Nail Art At Home – Top 13 Easy And Simple Steps To Follow

Every day you wanted to try different designs of nail art at home, as you don’t have time to visit beauty parlors. You also search here and there online to get desired nail designs which can be easily painted on your nails as you are not having enought time to painting your nails for 2 hours in parlors.

nail art at home

In this content, we have brought for you the best and unique designs of nail art to try at home. They are easy and affordable, it looks good not only for events and parties but also for every day. We will be guiding you below with the best nail art at home which is an easy and simple step.

Are you eager to paint your nails with different designs? If yes, then follow our step…..

Beautiful Designs Of Nail Art At Home:

Nowadays painting nails with different designs and colors are in fashion trend. Be it parties or work, you always wanted to have different designs of nail paints to try. Keep your nail paints ready, we will share with you the perfect designs for you.

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1. Strips of Nail Art At Home:

nail art at home

This strips of nail art look very easy and simple but elegantly glamorous. this multi color nail design does not consume much time. So, before you start to paint your nails, certain things will be required:

# Stripping tape.
# Red color nail paint or any color you like.
# White matte nail paint.
# Top coat for polish.

Methods to apply nail art at home:

Firstly apply a double coat of white nail paint and allow it to get dry. Now cut the tape into small strips and put it horizontally. Apply the top coat to make sure your tape stays in a right place. You can apply your desired nail paint or you can apply red as it goes with the fashion. To make your nails look more glamorous, you can apply a glitter paint in one nail and the rest painted with red color nail polish. Allow it to get dry and then remove the strip tape. You are ready with the stunning looks.

2. Glittering Nail Art At Home With Royal Blue Matte Finish:

royal blue matte

Speaking about something glittering it never goes out of fashion. You may say matte and glitter do not have a good combination. But they really suit and a perfect combination, you will be needing:

# Glittering nail paint.
# Royal Blue Matte color nail polish.
# Topcoat for a smooth finish.

Methods to apply nail paint:

First of all, I painted my middle finger nail with a royal blue matte color nail polish. Apply a double coat and get it dry. Now paint any one of your nails with a glitter blue paints for a shimmering look. Now you are done with matte color nail polish design. This is the easiest designs and consumes less time.

3. Polka Dot Nail Art At Home:

polka dot nail art

This nail art is perfect for the beginners who are new in designing nails. It looks excellent when you have a medium length nails. I am sure you will love the designs. Lets us note down the tutorial to apply this nail paint.

# Topcoat base.
# Different shades of colors.
# White nail paint.

How to make Polka dot nail designs easily?

Start painting your nails with a base coat and let it get dry. Now apply the top nail color of your choice, light shades will look better for summer. Apply different shades of nail polish in different nails. After it gets dried use a toothpick and dip it in a white nail paint to make a dots. enjoy the fun manicuring your nails.

4. Romantic Pink Floral Nail Art At Home:

floral nail designs

This looks stylish and gorgeous with its floral rose design. It is not so difficult to paint, all you require is,

# Pink and white nail polish. Apply shades of pink nail polish on your nails. Allow it to dry and then with a thin brush, draw a rose with a lighter pink than the base and a white paint with leaves. It will look good even if you have short nails.

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5. Glittering Ombre Nail Art At Home:

ombre nails with glitter

This is the perfect wear for your wedding as it looks stunningly gorgeous with its light shades of nail paint. It seems like all you are the center of attraction when you apply this types of paint. Doing nail art at home it quite easy and seem like the work o0f professionalist. All you require is:

# Light shades of nail polish.
# A sponge.
# A top coat.
# Nail polish remover.
# Silver glitter paint.

How to apply glitter ombre nail art?

First of all, apply the lighter shades of nail polish and let it dry. Now with the help of a sponge apply the silver glitter nail polish color onto the sponge and then press the sponge firmly to your nails to bring a stunning wedding look.

6. Valentine’s Day Nail Art At Home: 

 valentines day spoecial

Valentines’s day is on the way, so do not waste your time, apply this stunning gorgeous red shades of nail paint for your loved ones. With your red dress and your red paint nothing can stop you behind, you will look the queen of valentine.

7. Multi – Design Nail Art At Home:

multi-design nail art

This is just the way it looks pretty gorgeous, people would say wow looking your nails. It’s little difficult but everything is possible if you try. You can use the strip method which we have explained you above and then you can also apply a double coat of glittering nail paint for a shiny and shimmering look. Apply a base coat for normal paint with one or two fingers, this multi design will suit if you have long nails. At the last protect all the shades with a top coat.

8. Metallic Nail Art At Home:

metallic nail art

This is a million dollar look and can be achieved by applying a lotus metallic shades of gold nail polish. Apply a shade of gold paint and later when it gets dried use a small brush and dip it in the black nail paint. Now apply it your nails drawing a design. This nail art looks good especially at night during the winter season.

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9. Turquoise And Gold Nail Art At Home:

turquiose and gold

You just cannot stop staring the nail paint combination of turquoise and gold nail art. For a stylish and elegant look, this turquoise and gold will match with your personality.

How to apply?

First of all, apply the turquoise paint as the base on your nails. Now drop some gold polish on a plastic wrapper and dab onto your nails. Remove excess nail polish from the sides of your nails carefully with a nail polish remover. Now you are ready to go for perfect parties or work with a suitable dress matched.

10. Rainbow Design Nail Art:

rainbow nail art at home

To try this nail polish design, you have to select some of the brightest nail polish from your collection or buy it from the market. You can draw designs by painting horizontally and some vertically. apply applying a set of brightest nail polish, for a lasting look apply a top coat.

11. Yellow And White Zebra Nail Art:

zebra nail art

Yellow zebra nail art looks pretty stunning especially matches the teenagers. You can draw the zebra prints with a nail art brush or with a toothpick and border the prints with a glitter polish.

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12. Pearl Nail Art:

pearls nail art

This is the perfect nail paint for a bride as this nail paint includes a transparent polish with pearls and stones attached to it. Although it looks difficult, they are stylish and cool.

13. Cute Nail Art At Home:

cute nail

They are cute nail art with a bow and small black dots. It will be fun to remember your childhood days again by applying this cute nail paint. Mix the bow and polka dots and ready yourself for a holiday trip with your kids.

Tips – Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer:

  • Before you apply a nail paint, make sure you wipe all the old paints with a vinegar.
  • Manicures in parlors do soak your nail before painting. we say do not follow their method, as your nails will shrink.
  • File all your nails and shape them all in the same size.
  • Use a top base coat, so that the polish last longer.
  • Before applying any nail paint, rub your nail polish to prevent drying.

Apply coconut oil to prevent drying your cuticles.

These are the top 13 best nail art at home for you and your dear ones. They are just gorgeous and easy. You don’t require to spend your money going to beauty parlors when you can try all this above mention nail design. This designs are suited for all occasions and believe us you will be the center of attraction. If you felt difficult to apply on the right side then ask your friends to help you. Till then, be beautiful and confident with this amazing design of nail paints.

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