Leg Workouts To Improve Your Leg Muscles


“Leg day”, this very quote instills fear in people; they make various stupid excuses to avoid this day. All the leg exercises are simply different variations of squats. Squats have been said as the best lower body workout there is. Well, we are talking about legs, they support the whole body, and it’s quite painful to walk, or to go up the stairs and mostly to sit. I guess you understood what I am implying.  Leg workouts can be called the worst fear of a body builder.

But not all bodybuilders are the same, some of them love leg workout. I am one of those people.Well if you’re upper body is well built and muscular, and your lower body resembles that of an average person, then would it look nice? Not! So today in this article I will be telling you about some Leg workouts that will make those thin and skinny looking legs more muscular and stronger.

Workouts to develop your Leg Muscles:

As I was saying that I will be telling you about some exercises that will help you to develop those leg muscles of yours. So here they are, I have listed them down below for you. Now check out those exercises.

  • Back Squats: One of the best exercises for legs, which mostly develops the glutes and lumbar spine. This exercise is less tiresome when performed in high repetitions and deep fatiguing sets.

Back squats

How to Perform: For performing back squats you need to stand in an upright position with your back straight and the barbell on your shoulders behind the head. Lean forward for a bit and then sit. You can perform this exercise in 4 sets, each with 10-12 repetitions. Pick the weight accordingly.

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  • Front Squats: This exercise is avoided by lots of bodybuilders, but is quite beneficial for the legs. It mainly develops your quadriceps. While performing this exercise, upright posture is required. This minimizes the flexion of the lumbar spine and increases core stabilization to a greater degree.

Front squats

How to Perform: First you need stand in a straight position. You need to hold the bar with your hands crossed and it resting on your shoulders in front of the head. Now keeping your back straight sit, maintain this position while performing this exercise. Carry out this exercise in 4 sets and each set having10-12 repetitions. Pick the weight according to your convenience.

  • Seated Leg Extensions: Leg Extensions are the best exercises for developing your quads. You will find lots of articles on Google saying that Leg Extensions are bad for your knees. But all of these are not true, as this solely depend on the body builder and how he is performing the exercise.

Seated leg exercise

How to Perform: For performing this exercise you need to sit on the leg extension machine and then straighten your back, then extend your legs. It should be kept in mind that you need to keep your back straight while performing this exercise. And also set the weight according to your convenience. Do 4 sets of this exercise with 10-12 repetitions in each

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  • Lunges: Lunges are very efficient in developing your quadriceps and glutes. They also help in developing your hamstrings. A long lunge emphasizes the use of your glutes, and on the other hand, a short lunge emphasizes the use of your quads. Well, different types of lunges are there, and all of these have various kinds of benefits.


How to Perform: Stand straight with your hands in front of your chest. Now put one of your legs forward in a way such that there is a significant gap between both the feet’s. Now half bend that front leg and try to touch the floor with the knee of the leg that is behind. Then get up and put the other leg forward. You can also use dumbbells or barbells for performing this exercise. Pick the weight accordingly and perform 4 sets with 10-12 repetitions in each of them.

  • Leg Curls: This exercise targets the hamstring muscles. This exercise is also avoided by many people as they think that it is useless. But actually, all you need to do is perform this exercise in the correct posture.

Leg curls

How to Perform: For performing this you need the Leg curl machine. Lie down Flat on your stomach on the seat of the machine. Hold the bars in front of you and keep the legs in place to pull the weight. Now keeping your back straight you need to curl your legs up for pulling up the weights. Perform this in 4 sets with 10-12 repetitions each. Pick weights accordingly.

  • Deadlifts: Just like the Leg Curls is also an important exercise for our Hamstrings. Deadlifts should be performed in correct postures as this exercise can also cause injuries.


How to Perform: This exercise needs to be performed in the correct position. Stand straight with the bar in front of your feet. Now without bending your knees bring the bar up with your hands and back straight. Pull the bar up to your genitals and then lower it again and slightly touch the ground. Perform this for 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions in each. Start with light weight first, then proceed towards heavier weights.

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  • Calf Raises: Calf Raises are the exercise which is done for improving your Gastrocnemius i.e. your calf muscles. Calf muscles are very hard to develop. You need to work on them a lot for developing these muscles.

Calf raises

How to Perform: First you need to stand on your feet’s flat. Then try pushing your body upwards with the help of your toes. Keep repeating this for 20-25 times and perform 4 sets. You can also try using weights.

So these are the leg workouts that you need to perform for having strong and muscular legs.

Many of us ignore leg workouts, but leg workouts are important workouts that should be conducted. Before I conclude, I want to tell you that before every training session of your legs you should stretch them properly or there can be a lot of muscle cramping.

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