Top 12 Most Pretty Flowers Which Looks Gorgeous

Flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world made by the Creator of the Universe. When it blooms it spreads its love everywhere and the aroma is amazing. For any occasions, a bouquet of pretty flowers will make a perfect gift, since many years and till today flowers symbolize love. When you see pretty flowers blooming, you cannot stop smiling as this flower makes even a depressed person smile.

Pretty Flower

In occasions like marriage parties, birthdays, funerals, or any other ceremonies, flowers fit accurately for gifting a person. Since many ages, people expressed their love and emotions through flowers. Different variants of flowers are coded with a message, so if you couldn’t express with words then you can express by gifting prettiest flowers. I will add the name of prettiest flowers in this article. So, to know better about different varieties of top 12 most pretty flowers which look gorgeous, read on till the end.

I will add a list of sweet smelling pretty flower in this article which will blow your mind. So, to know better about different flowers, read on till the end.

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A List of Pretty Flowers in the World:

There are different varieties of flowers in colors, shapes, and much more. Flowers like rose, dahlia, magnolia, sunflower and so many are there in the world. I will explain them one by one all their meanings and their types. You must check them below some of the best gorgeous pretty flowers blooming:

#1. Rose:

I really love roses and I can’t stand on the sweet smell perfume of the rose as it lures me totally. It’s one of the first top pretty flowers though it has thorny stems. There is a saying, true ways are full of thorns, such as that, roses are also so true and pure that you cannot stop loving them. Roses are found everywhere and the stems are filled with thorns. There are different colors of roses on earth and they also have different meanings.

Colourful roses

A Red rose is dark in color and has long stemmed with thorns. They symbolize love. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and white rose symbolizes cleanliness and peace. Last but not the least pink rose have a meaning of innocence and healing effect. There are many more colors of roses too.

#2. White Lilies:

White lilies look so pure and gorgeous as mostly it is used during the funeral ceremony. Most of the Christians symbolizes white lilies as purity, peace, innocence or remembrance. Even for decorating the wedding house, Christians use the flowers. This white pretty flower brings peace to the mind of the soul when presented in the funeral.

Pleasant white liliesIts colors are pure as the soul of Virgin Mary. It has an amazing scent and due to this perfume, in early ages, Romans uses white lilies to make pillows and quilts. Basically, Romans and Greeks use white lilies to make a crown for the brides as it represents purity.

#3. Orchid-The Purple Flower:

beautiful purple orchid

Wow! Orchids looks just beautiful, especially the purple one is amazingly pretty. The orchids have around 28,000 species in about 763 genera distributed. Orchids are one of the largest flowering plants in the world. These prettiest flowers are used for decoration purpose or needed in the funerals. By seeing the flowers they almost look ethnic with its designs and structures. In the Victorian era, an orchid is used for gifting your dear ones. They will look very pretty when decorated in a flower vase.

#4. Dahlia:


Dahlia was announced as the National Flower of Mexico during the year 1963. The flower represents instability and dignity when speaking in flower’s codes. They bloom annually in different varieties of colors. Originally, the word Dahlia is honored by Botanist and Taxonomist from Sweden. His name is Carl Linnaeus to honor Anders Dahl, his late student. Dahlia is often referred as Valley Flower and they grow almost in all climates except in cold frost. There are approximately 40 species or more being described.

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#5. Sunflower-The Yellow Flowers:

Yellow sunflower

Sunflowers were first grown in America and this flower looks exactly like the sun. It is one of the prettiest yellow flowers and called Helianthus Annuus. The flowers are used for decoration purpose, its seeds and oil are edible. It has an erect straight stem which has a height of 3 meters. Sunflower requires proper sun for blooming, and the oil extracted from the seeds are used for cooking purpose. Sunflower is the National Flower of Ukraine.

#6. Daisy:

Children's white daisy

Daisy is known as Bellis Perennis and they have nearly a very long season of blooming. They bloom fewer flowers in winters and this is because of their long duration of blooming. Moreover, Daisies were the favorite flowers of Queen Victoria. It symbolizes calm and purity. Daisies are referred as children’s flowers and till today, people use this in weddings to carry it to the children. This flower is harvested for homeopathic use. I like the white color daisies.

#7. Tulips:

pink tulip flowers

The bulb-like structure looks pretty in various colors and they grow from their bulbs. The stems of Tulips have few leaves. They come in different colors like red, yellow, pink, orange and purple, they have six petals in total. In a single stem, Tulips produce only one flower and this flower is kept at home for decorating purpose. To make it look more beautiful, you can collect all the different colors of Tulips and mix it to decorate your house.

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#8. The Sweet Peony:

Peony flowers are native to Asia, West North America, and Europe. They often bloom in spring or early summer and are a traditional flower of China. They are pretty flowers and comes in various colors like white, pink, purple, yellow etc. Morphologically, peonies are perennial deciduous shrubs consisting of 35 species. People call this flower as The King of the Flowers and used in Chinese Art symbolically.

white and pink sweet peony

The sweet peony is named after the Greek God of Medicine and Healing “Paeon”. Besides, this flower looks sweet and adorable that people used it during marriages, functions etc.

#9. Pansy:

wild pansy flower

The one and only pretty flower called Pansy is a garden flower.  In diameter, the flower is only 2 to 3 inches tall. The origin of the word pansy comes from the French word, “pensee” which means Thought. Pansy grows in the sunny climate and die annually, water the flowers often. You can plant a pansy flower in a flowerpot and decorate your garden.

 #10. Lotus:

national flower lotus

Indian Lotus is an aquatic plant from the family of Nelumbo Nucifera. And most importantly it is the National Flower of India and Vietnam. I often get confused with water lilies as both are aquatic plants. The leaves of Lotus are large in size, while the diameter of the flower is about 20 cm. Lotus flowers are used for decorative purpose, Hindus used it for performing rituals.

#11. Marigold:


Marigold often blooms in different colors like white, yellow, slight gold and orange. In Nepalese culture, Marigold flowers play an active role. They make garlands out of the flowers and sells in the market for rituals. Mostly, people have this flower at their homes as it is very easy to take care of this flower. Marigold symbolizes sorrow, sadness as many believers used this flowers when a person dies.

#12. Apple Blossom- A Pretty Flower:

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is one of the prettiest flowers looks so pure and fresh with its sweet smelling fragrance. It symbolizes a sense of promise biblically in a Christian life. Arrange this flower in a bouquet, I am sure it will really look lovely. Apple Blossom is a flower of an apple.

So, these are the top 12 most beautiful flowers that you have read above. These gorgeous looking flowers are the world’s best flowers which look beautiful and the aroma is pleasant. All the flowers mentioned have a different meaning. God made such pleasant nature that you and I cannot stop caring flowers. If you have a flower garden make possible arrangement to look after the pretty flowers.

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