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How To Make Pizza In Few Minutes

Pizza is a delicious food which comes with in many varieties in testes and looks. Do you know, there are different kinds of pizza dough, such like a deep fluffy dough base, crispy deep, thin base and many more types are there. Always a testy pizza source usually coated with crust pizza before the topped part is added.

Pizza is like plain bread, normally layered by cheese and tomato sauce and baked in an over. And also layered with vegetables, meats, and condiments.  The modern type of pizza is invented in Italy, Naples in 19th and 18th century respectively. After that intervention, the modern pizza becomes more and more popular in this world.


No one can say, from where and when pizza was originated, but first, the word pizza “Pizza” was appeared from a Latin text. In history, the ancient Greeks people are made this pizza, such like that pizza is covered their bread with cheese, herbs and with oil.

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More about Pizza You Need to Know:

After that Italian invention, the pizza was brought to the USA. Nowadays, pizza are is the most popular and must trying food in dinner and lunch in many places in this World. If you consider the particular USA, there are 30 Billion industries in each year. I am not saying that pizza is a non-healthy food. If you make pizza at the home, you can make it a delicious and healthy pizza which can be very helpful everyone. It is a common fast food in many countries like North America and Europe and also the USA.


Actually, pizza is used to be considered as a fast food dish. It comes with several flavors or in several dishes. I guess you have always ordered pizza from the market, but did you ever thought about making pizza in your home itself. Today I will guide you how to make pizza. So, follow my below steps:

  1. First of all, take a big Mixing Bowl/Bucket, which make you better to mixing that require things.
  2. In that Large bowl, mix flours with some salt as per your require.
  3. In the another side, take a small bowl, where mix together with the olive Oil, The yeast, 200-gram lukewarm tap water.
  4. After mixing all these things, pour it into the big mixing Bowl.
  5. After pouring mixed that mixer with your hand and let that mixture rest of 20 to 25 minute.
  6. If you create dough before do this, then let that Knead rested dough for 5 minutes.
  7. After that cut that dough into two(2) equal pieces, that makes look good when you make pizza. And then shape each into a ball shape. Then place on a floured surface and also covered with dampened cloth and let rest it in 4 to 5 hour at your room temperature or you can store it in Refrigerator for 10 to 30 hour.
  8. Now, to make a pizza for each ball, first use your own finger to stretch that dough ball, then shape it in a round or in square shape according to your own wish.

Now I will tell you at briefly about these steps:

Here below are some of the steps that you must follow if you are to make delicious pizza in your home. So here we go with the steps of making pizza at home.

1. Dough Storing:

We can store your dough in the refrigerator to rise up for few hours. Place that dough ball on a floured baking pan covered loosely with a clean and damp kitchen towel. If you see that it rises slowly, then store it for more time, around 7 to 10 hours. If pizza is store in the refrigerator from an ideal time, then it rises in a nice shape.


2. Shaping the Pizza:

  • For shaping a pizza, always use floured surface with your floured hand, then pat down that dough roll into a circle.
  • Using your finger, push down very gently around that perimeter of that piece and rotating that rolled dish and create a perfect edge.
  • Trying to make approximate 12 to 14 diameter in rolled shape that looks better.
  • If you do this rolled, then your pizza is ready to go in next.

shaping the pizza

3. Layering/Topping:

In the case of topping to pizza, you can use many foods like Cheese, Vegetables/Fruits, Sauce and also Meats. There is no need to cook that pizza sauce so that you can use it with cooking.


You can you a food mixing which makes a combine of drained tomatoes with a splash of oil, a can of whole and a sprinkle of salt. Spread that sauce out on the round dough dish. Don’t use so much sauce that makes your dish uneatable.

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4. Pizza cooking:

cooking pizza

  • Baking in Oven- Before entering to the oven, you need to pizza holder like Metal Surface, in a sheet pan.
  • After entering into the oven, you need to set your oven to the maximum point of temperature level.
  • When you are ready to cook Pizza, carefully place that dish on a lightly floured pizza peel. Shake that peel and make sure that pizza can move freely.
  • During cooking , use little oil on that dish and place it in the oven until it makes a golden brown color and bubbling.

5. Frying that dish on StoveTop:

It is very easy process to cook a pizza on top of stove is very easy way. First heat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat and film that one with required  olive oil. Then Take 1 half of ball of rise dough and press it like that it make a circle shape.

frying pizza

When you pour olive oil and fry it, then it makes brown color. After cooking that Pizza now, your pizza is ready for the next step.

6. Grilling:

Grilling is the main and must need step to make a pizza. To cook a pizza on a grill, you always need to some specific planes like- at first you need to cook one side of the pizza properly before turning it over to the another side and topping it. Take your time to assemble all these processes. After doing all these processes, now topped with your desire things and place the lid on the grill for 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese is melted.

grilling pizza

After completing all these processes, your delicious pizza will be in front of you. So this is all the steps that you need to follow for how to make pizza on your home and have the delicious handmade pizza with your mate or families. I know by now you became an expert in making pizzas at home. Share this content with your mate too in your timeline so that even your mate become Pizza expert.

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