How to Stop Loving Someone?


Being committed in a relationship is not the happy ending. All of us went through hard times in a relationship, especially when your partner is not loyal to you and goes on flirting with someone else, or doesn’t love you as much as you do, or never tried to understand you.

So, as you all must have heard about the famous quotes that says, if you really love someone set them free. If the person were yours, they would surely come back no matter how tough and difficulties that went through just to come back to you, but if they don’t come back think that they were never yours.

stop loving someone

So, Eventually, if you find out that your relationship is not working out well then instead of taking all the pains inside you just try to find out ways to stop loving someone, set them free and stop hurting yourself.

According to science, the pain of your heartbreak is equal to the pain of sensing neurons in your brain. The pain of rejection and ignorance by someone is so hurtful that it initialize your parasympathetic nervous system immediately, So once you realize that you are not happy with your relationship, find out ways to quit your unhappy meaningless relationship.

Some important tips to stop loving someone:

Here, I’m going to give you some helpful tips that will help you to get out from the painful situation which you are facing at the moment. Your life is very precious learn to live happy and independent without the person who keeps on hurting you always.

1. Maintain some distance:

 Maintaining distance from the person who hurts you each and every time is one of the best ideas that you should apply. It will surely help you to come out of the trap that is quite tough for you to hold it longer. Stop missing the person, avoid keeping contacts, just think that the person has nothing to do with your life.

distance in relation ships
Do distract your minds by gossiping with your friends, read some good books, listen to music, watch T.V and much more. Avoid staying idle because idle minds will never let you forget your past, and it will keep haunting your mind.

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2. Keep your feelings within yourself: 

It is better to keep your feelings and emotions inside you neither then exploiting. It is natural that good times and bad times always come and goes like the changing season. But these are not the end yet learn to live life and don’t give opportunities for depressions to rule over your lives.

feelings away
When you are going through depressions, don’t ever try to attempt hurting yourself violently like cutting your nerve system or attempt suicide or taking sleeping pills, etc.i, as these is stupid and foolish deedsIwould say.

3. Meet new peoples: 

These will be tough for you and may even cause you uneasy, as you are still mourning with your breakups, and still couldn’t come out with the grieve. But once you start socializing with others, you will definitely enjoy moving life forward, try spending time with new peoples.

meet new people
Try to go and hangout with friends and enjoy your shoppings. These will help you overcome your depressions.

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4. Take your worst relationship experience as a lesson :

Everyone of us knows how painful and miserable we get when we are deeply in love, and our heart being played and stabbed by someone.
But however, you must encourage yourself and accept that it is one of the important lesson that you got to learn in life. So that you can allert yourself, often people says that broken hearts are the ones who learns alot and motivates themself to grow positive and better instead of weaping and simply hurting yourself.

5. Remember that your life is special and unique: 

No matter how great or how pretty and handsome the person is. If he doesn’t love you he have no right to hurt you either, don’t ever give a chance someone to play in your life. Feel that your are unique and move on, if the person whom you love is not happy or greatfull to be with you.

special life
You are special, your life is special therefore you deserve someone better who will be grateful and thankful to have you in his/her life. Stay unique and give time to yourself don’t rush.

6. Stop rewinding your memories: 

You may have lots of good memories with your ex, but try not to recollect anything in your head, the memories of your ex will keep on distracting your minds and never help you to move forward. Just make sure that you stop thinking about the person and live happily.

Avoid going certain places where you know that you will find our ex there as well. delete his/her no. from the contacts, also delete your his or her pictures from your phone gallery.

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Final Words:

So, these are the important tips that you can follow, in order to stop loving someone. Avoid thinking too much as that can exploit your memory. For you will end up getting headache, instead go for shoppings with your friends, hangout, go for movies and try to spend times gossiping. And most importantly try to  maintain distance and stop keeping contacts with your Ex.