How to Look Beautiful in 10 Minutes

get beauty in 10 minutes

Looking beautiful builds confidence, courage and makes everyone happy. It is what every woman of this world want. They even agree to sacrifice sitting long hours in the parlor or in front of the mirror to look beautiful. In fact, it has now become a must for every woman to look beautiful.

There are many ways you can try to add more charm to your natural beauty. Many people go for heavy makeups and many cosmetic creams to look perfect and beautiful. But those heavy make ups takes a long time, and the creams and other cosmetic products will show up its result only after a week or so.


In this busy world, you need to cope up with the time and also look beautiful and bold. In order to achieve both, you have to know some of the ways to look beautiful in a short while.

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Today, I bring you the simple way or steps to look beautiful in just 10 minutes. I hope you will surely like to see through.

Simple methods to look beautiful in 10 minutes:

#Method 1: Look beautiful when you wake up late

1. Take a shower

Waking up late is not what you want, but there are times when you woke up late and start rushing to reach your workplace on time. If you have an important meeting in the office, you just can’t go with a sleepy face. You need to be fresh and look completely beautiful for such occasions.

take shower

When you have only 10 minutes in your hand to get ready, you just can not think of having a shower, but you surely can go for a fake bath. Washing face quickly and wiping the body with baby wipes which have a sweet odor and covering the body with lotion will act well. Quick apply of moisturizer in hands, and a little spray of deodorant will make you feel better.You will look fresh and beautiful, completely ready for any meetings.

2. Get Dressed

Choosing a dress to wear when you are in a hurry should not be time taking. Just pick a simple dress which is stylish and flattering and is easy to get into. Dresses are probably one you should choose at that time because you do not need to think of the matching tops or bottom. Quickly add an accessory and make it look a perfect outfit for yourself.

well dressed

3. Do your hair

Since you are already late, do not go for curling or straightening your hair. You can simply roll your hair into a bun. You can put your hair into a high ponytail and roll the hair to form a bun using bobby pins to get the bun in place. You can quickly apply a texturizing cream to add volume to your hair before tying the knot.

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do your hair

4. Do one minute make up

You can quickly run your color stick to the eyelids, lips, and the cheekbones and blend it to get a fresh rosy look. Use mascara, if your eyes have pale eyelashes. This will take you no less than a minute, and you can give a proper makeover to your face as quick as possible to catch up your time.

make up

#Method 2: Looking Beautiful When You are Lazy

1. Skip the makeup and apply bronzer instead

Get a bronzer from your makeup store, pick the correct color. Get just the correct color of your skin tone. Use a brush to apply bronzer to your cheekbones, hairline and side of your nose. Do not go for heavy bronzer; it can spoil your look. A faint brush of bronzer on your cheek will give you a fresh look.

apply bronzer

2. Line your lower eyelid with a nude pencil

Use a nude pencil eyeliner and run it through your eyelid. Keep the lines thin by applying the less pressure to the tip of the pencil. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can run a thick line by the eyeliner in the lower eyelid. Blending the line you have drawn carefully will give you the perfect eyes.

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line your eye lid

3. Front load your evening routine

To prevent getting late the next day, you can start getting ready by the night itself. Apply a moisturizer mask before to sleep. Keep aside all the things you will need on the bedside table. Now, when you get up, you don’t need to search for those things. Your face will already be fresh when you wash off the mask, thereby making you look beautiful and fresh in no time. You can also keep your hair ready, cleaned and braid before sleeping to get beautiful waves in the morning.

front load in the evening

These are the way you can opt for when you want to look beautiful in no time. Those simple steps mentioned above are quick and easy to follow. So, whenever you are late, or you feel lazy, you can try this way out. You are beautiful and you ought to remain beautiful either in a hurry or even when lazy. You should be able to look beautiful in any kind of situation you come across. I hope the steps given above will help you a lot.

I have mentioned ways to look beautiful for those rushing women and also for those women in relaxation. I hope you like my article, and also hope you will share this with your friends and relatives. I will be glad to have some of your suggestions and comments below, and I will surely consider them as a point of improvement in my next article.

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