How To Make an Poached Egg?

how to make an poached egg

A poach egg is generally prepared by the process called poaching or simmering. There are different kinds of a process for making a poached egg. Some people cooked or prepared this poached egg with the help of vinegar whereas some people prepare this without using vinegar. The difference is that by using vinegar it becomes much easier and it will give you a perfect poached egg.

A poached egg is also considered as one of the best healthiest breakfast as it is prepared by boiling or steaming. Millions of people prefer this poached egg as their breakfast. It is much better to have egg by process of simmering or poaching rather than having egg by frying it or baking it.


This is because if you have poached egg you will get enough vitamins and proteins which will make your health stronger and tougher whereas if you have eggs by baking or frying it, you will not get those vitamins or minerals, and it will also increase your fats and cholesterol which will make your body very weak, later on, it might lead to dangerous disease.

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How to poach an egg?

Now I am going to mention some of the points for making a poached egg. So, you just need to follow the steps and remember the points, if you don’t know how to make a poached egg.

1. First of all, make sure that your eggs are actually fresh. If your eggs are not fresh than no matter what you will not get the perfect poached egg.

2. Secondly, you have to add a small drop of vinegar into a pan which consists of water.

3. In the next step, you have to boil or steam that water which you have added into a pan.

4. Make sure that you must boil the water steadily.

5. Then, you have to crack your egg and keep it into a bowl or cup.

6. Next step is you have to make a gentle vortex into the water to help the white egg to enfold around the yolk.

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7. Slowly and steadily you have to put the egg into the water and do remember that the white one should be first.

8. Keep it as it is for three minutes.

9. After that take out the poached egg from the pan and keep it in a plate gently.

10. If you want to make your poach egg more perfect, then cut off the frothy edges using a scissor or with the help of using the edge of the spoon.

11. Finally, your poached egg is ready, and you can enjoy your delicious poached egg.

Important points to remember:


  • Make sure that your egg is really fresh.
  • If you add too much of vinegar than the taste of your poached egg will become very bad.
  • Make sure that you are boiling the water steadily.
  • You have to put your egg into a pan very gently or else your poached egg will not become perfect.

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Benefits of having Poached egg:

  1. It is the healthiest way to cook an egg.
  2. It is also considered as the best healthiest breakfast by 90% of the people and also by the doctors.
  3. A large poached egg can provide you more than 6 grams of high-quality proteins, 4.7 grams of unsaturated fats and also high amounts of vitamin D which will make your body very healthy.
  4. It also provides us a nutritional advantage as this poached eggs makes an egg into lesser fat as compared to scrambled or fried eggs.
  5. It also helps to decrease the toxins as the poached eggs are cooked by boiling the water.
  6. Having poached eggs also helps to prevent fats in an egg yolk which can reduce the oxidation.

poached egg brekfast

Here I have shared everything about making a poach egg like what you will need and which process to follow. In the above paragraphs, I have also given the benefits of having a poached egg daily, so I hope by now after reading this all you will have poached egg every day in your breakfast. Share this on your personal timeline if you have found out interesting and helpful.

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