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Dry hair often tends to damage and breakage as it becomes brittle as well as it looks dull. Just only using shampoo and conditioner will not only relieve dry and frizzy hair. Rather, you need to use a hair serum for smooth and soft hair. During summer season your hair tends to lose moisture resulting to rough and lifeless hair.

hair serum

So, you really need a hair serum if you wish to get a flawlessly smooth hair. As far as I know, the hot and humid weather of India spoils the texture of our hair. Therefore, you must use a serum for your hair. Here I will enlist the best and perfect hair serum for your hair.

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Best Hair Serum For Dry and Damage Hair:

Hair Serums will reduce your split ends as well as repairs all the damages done by chemical and hair colors. Below you will find the best and perfect hair serum just for you in your budget.

1. Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum:

hair serum

This hair serum goes deep into the strands of your hair giving you a glossy touch. It makes your hair smooth and silky as well as repairs your split ends. It has high-quality ingredients which make it suitable for you. If you are having a curl hair naturally then after applying this serum you will feel the softness of your hair.

2) Damila Repair Shine Serum:

damila frizz control serum

This serum is effective for dry and damaged hair as it heals even your split ends. The sunflower seed oil present in this serum helps to control your frizzy hair bringing extra shine to your hair. You can also use this as a color protectant and heat protectant. After rinsing your hair with shampoo and conditioner apply this serum in your damp or wet hair for smooth and shine.

3. John Frieda Extra Strength Serum:

frizz free control

This best hair serum is suitable for color treated hair as well as protects from harmful UV rays. It contains silicones with aloe and vitamin E which not only protects from the sun but also brings softness to your hair. If you are having a dry and unprotected hair then this product will be the perfect choice for you.

4. Got2b Glossy Anti-Shine Hair Serum:

got2 b serum

Got2b hair serum is made in the USA and especially it is meant for defrizzing rough and unruly hair. This product is formulated with UV absorber and when applied you will get amazing results as it controls your dry hair leaving it smooth long beautiful hair.

5. Nexus Humectress Encapsulate Serum:


Nexxus Encapsulate serum leaves your hair super smooth. If you are getting late for a party or any occasion and your hair is unmanageable then you can use this serum. It contains 100% pure protein which also contains encapsulate in pearls. The nexxus serum even repairs premature hair leaving it silver glossy.

6. Herstyler:


This serum instantly smoothes rough and frizzy hair. The vitamin E and Argan oil present in the serum give you a shiny and smooth soft hair. It not only repels moisture but also has an anti-frizz formula. This will really benefit your hair when you used it.

7. Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Serum:


This is the best hair serum product ever from Matrix brand and I have used and still using this product and got amazing results. My hair never gets rough any more and since 1 years I have been using this product. Your hair will look healthier and extra smooth as it keeps your hair straight.

8. Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine:


Garnier serum smoothes your hair from roots till tip. Up to 3 days, your hair will remain smooth and healthy. Follow it with Garnier shampoo and conditioner or better results.

9. Dove Advanced Hair Series Serum:


Dove serum brings back the smoothness in your hair as the oil goes deep inside your hair strands. It makes your hair shiny and soft with a beautiful healthy hair. I will give 5 stars to this serum.For better results, use it with Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner.

10. Loreal Professional Serie Absolut Repair:


The serum contains lipids and ceramides which help to regenerate your damaged hair. This is also one of the best picks from the loreal brand. Once you start using this serum then you will never use any other products as it prevents from hair splitting.

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What are the methods of using hair serum?

Hair serum is best used in washed hair as it detangles your hair and makes it healthier and shinier. In fact, most of the woman use hair serum to maintain their dry and rough hair. It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays and other chemicals. There are simple methods that you must follow while applying serum on to your hair.

  • Search for the perfect serum that suits your hair as there are some products which instead making your hair silky, damages it. Try at lest two different products and see the difference. Use the best product that suits your hair types.
  • To apply hair serums, your hair must be washed with shampoo and conditioner. Apply the serum in your semi dry hair as it detangles and smooths your hair. Take a few drops of serum on to your palm and spread it to the length of your hair. Repeat if neccessary and make sure you don't touch your scalp. Even before you use a straigtener machine to straighten your hair, it would be better if apply serum to protect from damages.
  • If you buy a serum for your hair, remember that you buy the same brand along with your shampoo and conditioner. And if your hair is un washed never use it as it will make your hair more sticky.

So, these are the top 10 best hair serum just meant for dry and damaged hair. These serums will help your hair to look healthier and shinier when followed with the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. Do not worry they are in your budget and buy them as soon as possible as there are very fewer stocks available. So hurry up guys and grab the chance.

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