and hands. Within just a seconds your dry hands and feet will get rejuvenated. It softens your dry skin making it silky smooth. Both the hands and foot care products are made up of natural things.

tip and toes kit

All the set are made up of ingredients like botanical oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, peppermint and coconut oil to relax your feet. You can also give a gift to your mom on her birthday, she will love it.

Finally, I have listed down 12 pedicure kit online. You can also use them at home whenever you like. Done with the products, now let me help you with how to do a treatment at home to remove tan.

How to do Pedicure At Home to Get Smooth Feet (Step By Step Guide)?

So far I hope you got proper details about the online products to get flawless smooth feet. But some people wish to do the pedicure at home to get the same effect like the parlors. Have a look on the step by step guide.

1. Remove Old Nail Polish:

To get smooth feet, first of all, you must need to gather some things. Those are like warm water, nail file, nail clippers, stick, pumice stone, nail buffer, nail remover, base coat and a nail polish of your choice. Other things like cuticle cream, foot cream, foot scrub, and massage oil.

remove nail paint before pedicure

Now remove all the old nail polish with a remover before you start cleaning feet procedure at home. Make sure you remove the old nail polish properly before pedicuring.

2. Prepare Soaking:

soak for pedicuring

Now add a hot water in a big bowl and add some shampoos or bath oils. Now sit comfortably and just calm down. Dip your feet in a lukewarm water for about 10-15 minutes. This will remove all the hard callous from your feet. With the pumice brush or stone, rub your heels to get smooth feet. Try rubbing your feet with some foot scrub for a soft supple foot.

3. Shape Your Nails:

shaping nails

After you are done soaking your feet, now it is the time to dry your feet and apply some foot cream. Now start trimming your toenails with a nail file and nail buffer.

4. Prepare For Polish:

apply new nail paint

When you are done apply a base coat nail paint. Now add the base coat whichever colors paint you like. Finish it off with a clear top coat for long lasting shine and color. Finally, you are done. You can also choose nail designs that can be applied to your fingernails as well as toenails. Now wear a pair of cute sandals and get ready for a summer holiday.

So, finally I have listed down 12 lists of pedicure sets and it's how to do at home remedies. You will get pretty smooth feet with this simple and easy guide and pretty nail art. So what are you waiting for, get a pair of beautiful slippers and enjoy your time?

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