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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies | Easy Home Remedies

Irritating flies are attracted to fruits and it damages all the fruits from home. Fruit flies can be found mostly in the kitchens where fruits and vegetables are stored. It is also found in rotten fruits or fresh fruits. So it is very important to keep your sanitation, garbage cans and recycle bins always clean because these are the main ways for how to get rid of fruit flies.

how to get rid of flies

Fruit flies can survive only in the decaying organic matter which means moist places. It is very important to remove any rotten stuff such as foods, vegetables, fruits, etc. because where ever this flies sit; they lay eggs there and if by mistakenly if you consume it will cause different kinds of disease inside your body. So it is very important to eliminate fruit flies breeding areas and stay away from these harmful flies and also know the easy home remedies for how to get rid of fruit flies.

So in this post, I will share with you some of the best effective ways which can help you in how to get rid of fruit flies.

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Top 5 effective ways for how to get rid of fruit flies:

There are many ways which can help you to trap fruit flies and get rid of fruit flies, but here I am going to provide you only the simple ways.

1. Trap Fruit Flies with Apple Cider Vinegar:

As you know fruit flies will not be able to resist the smell of fruits, so these fruit flies would definitely come for drinking the juice of apple cider vinegar as it is made from fermented apples. So you can make a trap for capturing fruit flies at your home very easily just like the picture given below.

trap fruit flies with apple cider vinegar

Procedure for making trap:

In order to make a trap, you will need a jar, funnel, half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, a drop of dish soap and a piece of ripening fruit. So first of all, you need to heat a half cup of Apple cider vinegar and pour it into a jar. The main function of dish soap is that it will break the surface tension of the liquid, so when the fruit flies will try to fly away when they are done.

Now make a funnel using paper and put it in the mouth of the jar. The fruit flies will go inside the jar through the funnel in order to drink the juice, and the flies will not find any way to come out as the funnel mouth will be narrow inside the bottle just like the picture given above. You can use the same content for further use by keeping it inside the refrigerator, and it will be easy for how to get rid of fruit flies.

2. Fruit Jar type trap:

Fruit flies likes fruit very much, and you can find the main source of fruit flies in the fruit itself. So this method is the best way to prevent fruit flies without any need of effort, so follow the given procedure which is given below.

fruit jar trap for fruit flies

Procedure for making trap:

First, of all, you will need a glass jar, a toothpick, plastic wrap, soapy water and ripen fruits. Make some pieces of ripening fruits and place it inside the jar. Now you need to poke holes in the wrap with the help of toothpick and keep this set up where you notice fruit flies seem to come from.

Now wait for some time, you will see that all the fruit flies will come and enter inside the jar in order to suck the juice of the rotten fruits. As soon as they enter inside the jar, dip it inside a bucket of warm soapy water and keep it for few minutes. Repeat this process again and again; you will sure get rid of fruit flies.

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3. Trap Fruit flies using Red wine:

This is also a very good technique for trapping fruit flies. You just need to use red wine vinegar and warm soapy water for trapping flies using this method. Just follow the simple steps that is stated below.

Procedure for making trap:

The process of the trap is very simple. Firstly, you need to get red wine vinegar (just a small pinch) and pour it at the bottle, keep in mind that the bottle should be kept vertically straight. Now wrap with plastic on the mouth of a bottle and make a hole with some pointed stuff.

After some time you will notice that the fruit flies will enter inside the bottle as they can’t resist the smell of red wine, after that they will not find a way to get out from the bottle. Now insert the bottle inside a bucket which contains warm soapy water, and they will dead finally.

4. Tried & True Trap technique:

This technique has been used since 1850 in New England and this recipe initially came out from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. In the early 18th century, there are not so much of pesticides or insecticides available for killing flies or any insects. So they came out with this method which can be made easily at home in order to prevent fruit flies.

fruit flies


First of all, you will need a small amount of milk, a small pinch of sugar, 2 ounces of ground pepper and medium size pan. Now you have to mix all the ingredients in a pan and heat it for around 7 to 10 minutes. Now pour the mixture into a shallow dish and keep it where you notice fruit flies. Now the fruit flies will come to drink it, and when they land, they will get drawn inside the mixture.

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5. Fruit fly spray:

This technique will not kill fruit flies fully, bet it will surely suffocate them and it can keep your fruits or vegetables from fruit flies. In order to come up with this recipe, you will need Lemongrass oil, hot water, and a spray bottle.


You just need to put 11 to 12 drops of Lemongrass essential oil inside a spray bottle. Now add a small amount of hot water and mix it properly. Now spray the mixture at the corners of your room, the fruit flies will not be able to come inside your house for sure.

spray for how to get rid of fruit flies

The recipes which I have mentioned above are the best effective ways which can help you get rid of fruit flies, and also all these methods of how to get rid of fruit flies can be made at your home very easily. You don’t have to spend extra money on this. So if you are having so much of problem with fruit flies, then you should definitely try out any of these methods to prevent fruit flies which I have mentioned above.

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