Hot Oil Treatment For Damaged, Dry and Long Hair

Hot Oil Treatment For Damaged, Dry and Long Hair

Getting tensed by your damaged hair due to over styling and from extra heat? Hair needs to get a very special care, as all the dirt particles can easily contaminate in the hair, and also it is a good place for germs. And using too much of chemical products on your hair will too damage. So the best way to treat your hair is by the hot oil treatment, as it is the only remedy that can take good care of your hair and also give a natural glow. There are many hot oil treatment benefits for damaged hair, which is far better than the chemical products.

Hot oil treatment for dry hair

This remedy is very easy to do and also is a massage to your hair follicle, for the reason which even it can increase the hair growth. I have seen positive result every time I have gone through this natural remedy. So here you are going to know about how to prepare hot oil treatment for damaged hair and also how to apply it on your hair. The procedure is very simple, as you will only need hot water, oils (any kind of oil), towel as a main material for the remedy.

Prepare Hot oil treatment:

Preparing the remedy is very simple, follow the procedure that I have enlisted below to make it easier.

1. Get an oil: As oil is the main ingredient of this home remedy. First of all, you will need to collect or purchase oil, now you will need to have different kinds of oil which have good proteins and vitamins in it like, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil. Here I am asking you to have different types of oil so that your hair will get all kinds of vitamins and other essential minerals. And all these things are very necessary for a natural glowing hair. Also, you can add edible oil from your kitchen if you want the treatment to be done in a good smell.

warm the oil

2. Heating the mixture:  Now take a bowl and pour all the oil (like olive, avocado, coconut, almond oil) each like 3-4 big tablespoon and stir it well to mix it. After mixing it all perfectly, add edible oil on top just for the purpose of scent. Again stir the mixture well for some few minutes and then place the bowl in the heater for 10 minutes at high temperature.


heating the mixtures of oil

So these are the things you need to do for preparing the remedy at your home. The only things are that you will need to have the ingredients oil, edible oil, bowl, heater. Now after making the oil ready to apply on your hair, let’s check out how to apply hot oil treatment for hair growth.

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Apply oil treatment for damaged hair:

After making the oil ready to apply it on your hair, and you will need to be very careful while applying, as the oil will be super hot.

Step 1: Before applying you must make sure to wash your hair with warm water. After washing your hair comb your hair to remove the knots and then rub it with a towel.

Step2: After doing all this put towel on your shoulder to protect your skin from hot oil. Now pour the oil on your scalp slowly while you lean on your back.

Step 3: When the oil is dripping slowly on your scalp massage your hair for 4-5 minutes to make sure that every drop of oil has reached to each and every hair roots of your head.

Step 4: Now leave your hair like that for half an hour. If you don’t want extra dust to touch your hair then you can also cover it with the hair mask or with the towel.

Step5: After half an hour open your hair and then wash your hair with shampoo (the shampoo that you use daily) and using warm water to remove the oil from your hair completely. Now again apply conditioner on your hair from top to bottom and then again clean it with warm water instead of cold water.

Step6: Finally comb your wet hair to remove the knots and let it dry under a fan. I am very sure you will get a positive result the other day itself. You will find your hair soft and smooth which you have been wanted from a long day. But make sure you go through this remedy once in a week to keep your hair perfect.

These are the procedure that you need to follow while applying oil treatment for hair growth. Talking about the negative result, there is no chance that you will end up having a negative result as normally oils are very good for hairs. Now let’s have a look at the benefits of the treatment and know why you should do this remedy to your hair for atleast once in a week.

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Benefits of Oil treatment for dry and damaged hair:

benefits of hot oil treatment


  1. This treatment helps your hair to stay nourished and smooth every day. As hot oil massage will always open the hair follicle and make it stronger.
  2. If you are suffering from dandruff or dry scalp then this treatment is what you needed. Doing this massage often will remove dandruff from your hair and the dry scalp issue will automatically get away with dandruff.
  3. In rash weather, it will keep your hair moisturized and will keep your hair smooth, silky and natural shine.
  4. The best result of this treatment is that it will increase the rate of blood circulation to your scalp which will help in growing hair faster.
  5. It also makes your hair stronger than it is. When you massage with hot oil, it reaches to the root of the hair and the roots get stronger. So in result, the hairs get stronger and smoother.

So these are the benefits that you are getting from warm oil treatment. I am very sure that you will not find some of the benefits from other chemical creams for hair. So instead of applying some expensive chemical rich product which may damage your hair or cause some other skin issue, you shall better go for the warm oil treatment as it is the best remedy for your hair. As natural remedy is always better than the chemical products for hairs, skin etc. but you can also use hair serum for your damaged hair.

Get rid of dry and rough hair every day by applying the hot oil treatment on your hair. This remedy is very simple to make at the house and using it. As you simply need some oil and heater to make it and apply it on your hair. Not only this, the treatment also has lots of amazing benefits for your hair and scalp. So here you have known everything about the hot oil treatment for damaged hair. Keep visiting our website if you want to stay updated with some more interesting remedies and treatment for your skin and hair.

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