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If you are thinking for a brand new kid's hair dryer then, it is very necessary to know the features and its safety before buying hair dryer for your kid. To seek child-friendly hair dryer you will need to select for the hair dryer that is built up with ample consideration, as per the regarding you will need to check out the tools whether it is easy for your kids to use or not.

Because most of the adult hair dryer often consist of high watt and with various heat settings. That can possibly cause hazardous to your children, as it can affect badly to your young children when exposing in hot air for the long duration of time.

kids hair dryer

All you need to do is search for the low wattage kid's hair dryer, as that can certainly help your child to use easily. But you should always keep in mind that the exterior of hair dryer should be very eye catchy having bright colors and with different fun shapes and all types of cartoons characters as those are mostly loved by the children.

If you are looking for the best features and effective kid's hair dryer then I am here to share you some of the hair dryer collection that is available on amazon.

Top 10 hair dryer collection for kid's

#1. MiniPRO hair dryer:

Minipro kid's hair dryer is so eye-catchy and looks so cute with its sweet colour and the design with curves, that gives stylish looks.

Ratings: 4 star.

Price: 14.99$

kids hair dryer

Buy this product online on amazon and get up to 38% off.

Features of MiniPRO

  • This hair dryer is basically based on tourmaline ceramic technology that helps the hair to protect from static.
  • Minipro hair dryer is installed with 1200 watts.
  • This hair dryer also includes deluxe travel pouch, as that can help your hair dryer from damages.
  • The cold shot button built up with two heat button option and also with speed settings in it.
  • You will also get dual voltage with this hair dryer.

#2. Hello kitty KT3052M:

This hair dryer can attract any kids, it is just because of its colorful design and the kitty designed on the dryer body. The dryer looks so trendy with its new design and technology.

Ratings:4 stars.

​Price: 29.99$

kids hair dryer

Features of KT3052M dryer:

  • Hello, kitty is built up with 1875 watts of drying hair power.
  • The nozzle in it can be detachable easily, as that is optional.
  • The cool shot button in this hair dryer has a better option to lock the button for safety uses.
  • Heat settings have an option of both high and low in it.
  • The power in it has 125V~60Hz, with standard ALCI safety plug for the users.

#3. Conair 1600 Watt:

This hair dryer is so small in size any very easy to handle and use, as it has a folding option handle. Even being small this hair dryer is so powerful to dry hairs at an instant.

Ratings:4.5 stars

​Price: 13.37$

Kids hair dryer

Features of Conair 1600 watt hair dryer:

  • This hair dryer is light weight only with the unit of 1.10lbs.
  • It is built up with 1600 watt with the availability of two heat option and the speed setting in it.
  • The best features are the handle of this hair dryer can be folded into two parts and store in a small bag.

#4. Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic travel dryer:

Revlon pink ionic travel dryer will attract anyone with its best features and the colour itself is so eye catchy. The ionic technology that will help your hairs to give a shining and protects from getting frizzy. Although it is very cheap and if you go on ordering online on amazon you will save up to 31%.

Ratings:4 stars.

Price: 16.89$

kids hair dryer

Features of Revlon RVDR5010:

  • This product is specially designed with ionic technology, which helps to keep the hair shinier and protects from getting frizzy.
  • This hair dryer is built up with lightweight compact design to be handy for the users.
  • The dual voltage will let you carry anywhere you go around the world. The handle of this hair dryer is foldable.
  • It also has a cold shot button in it, with two heat button option along with the speed settings.

#5. Disney Princess hair dryer:

If your kid is a true fan of Disney, then wrap her a gift with this Disney princess glam hair dryer. Place an order over and get shipping free within one day.

Ratings:4 stars.

Price: 25.38$

Kids hair dryer

Features of Disney princess hair dryer

  • This hair dryer kit comes with the pack of full accessories for your kid and it is very easy to use.
  • This product is based on the battery operated hair dryer.

#6. Berta 1000 Watts Mini Hair Dryer:

This is also one of the best kid's hair dryer that you can get for your little daughter who is almost to set in her teenage. Yeah, this hairdryer looks cool in it's red and black color combination. Don't think for so long, go to Amazon and get it ordered for your daughter

Ratings:4.5 stars

Price: 18.99$

mini hair dryer for kids

Features of Berta 1000:

  • Berta hair dryer got very special features in it,as it has a double filter that can be a removable and 1.8m cord that can be extended along with the hanging loop.
  • It also provides one-year replacement and coverage of two-year warranty.
  • This mini hair dryer being so small and lightweight with its compact design is a perfect choice for you to carry all around the earth.
  • The 1000 watts helps to dry the hairs at an instant, with the help of long lasting DC motors.
  • The two wind settings buttons help the user to use both the air as per the requirement. It also includes the cool button along with the temperature settings buttons.

#7: Girl's Dream 91 Pretend:

If you do have a little kid at home get this girl's dream 91 pretend hair dryer, as it comes with full accessories kit along with the assorted beauty kit.



kids hair dryer

Features of Girl's dream 91:

  • This product is specially designed for the kid for the beauty play.
  • It will be totally perfect for your princess.
  • This hair dryer will run with two AA size battery.

#8. Kidstech Pretend play hair styler:

If you are looking out for getting a gift for your princess and your princess likes kid's hair dryer set ,then this product will surely drive your princess crazy with is attractive pink color and it is very easy to use also comes with the safety for your kid.



kids hair dryer

Features of Kidstech:

  • This hair dryer comes with two brushes, mirror, case and two heads for the dryer.
  • It subsequently runs with 2x AA size batteries.
  • Made up with high standard quality.

#9. Theo Klein Braun Beauty:

Try out this pink Theo Klein for your princess. It can stimulate imagination and a top play toy stuff for your kids. It is made up of high quality and durable, long lasting product. Get your princess this on her birthday on and you can save up to 40%.



kids hair dryer

#10. MHD Professional Travel Size 1000 watts:

This hair dryer comes with the travel size and purely designed with 1000 watts tourmaline ceramic technology. It is stylish and compact design as well as easy to handle for the kids.



kids hair dryer

Features of MHD:

  • It is well design with its light body and installed with the long life DC motors.
  • Their is an option for the filter cap to remove and clean.
  • The concentrator nozzles are designed with ultra-thin, as that helps to accelerate the hot air to dry the hair at an instant.
  • It has two speed along with the cool shot button.

So here, I have given all the top best kid's hair dryer, now get a brand new hair dryer for your princess today on with an attractive price and best quality hair dryer from different brand. Check out on the above-listed hair dryer collection which is available on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Viki,

    this is what I looking for my daughter, it just made my day and now I gift her on her birthday… Already ordered one MinPro hair dryer….

    By The Way, thanks for the help

    • Great, it’s my pleasure.
      Hope so your daughter will like the product.
      Many Many Happy returns of the Day and best wishes for her.

  2. Hello Viki,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article as I was looking for the best hair dryer for my daughter and now I can easily get it.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Viki,

    Very nice to see you, updating of stuffs like this well I am impressed…!! the hair dryer you have put up seems to be really cool and nice.. what I would need is to collect one for my baby because I am expecting soon and will need many lil things for the little one… thanks for the Info updated.. I Often follow your blogs and like them.. it feels really great.

  4. I was thinking to buy a hair dryer for my daughter. Finally you have given the best hairdryer for kids on your content, so thank yo for the list.
    But I would like to ask you will the Breta 1000 watt hairdryer be good for my 10 years daughter?
    Please do let me know!!!

    • Yeah, Breta 1000 watt will be indeed the best product for your daughter, as it comes with child safety features.