Simple Ways For How To Tame Your Anger

Simple Ways For How To Tame Your Anger

Anger is usual and human emotion. We often get angry and things get out of control when nothing goes well or when you had a rival between your friends or family members. Anger is natural, it can cause to anyone. It can create problems in your relationship as well as at your workplace, so it is very much important to know how to tame your anger. Anger has both good and bad effect.

how to tame your anger

It can either give you a way to express all your negative feelings and also give you the motivation to find a solution of any problems you are facing. The bad is – if you get excessive anger, it can destroy your health physically and mentally, makes you hard to think straight as well as increases your blood pressure level. If you are one of them and don’t how to tame your anger? Don’t worry, in this post, I am going to share you some of the useful tips on how to tame your anger.

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Useful Tips on How to Tame Your Anger

Here are some of the useful tips that will help you to tame your anger and stop letting it affect your life.

#1: Take a Minute before You Speak or React

Anger is common and very much obvious for one to get high temper when things get out of control which ultimately will lead to destruction and create various problems. So, to keep your anger under control, you must take a minute off before you speak or react, let it be small or big that will help you cool down and think straight. Yes, there is no such permanent solution to control your anger but still, you can follow some of the basic tips and techniques.

talking in anger

  • Whenever you are angry and about to react, you can count to ten either verbally or in your mind so that it will help you cool down and make you realize where you stand.
  • You can also take some time off when your temper rises to avoid the circumstances.
  • Whenever you are in such a situation, you can take a deep breath several time before reacting until your temper cools down.

#2: Tame Your Anger by Exercising or Meditating in Short Bursts

For how to tame your anger Meditation or Exercises are one of the best things to do for everyone. As it refreshes your mind, keeps you healthy, boosting your energy and also gives you relief from negative emotions and stress. Exercises or other workout activities helps in reducing the stress hormones and stimulate the production of serotonin that will give you relaxation and happiness all time.


You can go for a gym workout or if you have less time then just go for a walk in the morning or evening, it will cool your mind, soothe tension, etc.

#3: You can also avoid any sort of anger triggers

When you think that certain things, people or subjects might make you angry then you can avoid the situation although, it may not be the solution always however, it will help you stay calm. If you know that certain discussions on subjects or topics are likely to anger you then you can just end that discussion right away so that you end up with severe rivalry and causing differences. So, make sure you always avoid any conflict which is definitely one of the best ways to control your anger.

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#4: Talking or Expressing your Outburst to Someone Can Also Tame your Anger

Well, whenever you experience any sort outbursts or other conflict situations at home, or outside, the best thing you can do is talk to someone who can give you a positive thought. Talking straight with a person not will relieve your feelings, but will also help you find the way out of the situation and also lets you see the whole picture where you are. So, the next time you come across such situation anywhere, just call up someone who is close to you and find a way out. Or you can just write a journal if you don’t feel comfortable talking.

talking to someone

#5: Find out the possible solutions that make you angry

Sometimes we kept on focussing as to what went wrong, what made us crazy and out of control on certain subjects, people, etc. Instead be more focused on resolving the issues calmly. Because anger makes it worse thus create misunderstanding between your partner, friends or family member. So, whenever you get angry, try finding the solution way out of your own and give yourself a warning that anger will not fix anything right.

focus on things

#6: The other way to tame your anger is by not holding grudge

Every one of us gets angry on certain things like people or subjects which are normal. The best way to avoid such situations is forgiveness because holding grudge makes things worse rather than fixing it. If you hold a grudge then you are allowing yourself filled with anger and lot of negative feelings that may result in destroying your relationships and also give you an injustice. So, if you want to stay in peace, relaxation mind, the one thing you have to do is forgive the person who made you angry instead of confronting. In the end, both of you will start to learn about the situations and thus strengthens your relationship too.

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forgiving each other

#7: Try to practice relaxation skills to tame your anger

It is obvious and usual that our temper might flare up on certain things or people. So, to avoid the situation and to tame your anger, you can apply those relaxation skills whenever you experience that your temper will start to flare. If you haven’t practice relaxation skills yet then you can get started. Some of the useful relaxations skills are like you must do some Yoga, deep breathing exercises, listening to music, writing a journal, talking to someone or you can also repeat a calming word like ‘Take it easy.’ These useful relaxation skills will help tame your anger.



So, these are some of the useful tips and techniques on how to tame your anger anytime anywhere whenever you experience outbursts. Instead of harming or hurting the other people sentiments, it is best that you just try and be calm always. You can follow these useful tips and make it a habit of practicing rather than being aggressive. Because anger will not fix or resolve your problems. Therefore, stay always calm, overwhelmed and try as much as possible from such conflict situations.

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