Top 10 Haunted Places in Mumbai You Must Know


One of the most important parts of our lives is death. We never could know when and how death comes. It is said that after the death of a person, he / she goes to heaven or hell. But sometimes that is not the case, some spirits stay behind and cause problems for the living. They either possess a person or a place or a certain object.

Mumbai is one the best cities in India, it is sometimes referred to as the “City of Dreams”. But being the City of Dreams doesn’t mean that this will be free of these Supernatural Activities. In fact it can be said that it holds the most number of haunted Places India. So down below I have listed some of the haunted places of Mumbai which you need to avoid.

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Haunted Places in Mumbai:

So these are some of the haunted places in Mumbai, Check them out.

1. Mukesh Mills:

Mukesh Mills textiles were established in 1870 by the East India Company. This mill was shut down on 18th January after a fire broke out and killed thousands of people. This place is so scary that it is forbidden to enter this place after Sunset. There have been reports about sightings about a possessed actress and many peculiar sounds there. Mukesh Mills also serves as a filming location for many Bollywood films.

mukesh mills

2. Road to Marve and Madh Islands:

This road is said to be famous for its deadly incidents and paranormal activities. This road is surrounded by greeneries and scenic beauties and this is equally scary and haunted. It has been reported by many people that they have sighted a young bride, who tortures and obstructs the paths of the vehicles. And these cases have been specially reported on full moon nights. There have been many accidents and deaths due to this.

road to marve

3. Santa Cruz West:

Another haunted place in Mumbai. The residents of this place address the ghost as “2nd-floor ki Bhabiji”. It was said that this woman committed suicide after she had a bad fight with her husband. Following her death is has been reported that a Black dog lives in that apartment where she committed suicide. The people said that they have seen a black veiled woman in the corridor, and when this was sighted there have been dog barks.

santa cruz west

4. Aarey Milk Colony:

Covered by Jungles this place has become one of the sites of paranormal activities, it is a very spooky and scary destination. There have been many reports about a woman in a white saree who asks the passer by cars for lift at odd hours of the night, she becomes quite violent if refused. It was also been reports of an old man who keeps on disappearing, babies crying and also of other strange sightings.

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aarey milk colony

5. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri:

There have been reports about a ghost bride, who keep on tormenting the people who passes by. This church was abandoned in 1840, due to the break out of an epidemic. An exorcism was performed in 1977 to get rid of that ghost. People have claimed that they have heard shrieking and screaming which was followed by a big splash in the water. It was reported that the next day all the fished in the pond were found to be dead, this is quite “bone-chilling”.

johns baptist church

6. Tower of Silence:

This site is located near Malabar Hill. The story of this place goes like this; some deceased members of the Parsi Community were left there to be eaten by vultures. Though there has been no report of any sightings but people still don’t go near this place after dark as they believe that this place is haunted. Some people have also said that they feel very uneasy and uncomfortable.

tower of silence

7. Vrindavan Society, Thane:

The ghosts that live haunt this place are quite funny. They slap the people in that area. It was reported that these incidents started happening after a man committed suicide in one of these buildings. The Night guards have reported that while they doze off on duty they are being slapped by someone or someone whispers in their ear when they go on patrolling duty around the society.

vrindavan society

8. Poonam Chambers, Worli:

This place harbors the spirits of many peoples. All of these spirits are the reminiscent of the 1993 bombing and the wall crashing incident that happened in 1997. The Night Guards have reported lots of incidents that are quite horrifying and these incidents surely send shivers down the spine.

poonam chambers

9. Taj Mahal Hotel:

The Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the best hotels in India, but this hotel is also haunted. It is haunted by the Spirit of the Chief Architect who is said to have committed suicide because of a glitch in the construction of the Hotel. Though the spirit is harmless but it has been reported that the spirit haunts certain parts of the hotel.

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taj hotel

10. 8th Floor, Grand Paradi Towers:

Being located in the posh Malabar hills it is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. It has been reported that about 20 people or so have jumped to their deaths from the top of these Towers. It was constructed in 1970s but still there are a lot of empty flats in this buildings. The people have conducted many pujas but those were of no use.

grand paradi tower

So these are some of the Haunted Places in Mumbai that you need to avoid. Many of us think that Ghosts are not real, and they are just fictional stories that are cooked up for scaring people. But they are very real and they exist with us. Some of them don’t harm us whereas some of them want to harm us at every step of our lives. In many cases people have also been murdered by Ghosts. So, I would suggest you to keep a clear mind.

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