How Long do Mosquitoes Live? Things You Need To Know

How Long do Mosquitoes Live? Things You Need To Know

People around do not have any definite idea how long do mosquitoes live and where do mosquitoes live. Like all other flies, mosquitoes also undergoes four stages of life cycles: egg, larva, pupa and imago. Not only mosquitoes’ lifespan varies from species but also act as vectors for many different diseases and viruses. These mosquitoes do not live very long as some last only for days.

how long do mosquitoes live

You may wonder why mosquitoes attack your area? This is because you have left some stagnant running water in your yard, which becomes a cradle ground for the mosquitoes. The bad news is, they don’t fly far, not more than a mile. The main purpose of mosquitoes is to lay as many eggs they can so that they can make more mosquitoes to breed.

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Lifespan Of Male and Female Mosquitoes:

However, male mosquitoes live for 10 days and female mosquitoes: 42-56 days. As male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, female mosquitoes secrete the blood of the humans. Some mosquitoes die when winter comes, and some manage to survive but their eggs last long and hatched when spring arrives. To speak in detail, about how long do mosquitoes live, let us, first of all, start with the four stages of mosquitoes lifecycle.

Some mosquitoes die when winter comes, and some manage to survive but their eggs last long and hatched when spring arrives. To speak in detail, about how long does a mosquito lives, let us, first of all, start with the four stages.

Stages of Mosquitoes:

As I have mentioned that there are four stages of mosquitoes. Below I will be sharing them in details.

#1. Mosquito Eggs:

Water is essential for the mosquito eggs to hatch. This is the reason that we should not leave the stagnant water running in our yard or any remaining rain water in old tires. According to the Mosquito Control Association, there are about 3000 species of mosquitoes in the world. The most dangerous are the Culex, Anopheles, and Aedes Genera.

mosquito eggs

The female mosquitoes, mainly the Culex lay their eggs in around hundreds of eggs at night. These mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, then hatch, emerge into larvae, then followed by Pupa and finally to an Adult mosquito over a period of two weeks. The female mosquitoes live for a month as they sleep in winter and breed in summer.

Some mosquitoes lay eggs in moist soil next to the water, and most surprising are these eggs manage to survive winter and summer too.

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#2. Eggs emerge to Larvae

mosquito larvae

After the eggs hatched, emerge into larvae, and these larvae live in water and only comes to the surface when it really needs to breathe. These larvae hang upside down from the water surface. They also feed on bacteria fungi like the aquatic animals. As these larvae are cold blooded, they require external heat, the more heat, the faster the larvae grows into Pupa. They develop molting their skins four times to become a Mosquito Pupa. Most larvae changes into Pupa and this pupa mosquito live for around a week.

mosquito larvae images 2

#3. Mosquito Pupa:

In the stage of Pupa, mosquitoes do not feed, and instead, they only move around, and as they are lighter than the water, they move around the surface of the water and take oxygen through their breathing tubes. In this stage, the Pupa dries its wings out and prepare for adult stage, and these mosquitoes live for two long mosquitoes live when they are pupa

#4. Adult Stage Mosquito:

To fully get developed, the adult mosquitoes have to wait for 1-2 days and after mating with the female mosquito and these mosquitoes live hard for about 7-8 days, whereas females lifespan is longer as they feed on stage mosquito

How long do Mosquitoes live?

This female mosquito hunts for blood mostly from the evening itself as they needed blood to develop their eggs. Females live for a month or two. The shocking thing is female mosquitoes can lay eggs up to hundreds only after mating once with the male. Before dying females mosquitoes lay up to three long do mosquitoes live

I hope now you must be clear with how long do mosquitoes live. You must be aware that it is the blood which nourishes their eggs of the female mosquitoes. After those eggs got hatched the life cycle of the mosquito continues again. This is how mosquitoes never ending cycle continues.

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