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Nightlife in Mumbai – The Best Nightlife You Can Have

Mumbai is a small city situated on the west coast of India. It is the capital city of Maharashtra. This city is known to be the most populous city. It attracts many with its wealth and prosperity. People living in this city are rich and wealthy enough. The popular film industries are also situated in this city.

Nightlife in Mumbai is rather exciting than during the day. Mumbai city becomes lively and more active at night. A night is not a barrier to the excitement and thrill of the city. Mumbaikars are mostly nocturnal type which means active at night time. The city turns into a land full of fun, entertainment, and excitement during the night. The nightlife in Mumbai seems to be more active than the day time.

Mumbai at night

It is the time when people set out to different clubs and discos to have fun and also have some relaxation from the day’s work. Nightlife gives the city great profits to some of the big companies.

Therefore, today let me take you to the nightlife that Mumbaikars have and which you can also experience when you are there.

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Best Nightlife in Mumbai:

Doors shut around 1:30 AM

With the setting of the sun, the thrilling nightlife opens its door and closes only at midnight. You can have fun in the bars and clubs till late in the night. Earlier, it was open til 3.00 am, but now, with the strict laws it could remain only till 1.30 am. You can find some of the clubs open til after the closing time, but those are possible only with permission from the police.

Dress Nicely:

The night is the time when you can wear the beautiful dress of your choice based on the type of parties you are going for. The nights in Mumbai will give you all the opportunity to wear different types of dresses. You can look glamorous with the accessories attach to your dress and the makeup you wear. You can simply feel free with all the nice things or the sexy dress you have.

partying at Mumbai

Prices & Cover charges vary:

The prices of the drinks available in all the clubs and pubs will have their price ranges. They are cheap, and their prices depend on their venue. Many of the clubs and pubs charge a cover charge in the entry. Some of them are even free entry. It varies from different clubs. The drinks in Mumbai are much cheaper than the other big cities of the world.

The guys outnumber the girls:

The clubs and the pubs are open both for the boys and the girls. But most of them are dominated by men. It is because most girls do not stay late till night. They are also seen in disproportion even in the streets. Therefore, its is much safer for the girls if they go out in a group or along with some men who are well known to them.

There are also beautiful places where you can spend your night having fun. The beautiful clubs and bars you can go with your girl, or the place where you can dance the whole night and the delicious street foods will really make you a night in Mumbai a memorable one. The place mentioned below are some of the places where you should go to experience and enjoy the nightlife in Mumbai.

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Places for Partying in Mumbai:

1. Colaba: 

This is a beautiful place in Mumbai best for parties and hangs outs. Many people love this place to enjoy themselves with delicious foods. It is a place of tourist attraction filled with cafe, bars and expensive area with quality drinks. You will surely love this place. Try going to this place in the evening and enjoy the craziness of the night.


2. Lower Parel:

This place is located in the South Central Bombay which is 20minutes from Colaba, it is the best center place for the nightclubs in Mumbai. This place is full of swanky lounges and nightclubs in the city. The best DJs of the city is all ready to make you dance the whole night here. Lower Parel is also famous for the quality and the expensive varieties of foods available in this area.

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lower parel

3. Bandra: 

This place located in the west of the city has a long coastline and beautiful views. It is, therefore, the center place for the Bollywood stars to live. It has varieties of affordable bars and restaurants.  People gather in this beautiful place to enjoy the excellent and delicious dishes. You can also view the beautiful sunset from this place. Your night will be full of thrill and excitement here. Feel the night to be young with some cheap beers and a meal.

bandra party

4. Andheri:

 It is the largest suburb of Mumbai a little far from the main city. This place is a nice area to explore the excitement of the night in Mumbai. The scattered pubs and nightclubs in the area are the attraction for the visitors. This area will make you feel more of a local Mumbaikars because of the less foreigner’s visit.

The nightlife in Mumbai is thus exciting and fun to experience. If you are going to visit Mumbai, you can try out all this fun. It is fun to explore the night world in Mumbai. There are many things you can do in the night. The nightlife itself is entertaining and exciting. Mumbai, though a small city will give you the fullest enjoyment which you can not find in any other cities of India.

I have tried my best giving you the scene of the nightlife in Mumbai. I hope my effort has taken you to Mumbai city and the people living there. If you like my article today, then please share it with your friends and let them also explore the nightlife in Mumbai. I will also be glad for your suggestions and take it as a point for better upcoming articles. Therefore, go to explore the nightlife in Mumbai and have an exciting time.

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