How To Get Rid Of Rats? Simple and Easy Steps

How to get rid of rats? This is a very difficult question because catching rats are like flying in the sky without wings. Rats are those irritating creatures that can damage many of your household things without being welcomed.

Rats are one of the most troublesome and unwanted pieces of rodents who loiters around our house, and Rats also carry many diseases along with them.

They enter our house through pipelines, basement, kitchen cabinet and attics for food and shelter and turn your house upside down. Although you keep your surroundings clean, these rats find their way to enter your houses, and they make such noise which makes you irritated.


Mostly there are two types of rats: Norway rats and the Roof rats. The Norway rats are found in the lower elevations where ever people live, and Roof rats are found in upper ceilings, top floors of your buildings, attics, etc.

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If you are fed up of the damages made by these rodents, then kill them or try finding out remedies “how to get rid of rats.” Below I have mentioned some of the best remedies that can answer your question “how to get rid of rats?”

Types of Rats and How to Get Rid of Rats:

1. Norway Rats: It is one of the most common rats and found in the areas of U.S.A. They are larger in size than the other rats. Their body length is around 6-9 inches, and they have small eyes, ears are also small with a flat nose. Tails of Norway rats are shorter than the Roof Rats.

When I see rats I get goosebumps, they are present everywhere near your surroundings or inside your house. These Rats prefer to gnaw even in the electric wire which causes severe damage.

Norway rats

Usually, Norway rats leave a mark by dragging their tails between their feet. If you speak about their diet, they normally prefer carbohydrates and proteins mostly from the household garbage. This rat kills and eats different types of insects like lizards, so and so. They also require water for their survival. They can get water from drainage, pipelines, toilets, etc.

2. Roof Rats: The Roof Rats are dark in color and lengths up to35-40 cm. They have large ears, and they are mostly hairless. They have a pointed nose with large ears and eyes. Their body is smaller, and fur is smoother than the Norway Rats.

As the name suggests they are often found in upper parts like roofs, ceilings, walls, trees and they are excellent climbers. They prefer to eat anything available in the house but mostly feed on fruits and nuts.

roof rats

Roof rats can transmit various diseases to humans when bitten by them. Originally these roof rats are from Asia and later spread to worldwide. They also cause significant damages to electric appliances with their sharp bites.

If you keep your quilts and blankets for several months in a wardrobe and if there is a small hole to peep inside a wardrobe then these rats will bite all your quilts and left with you nothing.

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How to get rid of rats?

Imagine you are lying in bed, and you suddenly hear the pitter patter sound in the roofs or in the corners which is annoying you. You wished to kill it or throw them away, but you don’t know how to get rid of them. Let me help you out, here are some of the best remedies for how to get rid of rats.

1. The first step to getting rid of rats is by Trapping:

Rats are many in numbers, and it is not possible to kill all the rats, but at least you can reduce their populations by trapping. For those who don’t want to keep Rodenticides at home, you can use the method of trapping.

rat trap cage

Rat traps can be easy and inexpensive in the market. The traps are relatively cheap and can be placed for long periods.

2. Rodent Bait:

When the rats cannot be controlled by trapping you can use Rodenticides, poison baits for the rats. You can keep these baits in the areas where children cannot be reached. Before placing bait, you must read and follow the instructions given.

rodent bait

3. Glue boards:

Glue boards are sticky board with glue on top. These glue boards have some kind of attraction to attract the rats in the middle of the board, and they get stuck, and the rodent experiences a slow death. These glue boards are not much effective for the big rats but much better for the mice.

glue board

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Home remedies for How to get rid of rats:

1. Rats are not much familiar to sound. A loud sound box will make them runaway as sound not only hurts them but also make their ears bleed

2. The smell of onions is also a very effective remedy to get rid of rats. You can slice the onion and keep in the corner or in the holes where rats pass by.

onion slice for rat

3. Mothballs can drive the rats away. Just place a few mothballs in the roofs or in the wardrobe, you will not find any sign of rats

4. Rats also can’t bear human’s hair. What you can do is take a few strands of human hair and keep it in the places where rats visit the most. Automatically after eating the hair, rats will die.

5. You can also mix a spoon of detergent along with water and 2 cups of ammonia. Place it in a bowl where the rats visit. You will see the results as rats cannot bear the smell of ammonia.

6. Castor oil can also be used to prevent rats as they cannot bear the pungent smell of the oil. Just take a cotton ball and dip it in the oil and place them in the rat’s area.

castor oil

7. Cow dung is also one of the best remedies to turn away rats. All you have to do is place cow dung in the garden or in the attic. When the rats eat the cow dung, it will cause inflammation in their stomach and will die automatically.

8. Last but not the least cats also play a vital role to get rid of rats. Cats are born to kill rats. So if all these above methods do not work well then, you get an Eco-friendly cat.


9. The best method to get rid of rats is inclusion, sanitation, and exclusion.

How to Prevent from Rats?

1. Always keep the basement or attic clean

2. Cover your garbage lid properly

3. Clean all the leftover food

4. Keep the food covered properly

5. Clean and mop your house with disinfectant solution frequentlyhow to get rid of rats

However, taking proper care of your house is the best way to get rid of rats. If not taken proper care these Rats will destroy your household things and turn upside down. In this article, I have mentioned here the best prevention method for how to get rid of rats. I hope this will solve your problems and if you are still difficult to understand then feel free to comment.

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