How To Get Thick Hair Fast And Natural Remedies

How To Get Thick Hair Fast And Natural Remedies

Hairs are always the important part of your fashion and outfit. If your hair design is not matching with your outfit, you are not going to be the center of attraction. And the most needed thing you need to have to make a good style hair is thick hairs. Now how to get thick hair? There are many remedies that you can use to get thick hair without facing any skin issues. These treatments will increase the hair hormone and will help in hair growth with a good rate.

So if you are also having thin hair then you try out these remedies that we are going to list out here. So for how to get the thick hair you simply need to follow this remedy. Let’s have a look at a remedy for how to get thicker hair overnight and how to get thick hair without using chemical products on your hair and scalp.

Remedies for how to get thick hair:

Method 1: Making some changes in your Lifestyle

Changing lifestyle is very much important for changing your hair, as you will also change the foods and way of style. So let’s check out how to change the lifestyle to make changes on your hair.

1. Consuming healthy foods: While consuming food you need to be very careful, you shall not consume many oily foods. But you should consume foods that contain lots of Vitamin B and iron in it and there are many reasons for this. Vitamin B is a very good vitamin for hair, as it will hold up the hair fall and also keep your hair thick and shiny

healthy foods

Not only this, the high content of iron will also help your hair growth at a good rate. All these minerals are found in vegetables, fruits, rice and much more. So you can try out the diet changes on your everyday diet plan and it will surely change the thickness of your hair. If you are also looking for how to make thicker hair vitamin then this process is the best you can follow.

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2. Avoid using chemicals and pollution: Protecting your hair from chemicals and pollution is very much important because these things can damage your hair very badly. You must make sure to cover your hair when you are outside your house as it will keep your hair out from the dirty pollution.

Not only this, also make sure you put a hair mask while you go to the swimming pool as the water is cleared using some harmful chemicals for your hair. So you must keep your hair protected everywhere from chemicals and pollution for how to get thick hair.

cover your hair from pollution

3. Taking less stress on work: Taking less stress is always helpful for both your hair and health. If you can get rid of any kind of stress from your daily life, then it is always good to get rid of stress as it will result in less hair loss. If it is impossible to get rid of stress then you must try hard to lower the stress to keep your self-healthy and get rid of hair loss.

4. Massaging hair: Massaging your scalp and hair with your fingertips every night is very much helpful for hair growth. As the massage increases the blood circulation n your scalp which will in result increase the hair growth rate.

how to get thicker hair overnight

Method 2: Caring for your hair

1. Picking a good shampoo: While picking shampoo, hair cream or conditioner for your hair you must be very picky for how to get thick hair. You should not simply choose a random shampoo or other hair care products which contain a high amount of hair damage chemicals. The best thing you can do is suggest with your personal doctor, because some of the chemicals may harm or may not harm you. Like if you are having different dedicated serum for frizzy hair.

2. Not to wash your hair every day:  Washing your hair every day just for cleaning may also cause worst damage to your hair & scalp. As everyday washing your hair will even wash away the layer that is created by your scalp to protect the root of your hair from pollution & damages. So washing your hair daily will even wash away the layer which is very good for your hairs, as it keeps them protected. This is also the best remedy for how to get thicker hair overnight.

not to wash your hair daily

3. Not to be rough with your hair: While combing your hair you need to be soft and comb with the wide side of the comb. Not only while combing your hair, but also you must be kind while getting rid of the knot. You simply should not be rough and just pull the tangles, but you should be gentle and try to remove it manually. The best part is that you will need to avoid different types of hairstyles, as you will need to use lots of foreign materials. If you don’t want to take risk of more hair loss then, you must follow this step.

how to get thicker hair for men

4. Use oil after a bath: Oil is very much essential for your hair thickness and growth. According to research, it is said that the hair gets more thickened when it is massaged regularly with essential oil after every hair wash. So if you are also looking for how to get thick hair, then you can simply do oil massage to your hair after every wash and get a positive result.

hair oil massage

5. Cutting hair: Cutting your hair at the right moment is very much needed. Regularly cutting your hair and maintaining it also shows a good result in having thick hair. As cutting the dead end of the hair regularly gives your hair a new life to grow more thick and strong. So you will always see that bob haircut always looks thicker and stronger than the normal long messy hair.
how to get thicker hair

6. Not changing color: You should not change your hair color every time and instead let your hair grow with its natural color. As hair color contains lots of chemical equations in it which can seriously destroy your hair thickness and also your scalp.

So this is all about the caring your hair stuffs to get thick hairs. Taking care of your hair is very much important because it is the main key with which you can hair thick and healthy. Now let’s have a look at some of the natural remedy that you can also use on your hair.

Natural remedy to get thick hairs:

Here below are some of the natural ways for how to get thick hair home remedies. All the remedies that are listed here are very good for every type of hair let it be straight or curly hair. With all those care for your hair, you can also try out this remedies to get more instant results on your hair.

1. Avocado remedy: Using of Avocado on your hair by preparing hair mask is also very profitable for both your hair and for your skin. The Vitamin E of the Avocado fruit is very helpful for thick hair and also for your healthy skin. For applying Avocado you will need to first make a hair mask for your hair and for preparing the avocado hair mask you will need many ingredients.

how to get thicker hair home remedies

For making avocado hair mask, first of all, you will need to smash the avocado properly and the smash ripe banana and one spoon of oil. After getting all this ingredient ready on a bowl blend it well with the blending machine. Now after blending it well massage your hair and scalp with the mixture, after massaging it rinse it after 30 minutes with warm water. So this is all about the mixture and the avocado remedy that you can try on your home for how to get thick hair. But you must make sure that you must try out this remedy at least once in a week.

2. Gooseberry remedies: For maintaining a healthy scalp and good rate of hair growth, Indian gooseberry. It has lots of minerals which will keep your scalp away from bacteria, germs and much more. For doing this remedy you will need to follow a certain procedure.

First, you will need to take a bowl and filled it up with two teaspoons of coconut oil and add Indian Gooseberry powder in it and stir it well. After stirring the mixture, boil the mixture for some few minutes to make sure that everything is mixed properly. After few minutes drop it on your head and start massaging with your fingertips properly. Make sure you do this remedy at night so that you can keep your hair whole night and wash it in the morning with your daily use shampoo. You can try this remedy this atleast once in every two weeks for a better result in hair growth and good scalp.

Indian Gooseberry remedies for hair

If you don’t want to use this typical remedy then you can also include Amla fruit on your daily diet plan to keep both your skin and hair healthy and strong.

3. Fenugreek Seeds: When it comes to hair loss and hair thickness the Fenugreek seeds are one of the best remedies that you can use on your hair. For applying this remedy on your hair you will need to soak a good amount of seeds to cover your hair for something 8 – 10 hours. Now blend the soaked seeds properly to make a paste out of it, also if you want to make it more perfect taste you can add extra coconut oil to the paste.

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Now apply the paste on your hair and leave it for half an hour and then wash it with the warm water and wash it properly. Apply this remedy once in a week to get rid of hair loss and increase hair growth rate.

fenugreek remedies for hair

These are all the best remedy and procedure that you can follow for how to get thick hair for men and women. All of these remedies are tested properly by our experts, which means you can easily follow this blindly on your hair. But make sure that you follow the given procedure properly as stated on the content to get a positive result for how to get thicker hair overnight. So if you are also one of those having huge problems with hair in styling and fashion. Comment down below if you are having any more thoughts about our remedy for getting thicker hair and subscribe to know more facts about fashion and lifestyle.

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