How to get rid of Hiccups


Hiccups (also known as Hiccoughs) may come at the most inconvenient times, right after you just finished your dinner or you are in public places or on the bed while you are going to sleep. Doctors say some discomfort actions can cause it, like coughing, swallowing air excessively, laughing, opiate drug use, carbonated beverages, dry bread, alcohol, and spicy foods and sometimes by an intense emotion such as fear, joy, excitement, etc.

ow to get rid of hiccups

Hiccups can be very chronic and sometimes you might feel the unexpected pain to the throat, chest and shoulder. It is very bothersome and to the public places which are very irritating. It is seen bothering amount of the people in public as well as the children’s.

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You might want to get rid of Hiccups before the doctor arrives or are you having a problem in finding any health care center in nearer places? Here are some best ways to get rid of Hiccups you should try.

How to get rid of Hiccups:

Here below you will get to know many ways to get rid of hiccups in different places. So if you want to get rid of this hiccups just go through the points clearly.

For public places:

  • Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds, then breathe it out gently. And then do it again several times. This will fill your lungs with carbon dioxide and relaxes your diaphragm. It is the best breathing solution for Hiccups.
  • Buy a bottle of cold water from the nearer shop immediately and drink the entire bottle of water with a straw. While drinking stick your fingers in your both ears. It will increase the Carbon dioxide level in your blood which will help you to avoid Hiccup quicker.
  • Here is another breathing solution for hiccups. This may look odd in public places, so you got to run out of sight and pull your tongue and stick it outside for a moment and breathe smoothly. This may benefit you to get rid of Hiccups. This may not work often.
  • To avoid Hiccup in public, rush in any place surrounding walls or go to an open place or find any non-crowded place where you can close up your mouth and nose with your hands, and breathe on a regular basis. It will always benefit you to get rid of Hiccups breathing an extra dose of Carbon dioxide.

For Indoor Places:

  • While you are in home sugar must be there in your kitchen. Take a spoon full of sugar and swallow it all by once, and when it melts take a sip of water. This will cover your throat all together, and a sip of water will help to push the sugar down. If it doesn’t help by once, try it several times. You must try this; it will help you to avoid Hiccups. And if you don’t like or can’t find the sugar, you can apply Pickle juice or honey in place of sugar.
  • If you are at a home, relaxation will come up with a better solution for your Hiccups. Go to your bedroom and lie on your bed with your chest down, take a deep breath and hold it for few seconds and then release it gently. Do it 10 or 20 times. It will relax your body and mind.
  • Sometimes sexual intercourse helps to prevent Hiccups. If you have your partner beside you, you can try this. Or a long, passionate kiss will work to get rid of your Hiccups. Try this.
  • Get down on your knees and hug it tightly for a few minutes covering your chest. If it doesn’t work for the first time, try it again.

For kids:

Like the elders or aged one, Hiccups bother the Kids too. It is quite justified that parents get worried about their babies/kids if they get a Hiccups problem. So here are some activities for parents to avoid Hiccups problem of their children.

  • If your children get Hiccup, rub or pat gently of your babies back. Make your child relaxed and don’t slap or hit your child in this area with force.
  • Offer them an ice cream. It will distract their minds and swallow the ice cream with satisfaction. It will calm your baby’s diaphragm and stop their Hiccups automatically. Make sure your child sit on a place and stay steady. So, give them an ice cream to enjoy.
  • Feed your baby gripe water. It will help to avoid your child’s from Hiccups. The most important thing is when it comes to your kids you should take doctor’s advice.

These are the methods I have given you to my article. You can follow and try these techniques on your own. This will help you to get rid of Hiccups. Try this, and if you like or dislike any particular point of this information’s or having any doubt, please comment in the box bellow. Keep visiting our site.

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