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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster? Simple Home Remedies

How to make your hair grow faster? Normally every girl wishes to have a long beautiful hair. But is it possible? Since these days the world has become so much polluted, and there are no longer chances to remain with fresh environmental, so it becomes tough to maintain the long beautiful hairs in this filthy surroundings.

Due to various environmental effects, it causes hair fall, dandruff, scalp infections and many others. Even after applying some costly shampoos and conditioners, the environmental effect doesn’t leave you. So this is the main reason why girls are always having one question on their lips and i.e. “How to make your hair grow faster?”

how to make your hair grow faster

Though girls look cool in short hairstyles, I must say that every girl looks gorgeous in long hairs. Yes, you may get into many difficulties, but you got nothing to worry because in this content you are going to know about how to make your hair grow faster and easily.

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You won’t be able to believe the advantages of having long and beautiful hairs in life. You will always be proud of yourself as you have long hairs and you can also style your hair in different ways like the way you want.

Home remedies for how to make your hair grow faster:

There are millions of ways to grow your hair faster, but the main thing that matters is if the remedies come up with any negative effects. So here below you will get to know about the best at least for how to grow your hair grow faster.

So here are some of the best natural solutions to grow your hair faster as well as bring back all the beauties of the hairs such as smoothness, thickness and shinier. Below are some of the natural remedies for

1. Healthy diet:

Healthy diet foods are very rich in protein, vital vitamins and also other minerals which will help your hairs to grow faster. Not only this but your hair quality will also be better.

So remember to opt for the diet which is rich in Vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, E and minerals like iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium. Among all Vitamin B complex is one of the best solutions in helping your hair growth faster than any other ways.

healthy diet

(Note: You must try your best to avoid vitamin E and zinc deficiencies because they affect the hairs adversely.)

Try consuming varieties of Foods including Milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, eggs, salmon, whole grains, spinach, cabbage, brown bread, grapefruit, and parsley, avocado, oats and alfalfa in your daily diets in order to nourish your scalp and hairs. Also try to consume fresh fruit juices such as orange, grapefruits, and apples and also try having carrot, lettuce and beet vegetable juices too.

2. Massage scalp:

Massaging the scalp can promote proper blood flow within the body that helps to stimulate the hair follicles and naturally it will help your beautiful hair grow faster. Conditioning your hair once or twice in a week with a deep condition of hot oil treatment or conditioning with a mask will also be helpful for growing the hair faster.

massage your scalpe

It is very easy to condition your hairs if you are having any problems in conditioning then you can follow the instructions below:

  • Take a small container and pour sufficient amount of hair oils (coconut oil or almond oil) in the container and wait until it is warm but not that hot.
  • Now gently rub the oils on your scalp with the help of your finger tips and massage it gently on your scalp for at least five to ten minutes, leave it for a night for best result.
  • And rinse it off using shampoo and conditioner.

If you are following this above instruction strictly then it is for sure that your question “How to make your hair grow faster” will get solved finally 😛

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3. Stay Stress-free:

Do you know stress is also one of the main cause for hair fall? If you have any tension, then it is obvious that you will go through hair fall or you will see degradation in your hair growth.

stay stress free

So for making your hair grow faster than, you can try out meditations, exercised, relaxations, hangouts with friends and many others in order to manage the stress and avoid all the problems and complications in your life. You will see a big improvement in your hair quality and hair growth.

4. Flipping hairs upside down:

This is one of the most common tricks to grow your hair faster without using any costly chemicals in your hairs just for the purpose of growing long hair. Simply flip your hair upside down for at least 3-5 minutes, because flipping hairs upside down will improve the blood circulation of the body which will in result help in growing your hair faster.

flipping your hair upside down

5. Whip up an egg mask:

You’re how to make your hair grow faster question will surely get solved by this remedies. As every one of us knows that egg is rich in proteins. Since it is packed with Protein and contains iron, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and also selenium. So for best hair growth in the fastest ways, you can also use egg hair mask for at least once or twice in a week.

  • First of all, beat an egg and within it mix at least four tablespoons of grapes seed oil and also few drops of lavender oil.
  • Now apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it maximum for half an hour.
  • Finally, you can rinse your hair off with normal water using shampoo and conditioner.

OR you can follow this:

  • You can also follow the other options by simply just apply a mixture of two egg yolks and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil directly straight to your scalps.
  • Leave the mixture for at least fifteen to twenty minutes and rinse it off with cold water and shampoo your hairs nicely.

egg mask for hair

There are other alternatives ways to whip an egg mask:

  • with a container beat, an egg and upon it pour at least one cup of milk, half lemon juice, two tablespoons of extra olive oil.
  • Apply all the mixture direct on your scalp and leave it for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly before you rinse off the mixture.

The above solutions will not only help you on “how to make your hair grow faster?” but also it will help your hair to become smothering, shinier, and stronger with least hair falls. And also the remedies will prevent dandruff which causes hair falls. So no worries since the above remedies are helpful for the solutions of problems which you were searching for. The suggestions are completely safe and don’t cause any side effects.

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