Mac Mascara- My Best Top Rated 12 Mascara Collections

Done with your makeup? But something is still missing and that is mac mascara? I really love the mac mascara and I know every girl go crazy for it. When you go for shopping you cannot resist to pick up mascaras from the MAC brands. In fact, it is also one of the best brands of mascaras.

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MAC has the top collections of makeup for a classy look or a for a sexy look you will get anything you wish for. Therefore, I have brought the top collections of mascaras from Mac. However, you can either order them through online or else visit the MAC store.

If you haven't tried any one of the below-mentioned mascara then why don't you give a try? Below you will get information related to the Mac mascara.

Best Collections of Mac Mascara:

Let us find the best collections of mascara here from the brand Mac. They are in your budget, just select the best one....

#1. Mac In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara Black Extreme:

mac mascara

This mascara from the Mac Store brings extra length and creates unimaginable curl to your lashes. Rather, it brings softness as well as flexibility to your eyelashes. Just with one stroke, you will get your desired results. The tip of the mascara is for the lower lashes and also for the corner lashes. This mascara will neither smudge nor clump and also it is safe for the people who wear contact lenses.

It is easy to apply, just take the mascara and then apply to your eyelashes considering from roots to tips slowly.

#2. Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara:

mascara gigablack

The Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara comes with a curling as well as lifting mascara. It is available in intense black color. The mascara brush is attached with microspheres and they maintain every lash smoothly with an easy gripper. You will get extreme volume with an upward bending formation.

It lasts up to 16 hours and smudge proof, flake proof. The mascara can easily be washed off. They apply smoothly for the people who wear contact lenses and also good for the sensitive eyes. Even if you have short eyelashes, it is very convenient.

#3. Haute & Naughty Lash Too Black Mascara:

black mascara

This mascara helps you to choose which type of lashes you dream for. The two-in-one wiper brush system lets you which eyelash you wanted, a smooth defined and a curly lash for a dramatic look. They do not create clumps and has an outstanding fluid consistency. The top wand has less fluid consistency while the lower wand has excess fluid consistent. They are best for any occasion.

#4. Opulash Optimum Black Mascara:

Opulash mascara

Opulash Optimum Black Mascara is an outstanding mascara for your beautiful lashes. It provides volume and density to your lashes. The mascara, when applied to your eyelashes, makes extra dark. It has a fat big brush to create extra volume to your lash. It lasts up to 13-15 hours and with the tip of the brush, you can even curl the smallest lashes from the eye corner.

#5. Upward Lash Mascara:

mac mascara

Do you wish for a pretty and glamorous eyelashes? Then this is the right choice for you....

Within a seconds you will get a glamorous look as it curls your lashes within no time. Do you know where the secret lies? well, it lies on the brush itself as it gives a volume and density to your beautiful eyes. With just one stroke it reaches to the base of your eyelashes. This eye mascara is smudge proof and flake proof. You can easily apply to the inner, middle and outer layers of your eyes.

The mascara is ophthalmologically tested and proven as well as safe for the contact lenses wearers.

#6. Extreme Dimension Waterproof Lash Mascara:

waterproof mac mascara

Extreme Dimension Waterproof lash mascara is unique and also good for everyday wear and tear. It creates extra length, curl and enhances volume to your eyelashes. This mascara is lightweight and from the root till the tips, it curls and gives a remarkable performance. It can withstand any moisture with this waterproof mascara. The product is safe for the contact lenses wearers.

The Mac Mascara is safe for the contact lenses wearers and it is ophthalmologist tested.

#7. Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara:

3D extreme mac mascara

The extreme 3D black lash mascara gives you a stunning look by creating a curl from the root to the tip. They are light and gives softness and flexibility to your eyelashes. You can apply an excellent amount of mascara with this brush. They neither smudge nor flake or clump.

#8. False Lashes Waterproof Mascara:

false lahes mascara

Whether you have an oily skin or dry this mascara runs perfectly for you as neither it gets smudged nor it flakes. It gives you a bold black color to your lashes with a dramatic look. If you wish for a waterproof mascara then False Lashes mascara is the right mascara for you but it does not give any volume to your lash.

#9. Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara:


This mascara gives extra dark black color to your lashes as well as brings volume and length. It is lightweight and flexible, even the brush is so flexible that it even curls the tiniest lashes from the corner of the eyes. Each lash gets separated from each other with this brush. They are ophthalmologist tested, safe for people who wear contact lenses.

#10. White Mac False Lashes Maximizer:

white mascara

The White lashes mascara provides conditioning to your lashes and gives you stunning eyelashes. The ingredients that are available in the white maximizer mascara helps to bring the beauty from inside and your eyes look wider and pretty.

#11. Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash Mascara Charged Black:

mineralize multi effect

With this multi-effect brush, it gives you a good length of eyelashes as it easily coats your lashes. The ingredients are emollients and shea butter that give you flexibility plus softness to your lashes. It keeps your lashes soft and clumps free with a smooth and glossy finish. From every angle you just cannot stop staring from the mirror.

#12. Mac Extended Play Lash Mascara:

play lash mascara

If you need glossy shades of black mascara then you can buy this Mac Extended Play Lash Mascara. This Mac Mascara is lightweight and uses to lift your lashes very smoothly. This mac mascara lasts up to 16 hours and has easy wash off formula. The slim lined brush gives you extreme volume as well as easily blends upward. It is safe for the contact lenses wearers.

So, this is the top 12 best collections of mac mascara which is affordable though it's a little costly. the quality is superb and mindblowing as your eyes will really look pretty and sexy. so, what are you waiting for, run to your nearest MAC store or you can order them online?

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