Top 10 Home Remedies For Skin Whitening And Skin Lightening

With your daily work schedule and unhealthy weather as well as a bad lifestyle you tend to lose moisture. Your skin gets rough internally and externally. Apart of that, there are many harmful cosmetics that are available in the market that affects your glowy skin. However, we have a list of home remedies for you for skin whitening as well as skin lightening treatment.

skin lightening

The below mentioned home remedies are the best method to solve your skin issues. Your dead skin cells will regenerate again if you follow this home remedies for skin whitening strictly.

But the main confusion starts when you don’t know how to make a home remedy for your skin.

To fly off your confusion and sadness we have listed best home remedies for white skin and how to apply the mixture.

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Natural Home Remedies For Skin Whitening and Skin Lightening:

Before we proceed with the list of natural home remedies for skin whitening let us first know some of the important uses. As you know due to much unhealthy food and harmful UV rays your skin becomes dark and ugly. So it is very much necessary that you follow a natural home remedy of cleansing and scrubbing your face as well as your entire body.

So let us check out what can home remedies do for skin whitening. You need to use some mask, scrubs and also face massages.

#1. Sandalwood Paste For Skin Whitening:

Sandalwood is a great ingredient to get a fair skin tone. It acts as a skin whitening and skin lightening agent that will bring a glow to your face. All you need is a tablespoon of sandalwood and almond powder along with milk. Now mix both sandalwood and almond powder in a container and pour an adequate amount of milk.

skin whitening sandalwood

Make a smooth and soft paste. Apply this paste on your face with an equal amount on all sides. Let it stay for 30-40 minutes and when it gets totally dry wash it with a lukewarm water. Now apply a suitable moisturizer to get a brighter skin.

Apply this paste on your face with an equal amount on all sides. Let it stay for 30-40 minutes and when it gets totally dry wash it with a lukewarm water. Now apply a suitable moisturizer to get a brighter skin. Repeat this process at least two times in a week.

#2. Honey and Papaya Face Mask:

The ripe papaya color is pretty nice and it tastes delicious too. When speaking about skin lightening, they really work wonders. Papaya contains enzymes like papain as well as hydroxy acids. Pure honey protects your skin from harmful UV rays as it contains antibacterial properties.

papaya for skin whitening

Simply take few pieces of papaya and crush it making a smooth paste. Now in the papaya paste mix a teaspoon of honey. With a slight touch apply the mixture to your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. As honey is a little sticky so rinse your face with a lukewarm water and then followed by a cold water.

#3. Orange For Skin:

For your skin, you really need a vitamin C ingredients like oranges. Oranges will be a great choice to lighten your skin. You can use oranges in different ways, first of all, squeeze orange juice. Now apply the juice to your face with the help of cotton balls. You can also apply the juice on your neck hands and legs. Rinse it off with water after 20-30 minutes. You can do this daily before going to bed.


The another way is the orange skin that you throw us very useful. Take a dried orange peel and make a powder out of it. Mix the orange peel powder along with one tablespoon yogurt and apply to your face as a face mask. Regular use will lighten and whiten your skin complexion.

#4. Lemon Mask:

lemon milk and honey

Lemon juice is very good for skin as lemon contains vitamin C that helps to bring an extra glow to your face. Along with lemon and honey, it works incredibly. You will require milk, honey, and lemon juice, mix all the ingredients mentioned. Now apply to your face and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash it away with cold water and moisturize your face. You can add a little turmeric for your skin complexion.

#5. Gram Flour:


Gram flour is very much helpful to remove imperfections from the skin. Adding a rose water will bring brightness to the skin and reliefs you from harmful UV rays. 2 teaspoons of gram flour will be required and rosewater to make a paste. If you have a dry skin then put yogurt instead of rose water. Before you go to bed apply it to your face and wash it off after half an hour. Pat dry and apply a night cream.

#6. Aloe Vera Gel Mask:

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to fight blemishes and gives your skin a brighter complexion. Cut the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel from it. Apply the gel on your face daily to get the glow to your face. Or if you want to remove impurities then add rice flour onto the gel and use as a scrubber. Try following the method alternative days every evening.

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#7. Blueberry For Skin:

blue berries

Fresh blueberries refresh your skin when applied as the fruit contains immunity boost. It cleanses all the impurities from your face leaving it soft and smooth. Simply get fresh blueberries and smashed it. Now mix yogurt with a blueberry to make a thick paste and apply just like a face mask. After 30 minutes wash it off.

#8. Milk Cleanser For Face:

milk and rose water

Massaging your face with milk will even tually lighten and whiten your skin. Add a few drops of lemon if you do not want just empty raw milk. Now use upwards and downwards movement and massage the milk to your face. You can also use it while you take bath to your entire body. After few minutes of massaging, wash it off with a cold water. You can also take a bath with rosewater and milk to have a smooth supple skin.

#9. Cucumber Slices:


Cucumber has a cooling agent that helps to restore your skin in proper. Slice the cucumber and apply it to the affected area. Another thing you can do is, grate the cucumber into a paste and mix lemon juice. Apply directly to your face and after 30 minutes wash it off with cold water. regular use will slowly lighten your skin.

#10. Tomato For Skin:


Tomato does wonders for your skin as it also has a cooling effect. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. If you have an oily or normal to combination skin tone then you can use tomato juice to your face. Mashed the tomato and extract juice out of it. With the help of cotton ball apply it to your face and wash it after 20 minutes.

Daily Routine For Skin Whitening and Skin Lightening:

  1. It is recommended that you sleep at night for at least 8 hours.
  2. Drink 2 liters of water every day so that toxins goes off from your body.
  3. Make sure you remove all the makeup before going to sleep because heavy makeup will lead to pimples.
  4. While you go out use sunscreen to your face and body as your skin might get damage with harmful UV rays.
  5. Remember that you must use a toner every day to reduce open pores from your face.
  6. Never skip your night cream and moisturizer.
  7. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and dry fruits.

Now you have the home remedies for skin whitening and skin lightening. Follow them according to your likes. Also, check the daily routine to take care of your skin properly to have a clear bright skin tone.

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