Home Remedies For How To Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose

Home Remedies For How To Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose is really irritating and especially when you are at a special meeting. It is really very uncomfortable to be in front of special ones with the stuffy nose. This is the moment when it is very much important for you to know how to get rid of stuffy nose. There are many remedies that you can follow to get rid of the stuffy nose as soon as possible so that you can be comfortable. As it is very difficult to breathe through the mouth instead of your nose in front of your loved ones.

get rid of stuffy nose

Even though there are other many places where you can find lots of remedies for how to get rid of stuffy nose, but here in this content, you will be knowing about the fastest remedy to get rid of stuffy nose. The remedy that we have mentioned here are specially tested by the experts and we are very much sure that you will be getting a positive result. So let’s have a look at the fastest remedy for how to get rid of a stuffy nose that you can try out if you want to get rid of blocked nose.

Remedies for how to get rid of Stuffy nose:

There are many remedies that you can follow for how to get rid of blocked nose in bed. As there are many remedies here we have divided the remedy into different parts, so that you will find it easy to inhabit it on you for getting rid of irritating blocked nose. So let’s finally have a look at the list of fast remedies to cure stuffy nose.

Making some changes in Lifestyle:

It sounds unrealistic, but we are very sure that making some slight changes in your lifestyle like sleeping style, eating style etc. can also change the block nose problem.

1. Change in sleeping style: Making changes in sleeping style is very important to cure stuffy nose. Sleeping on one side everytime may block one side of the nasal passage which will be more worst than both side nasal blockage. So while sleeping you must try to sleep on your back with two pillows below your head other than sleeping sideways and try to take breathe from the nose. This practice will at least relief you when you are in the bed, and it will also cure the blockage soon.

sleeping differently

2. No dairy products:  Now you may think that having hot milk or other dairy product while having blocked nose will give you relief. But you are wrong, you must not drink or eat and dairy products while you are having nose irritation, as it may irritate you more. Many have faced more irritation on consuming dairy product while congestion, so even though it doesn’t have any negative effect on health, but you must keep it avoided as much as you can.

3. Drink lots of fluid: If you want to get rid of a blocked nose as soon as possible, you must practice drinking lots of fluid the whole day. Drinking lots of fluid will help in making the mucus of the nose thin which in result will help you get rid of stuffy nose irritation. Practice drinking lots of water, hot tea, juices etc. while you are going through nose congestion. So this is also one of the best ways to how to get rid of stuffy nose.

drinking water

4. keeping your surrounding clean: Most of the time nose congestion occurs because of the seasonal allergy or because of the allergy that comes from dust. So you must keep your surrounding clean and dust free and especially try to clean your car and home with a vacuum cleaner, as it cleans more germs and bacteria around you. Also, make sure that you carry allergy medicine with you always where ever you go. Not only nose irritation, it will also cure the skin redness, as it is also caused because of the allergy.

 Fast relief remedies for Nose blockage:

1. Inhaling steam: This is one of the most popular remedies that everyone follows when nose blocked problem. While inhaling the steam it clears the blockage of the nose and also lubricates the passage to breathe in a comfort. So you can also follow this remedy when you are having a stuffy nose for instant relief.  For preparing this remedy, you will need to fill a big bowl with water and add salt, essential oil and then boil the water for some 30 minutes. Now take the bowl filled with hot water and then cover your head with a towel and then inhale and exhale the hot fumes from your nose.

inhaling steam to get rid of stuffy nose

2. Ginger:  Ginger is very good for nose blockage problem. Consuming ginger while having stuffy nose is very good and you will also get instant relief from the irritation. Ginger will maintain the normal nasal passage and will control the sinus level on your nasal passage. For taking the ginger remedy, you can take hot ginger tea for instant reaction, also if you want you can chew salted ginger pieces. You should make sure that you chew ginger every day until you see a result and get some relief.

3. Consuming turmeric: Turmeric is again the best antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, so you can consume turmeric when irritation because of your blocked nose. This is the also one of the best remedies for how to get rid of stuffy nose. Turmeric is the best remedies because it heals the swelling and also cures the irritation, so let’s have a look at how to use this remedy.

consume turmeric

To consume turmeric when nose blockage, first you will need to boil a full glass of milk and then add few tablespoon of turmeric. Boil the mixture of milk and turmeric for some few minutes and then add some few drops of honey in it. Now drink the milk, but you should make sure that you drink the milk mixture at least twice a day to cure blocked nose. Also if you don’t want to drink milk then you can also drink turmeric juice by mixing honey and lemon juices in them. Just the coconut oil benefits the turmeric works perfectly for treating your stuffed nose.

4.  Using Apple Cider Vinegar: Consuming apple cider vinegar will also very good for curing nose blockage. There are many ways to consume apple cider vinegar to reduce the stuffy of your nose, but here is the effective ay way to consume the Apple cider vinegar. Take a raw apple cider vinegar and pour two spoons of it in an empty glass, now add hot water and raw honey in the glass and mix it well. Now drink the mixture and you must consume this remedy for at least 3 times a day for some few days. We are very sure that it will cure the congestion of your nose.

Try some fast solution:

1. Using solution on the nasal passage: Cleaning the nasal passage will surely help you from irritation immediately. To make the saline solution you will need to take a cup of water, 2 and a half teaspoon of salt, add few baking soda and then blend the mixture well until everything gets mixed properly. Now after preparing the mixture, take it in a rubber syringe. Tilt your head down or lie in the bed and then slowly drop the mixture on the nose, and if the mixture goes to your throat you can spit it out. Repeat the process on both the nasal passage.

2. Washing the nostrils: Washing nostrils is another fast remedy for how to get rid of stuffy nose. For washing your nasal cavity or the nostrils you will need to prepare a saline solution for your self and push it on your nose using the neti pot. To make saline water take a bowl full of sterilized water and add some salt in it, mix it well and then fill the neti pot with the saline solution. Now push the saline solution from one side of the nostrils and it will exit from the other side of the nostrils. In this process, if the solution goes into your throat simply spit it out. Now you will need to do this procedure repeatedly on both sides of the nostrils.

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3. Using a humidifier at home: Humidifier keeps the room moist and warm, this warm moist is very much helpful to get rid of nose irritation. The warm moist actually flush the nose and clear all the blockage. So you can simply use room humidifier at your home, but you should also make sure that the humidifier is cleaned with sterilized water. If you are having kids and want to prevent from burn then you can also use cool water humidifier instead of using the warm water.

humidifier to get rid of blocked nose

So these are some of the remedies for how to get rid of stuffy nose, all of the remedies that we have given here are having tested by experts. But before doing any of the remedies, you should make sure that you follow the correct steps. Simply follow the remedies that we have stated above and get rid of the blocked nose on the go. This was all about the procedure to prevent blocked nose, if you want to get some more remedies then keep yourself subscribed to our website.

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