Mizoram: The Must Visit Destinations |How To Reach |Budget

Mizoram: The Must Visit Destinations |How To Reach |Budget

If you love the hills, then you should never miss a chance to visit Mizoram, which is one the most beautiful north eastern state of India. Known as the Land of Blue Mountains, Mizoram not only has bluish picturesque mountains but it also is home to beautiful waterfalls and lakes the beauty of which cannot be put into words.


Mizoram is situated along the plains of Assam and shares boundaries with Myanmar and Bangladesh and lies between Himalayan foothills and Meghalaya. It is also a culturally rich and distinct state with equally busy and fast modern lifestyle booming among the youth and the growing city of Aizawl which keeps it away from most other North Eastern city states.

Mizoram over the years has grown to become of the major tourist attractions and if you want to visit this state and you don’t know where and how to start I have listed here all the things you need to know about this beautiful state.

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Best Places to visit while in Mizoram:

Mizoram with its lush green fields and endless hills remains one of the most unfamiliar North-eastern states for most of the Indians. Moreover, there are limited direct flights from few of the metro cities and people need a special permit to visit this remote North-eastern state. Here are some of the must-visit places that you should not miss out when you are in Mizoram.

1. Aizawl:

Aizawl is the state’s capital and the largest city in the whole of Mizoram which overlooks the hill ranges and the valleys. Aizawl is beautifully out of this world and is known for its disciplined, busy city life, and the whole city is listed under the ‘no honk zone’ so next time you think you will ride a friend’s motorbike or a car through the streets of Aizawl make sure you remember this fact.


Aizawl has beautiful streets, and you will love the glamorous youths of the city and the street fashion and their strong bond, and walking through the streets of Aizawl is a unique experience altogether.

If you are in Aizawl, you must visit the Mizoram State Museum which is just near the Chief Minister’s Bungalow.

How to Reach:

You can reach Aizawl through the air from most of the metros, and normally northeasterners can reach there by road easily. From Guwahati, it nearly takes 45 minutes of flight to Lengpui Airport in Mizoram. From Silchar, you can take a car to reach Aizawl in around 2 hours 50 minutes.

2. Lunglei:

Lunglei is the second largest city of Mizoram and is a must visit if you love exploring fauna and the fauna of different places. It is known for Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary which is the backdrop of the Mizo Blockbuster “Khawnglung Run.”

The wildlife sanctuary is home to wild boars, gibbons, hoolock, and the Sambar deer. Not only that Lunglei also has two more wildlife Sanctuaries to its name and they are Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary and the Saza Wildlife Sanctuary.

lunglei town

The famous Zotlang Baptist Church is situated in Lunglei and is one of the beautiful Churches of the State. Another major tourist attraction is the Memorial of Chhingpui which is known for its heartbreaking love story of two lovers who met an unfortunate end.

Lunglei is a must visit because the list of the must-visit places in Lunglei doesn’t just end here. Moreover, you cannot just return without visiting the beautiful Lunglei Bridge from which the city got its name.

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How to reach:

Lunglei is at a distance of 170.02 Km from Aizawl and takes around 5 hours and 45 minutes of the ride.

3. Durtlang Hills:

If you want to see how Aizawl looks like from above Durtlang Hills is a must visit. It is situated in the north of Aizawl, and if you, fortunately, visit the Aizawl Theological College or the Durtlang Hospital you can clearly see a breathtaking view of this hill city. At night Aizawl is an assemblage of city lights decorating the skyward hills, and you will feel like it’s Christmas every night even if it’s not the season.


durtlang hills

How to Reach:

Durtlang is just 21 minutes from Aizawl that is a 5.5 km ride through Chaltlang Road.

4. Vantawang Falls:

If you love waterfalls and want to discover some of the hidden yet breathtaking waterfalls, then you must experience the Vantawang Falls. The Vantawang Falls is the highest waterfall of Mizoram, which gushes down from a height of 751 feet which looks majestic and lonely surrounded by the endless bamboo trees.

vantawang falls

The Vantawang Falls is situated in Serchhip which is the headquarter town of the Serchhip district. So, next time you visit Serchhip you should not overlook the Vantawang Falls which is one of the marvels of the state.

How to Reach:

Serchhip is located at 108.3 km from Aizawl which is around 3 hours 52 minutes of ride via the Thenzawl-Serchhip road. Vantawang Falls is around 137 Km away from Aizawl.

5. Phawngpui Hills:

Phawngpui Hills or the Blue Mountains is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram. It is also known as the “House of Gods” and is famously called the best place to visit in Mizoram.

Phawngpui hills


It is located in Chhimtuipui district and is famous for its natural rhododendron and orchid gardens. This fairyland like hills is adorned with beautiful flowers and under the backdrop of the blue mountain range was once a center of folk religion and is a popular place of many folk beliefs and stories still today.

How to Reach:

Phawngpui is at a distance of 118 Km from Aizawl which will take you around 2 hours and 13 minutes by road.

6. Reiektlang: Anthurium Festival:

The beautiful Reiek is a mountain overlooking Aizawl and is famous for the Anthurium Festival which the annual festival of flowers that come every year in the month of September. The Anthurium flowers bloom during the month of September and October, and this marks the beginning of the festival which is a major tourist attraction.



The festival goes on for three days which is accompanied by music, dance, fashion shows, handicrafts exhibition and more. This is a must visit festival if you ever happen to visit the state during the month of September and you will be spellbound by the art and cultural display and will come back with memories that you would want to experience again and again.

How to Reach:

Reiektlang is only 21.2 km away from Aizawl and a ride of around 1 hour seven minutes will take you there.

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7. Champhai:

About 200 km from Aizawl is Champhai which is a fertile plain area overlooking the Smoky mountain ranges of Myanmar. Champhai is known for its rice cultivation done throughout the huge plains and it has over time grew as a commercial junction in the Indo-Myanmar border gaining more tourists every year.



You will love the scenic beauty that consists of green fields and the clear sky which looks all the more adorable at night. If you are a nature lover, this is a must visit the place as you will fall in love with the simple village lifestyle which is adorned by the pretty huts, green fields, and the smoky hills.

How to reach:

It takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Champhai from Aizawl. Usually, people hire a SUMO, or you can go with a privately owned car.

8. Tam Dil:

Tam Dil is a reservoir lake in Saitual, which is around 85 km from Aizawl and is known for its fish and prawns. You can go for boat rides, and even go venture into the local jungles which are home to distinct flora and fauna of the region.

tam dil


Moreover, on the way to Tam Dil from Aizawl, you will see some of the prettiest places of Mizoram.

How to Reach:

Tam Dil is just 85.1 km from Aizawl and will take around three hours and seventeen minutes to reach there by car.

Hope you are inspired to pack your bags and go out for Mizoram after going through this list. If so then start making all the necessary plans before you reach there and gather an experience of a lifetime because Mizoram is certainly one of the best places of North East India full of stories and scenic beauty.

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