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How To Cook Rice | Easy Steps to Cook Delicious Rice

Cooking rice is one part of the basic lesson that we all learn in the kitchen. It is all straight forward method of cooking, You may feel difficult if you are a newbie learning to cook rice.

Sometimes it may be so confusing to you questioning yourself, how to cook rice for a dinner tonite. Well, I will share you some of the tips and guidance to cook rice for yourselves at home.

how to cook rice

It is not necessary that you need to be a good cook, just start cooking rice on your stove and you can learn better from there.

Guide on how to cook rice:

It is all very simple to cook rice, once you learn to measures the water requirement there is no doubt that cooking rice is so easy on the earth.

Ingredients for cooking tasty rice:

To make rice tastier you will need some of the few ingredients at home before you start cooking.

  • Get one cup of medium size and fill it with long rice or white, brown etc.
  • Then add them with two cups of water.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt into it.
  • One tablespoon of butter or oil , that will be optional if you think it is up to you requirement.

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Equipment and steps to cook rice:

  • For cooking rice you don’t need much equipment, all you need is jus find a cooker with a lid on it.
  1. Rines rice properly: Never forget to rinse your rice before cooking, because we certainly find lots of dust particles and sand most probably on the surface of the rice. That is not so necessary but it can obviously protect us from many diseases.

cook rice

2. Rice and water should be measured: This is the main reason why people fail to cook rice, that is all because they don’t exactly know the measurement of both water and rice ratio. Most of the rice will require 1:2 ratio as one cup of rice is equal to two cups of water. Alway remember to measure rice in per person and scale it as per the requirements.

But some rice requires lots of water to be cooked, in that case, you will need to read the instruction given on the packaging before cooking rice.

3. Let the water boil: First let you boil the water in a small saucepan, as it gets boil get the bigger pan and pour into it because the rice expands when it get diluted with hot water. Therefore, you will need to accommodate into a bigger pan and mix hot water with uncooked rice to make it boiled rice.

4.Cover your lid: Always keep in mind that you keep the lid cover while cooking rice with low flame. This will let your rice properly cooked, if you don’t close the lid it may affect your cooking time eventually.

cook rice

5. Tender rice: Keep checking your rice after 18 to 20 minute if you are cooking white rice and basically 30 minutes for brown rice. Check your rice is tender or not with a little sticky that is perfectly ready to serve.

6. Wait for a minute: Turn off the heat or flame and keep the lid close as the steam will make the rice more greasy and tastier.

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7. Fluff: Serve the rice with a spoon on a plate and let the water dry completely to make it more special food.

how to cook rice

8.Serve: Now you can serve the delicious rice on your plate and have the taste of well-cooked rice.

So, if you are still a beginner then there is no doubt that you can be the best cook, just follow the instruction on the above and you will gladly taste the delicious rice ever.