Hollywood Makeup Like A Celebrity That Every Women Must Follow

Hollywood Makeup Like A Celebrity That Every Women Must Follow

There are many tips and tricks to learn about makeup. And to apply makeup like a celebrity, one needs to understand and follow all the professional tricks. As a result, I will try to satisfy you and share you the most important thing about makeup like a celebrity.

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Therefore, below I provide you with detail tips for face, cheeks, lips, eyes, brows etc. Once, you got the tutorial, you will never regret learning it. As you are now stepping your footstep forward to the fashion world or makeup world, make sure you become a professional. But remember not to step behind and leave the whole content without reading.

Makeup Like a Celebrity Along With Tips and Tricks:

If you are struggling with your makeup tricks then below I have provided an aim to guide you with the best professional makeup artist tips. Let us have a look….


Now, here comes the magic.

I guess you are thinking why did I start the tricks with cheeks makeup rather than face foundation?

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Ok, this is because I wanted to bring something different look to your makeover. When you want something natural and beautiful blush then apply your favorite blusher first on your cheeks. I prefer the pink shade with something reddish mix or maybe coral. Make sure you apply on the apple of your cheek. Now taking your brush, apply the bronzer to your cheeks line, forehead, nose, and chin. Finally, you will get a glow to your healthy skin. Let us proceed to our next step.


When speaking about face, you really need a costly foundation to get the celebrity look. This will not damage your skin and will bring an extra glow to your skin complexion. Also, do a test which color of a foundation will it suit you considering your skin tone.

Feeling nostalgic to get makeup like a celebrity? Read below for more details.

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Well, let’s go to my point of view again. If you have a thick foundation then you can also mix some portions with your moisturizer to lighten up your makeup. Or you can also mix loose powder and foundation if you wish for a thick color.

In addition to it, for a very glowy radiant look, you can also mix a little golden or pearly shimmering eyeshadow to your foundation. (Do not add too many eyeshadows, as this may damage overall your outlook)

Another makeup tips foundation is applying face primer before foundation. This will not only keep your makeover intact but will balance your face makeup not to smudge with oily sweat. (This tip is especially for the oily skin)

NOTE: Before you apply any makeup or foundation, for more glowy skin, you can also apply an egg mask. Simply beat an egg and whisk it. Now apply it evenly on your face and right after half an hour rinse with lukewarm water.

Eye Makeup Tricks:

For a very electric glamorous look, select and apply three shades of eyeshadow. The first one applies darker shades in the crease area. For the outer corner of the eye apply a lighter shade of your choice. Now for the last application, use a glimmering or shiny finish. Blend thoroughly for a perfect look. If you are above 50 then glittery eyeshadow will make you look young and fabulous.

tricks of eye makeup like a celebrity

Or else, if you are not familiar with eyeshadow then you can also apply liquid eyeliner. If you are a beginner then you might face slight difficulty in applying. All things considered, for a quick look trace some lines with pencil eyeliner followed by a liquid liner. Make sure your eyeliner has a touch of waterproof that acts as a smudge proof.

Note: If you do not have a long eyelash then attached a goo eyelashes and place it on your eyes.

Try the eye makeup tutorial for beginners.

Mascara is another most important thing to apply on your eyelashes for a wide open eye. First of all, start with the tip and take the mascara brushes turn upwards for opening eyes wide. For more brighter look, apply the mascara even in lower lashline.


Applying a lipstick that brings your look more professional. In addition to it, this will also give you a feminine look. Make sure you apply only those colors that match your complexion. Apply a lip primer before lipstick application for more vibrant and lasting color. And then on the outer lining apply a lip liner so that your lipstick will remain intact and never smudge. Apply the same lip liner that looks similar to your lipstick. I prefer the matte lipstick or also a maroon matte lipstick for my complexion.

professional lipstick tips

(If your complexion is dark go for light lipstick color and if you have a light skin complexion choose any bright shade that gives a makeup like a celebrity)

Celebrity Hairstyles:

What else do you need when you have celebrity hairstyles even in your 50’s along with secret makeup tips similar to celebrities. Either you can leave your hair pinpoint straight or simply bring the curly look on you with the help of curler. You can also follow the Latest Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair.

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Do use a hairspray to keep your hair in stable and to volumise your celebrity hair. Once you are done with your makeup you will elegantly look beautiful and smart with a pretty makeover like a celebrity. Now you can turn away from the old look and retrieve the celebrity look to head out in the Red Carpet.

Did you ever think that Makeup is a tool that would bring the fairness and glow even during your old age? Well, definitely yes, with the makeup like a celebrity tips and tricks that I have guided above, any women can look at its best. The celebrities’ like makeup works just like Hollywood secret makeover that brings the beauty outside the world. So, therefore if you got many compliments after following the trick that I have mentioned above then share your compliments with me. I will be eagerly waiting for your comment. Also, read Top 10 Home Remedies For Skin Whitening And Skin Lightening.

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