Your Perfect Holiday Destination at Manipur Tourism

Your Perfect Holiday Destination at Manipur Tourism

Welcome to the “Switzerland of India”. Commonly known as Manipur, it is a small state in North East part of India. Being a perfect destination for a nature lover, Manipur tourism has always mesmerized tourist with its culture and beauty.Manipur

This makes Manipur tourism worth visiting for any tourist who is on a trip to India and even for people living in India. So wondering about a journey to India? Well here are few of the most soul captivating destination in Manipur that you should visit.

How to Reach Your Destination- “Manipur”.

Choosing a roadway will require an inner line Permit to go through Manipur. And to reach your destination, you can either choose a long road transport going through the N.H-53, N.H 39 and N.H 150 connecting with its neighboring states. The roads are great, so you can ride a bike or drive a car while enjoying the greenery surrounding the road. Though I highly don’t recommend a road trip to Manipur during rainy seasons.

Google Map of Manipur

Or you can even choose a direct Airways service to Manipur. Traveling to beautiful Manipur tourism with the last stoppage being Kolkata, will take around 2 hours of flight time.

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Either way, upon reaching your destination, you will surely notice the eminent beauty of Manipur. So let me bring you through the destinations you can choose to go upon entering Manipur.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in Manipur tourism:

5. Thoubal:

Our journey starts from a small destination known as Thoubal. With luscious greenery, beautiful lakes, river and road verge surrounded by the Banyan trees. This destination is situated amidst hills, making it a perfect place for hiking and trekking.


Here in Thoubal, you can visit a specific location like the Imphal river, Thoubal River, Waithou Lake, Ikop Lake, Lousi Lake, People’s Museum and The Khongjom War Memorial.  You can also visit the Thoubal Bazar in case you are willing to buy you daily requirements at low prices.

4. Bishnupur:

Place to visit in Manipur

Moving to a more religious place, Bishpur comes 4th on our list. With holy landmarks and numerous temples, this can be a great place to visit for a more quite enchanting exploring. After visiting Bishnupur, you can visit places like Jorebangla Temple, Rasmancha, Dal Madol, Pancha Ratna Temple(The five jewel temple), Susunia Pahar(Mountain), Siddheswar Temple, Shyamrai Temple, Radha Shyam Temple and much more. These destinations will bring forward the old architectural and generous excellence of Manipur culture.

3. Churachandpur:

Welcoming you to the second largest town in Manipur. Churachandpur is a delightful place to visit with mesmerizing beauty situated in the midst of valleys and hillocks. With beautiful waterfall and boating delight, you are sure to be lost in this small Amazon forest of Manipur tourism.

Beautiful Manipur

This place has a few natural sites to visit like Khuga Dam, Ngaloi Falls, Tonglon Cave, tipaimukh and even a Museum named Tuibuong Tribal Museum, showcasing the tribal history of Manipur.

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2. Ukhrul:

This brings us to the top 2 places which are something you shouldn’t miss while visiting North East India. There are many visually pleasant places to explore in Ukhrul like Shirui Kashung Peak, Khayang Peak, Kachouphung Lake, Nillai Tea Estate, Ango Ching and more.

Manipur Destinations

Ukhrul is a land of enchanting beauty, a place so beautiful that you will feel the shivers of your spirit-boosting to discover more about Manipur.

1. Imphal:

The capital city of Manipur, Imphal which can’t be missed as you will surely go through the capital of this small state. Yet, this scenic city brings back beautiful memories to the visitors who have visited Manipur even for once.

Manipur Destination

Imphal is the heaven on earth of North East India. Places to visit are like the  Red Hill Lokpaching, Loktak Lake, Sirohi National Park, Matai Garden, Keibul Lam Jao National Park, Manipur State Museum, Kangla Fort and many more places that you can simply go out and be mesmerized by.

So, coming to an end to our topic today, I would like to suggest you again. If you are on a trip to or around India, then you should visit Manipur to experience the real beauty of nature. Also, note that visiting Manipur tourism during winter can give you the chills with the beauty of reaching the clouds with your open arms.

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