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How Long To Boil Egg An Expert Answer

Boiling an egg is not that difficult as some of you may think it’s rocket science. all you need to know is just calculated a perfect timing  to cook egg not exactly boiling an egg. To boil egg is very easy but you may not get the same taste when it is overcooked.

boil eggs

Today I am here to share you some of the best guidelines to boil egg perfectly for your daily meal. It will be based on different types of boiling eggs like cooked eggs, medium, hard and soft eggs.

Guidelines to boil egg perfectly:

First, you will need to take eggs from your refrigerator and then place it in your saucepan or a cooking bowl, and add sufficient amount of water that is enough to cover the egg surface in the saucepan nearly about one inch.

You will need to set your pan over the stove and set the flame over medium heat enough for the water to steam in your saucepan. Soon the water will reach to its boiling point or a brisk simmer, you will need to adjust the heat as your eggs get cooked and maintain the brisk simmer.

You might be still wondering about cooking eggs with a different pattern. Yes, we will check that below how to boil an egg in different ways.

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1. Hard egg:

 Boil an egg for at least five and then place it out from your pan, peel the shells and cut it into two pieces ready to serve for your breakfast. You will find the yolk completely into solid shaped with light yellow and crumble color.

how to boil egg

When the egg is cooked, take it out from the pan and place it in cold water to peel off the shells.

Avoid overcooked then you will find the egg with some green color and the gray all around the yolk.

2. Medium boiled eggs: 

To boil eggs in a medium pattern, you will need to cook an egg for at least four and half minutes. Then when cooked remove an egg from the pan and break the shells, cut boiled eggs into two to three parts ready to serve.

boil egg

You will find the yolk solid with the combination of dark orange and yellowish color. But still, it is moist , dense in the middle of the egg yolk.

3. To boil a soft egg: 

If you wish to have an egg with soft yolk for your breakfast, then you will just need to boil an egg for two minutes. Crack the upper portion of the egg and remove the shells large enough to fit your spoon into it.

how to boil eggs

Dip inside and serve delicious yolk on your plate for your breakfast. Indeed it is very easy to cook just keep in mind that you need to calculate the exact timing for cooking.

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Try this at home for your breakfast, to boil egg in a different pattern. You can eventually have the delicious taste of boiled eggs. For more queries related to boiling and cooking foods please do comment, we are here to share our recipe with you.