Simple Yet The Best Ways to Get Rid of Forehead Acne


Acne, which we often call a pimple, is a skin disease which comes when we really don’t expect. It is a long-term disease that occurs due to the hair follicles getting choked up by the dead skin cells or the oil from the skin. They remain stuck to the skin and even leaves marks on the area it effects.

get rid of forehead acne

There are different causes of acne. The diet you take, less amount of water, anxiety, stress and depression can be the cause that leads to the formation of the acnes. This has become a disease with which almost every young people fight. Acne mainly effects to young people of 14- 25 years of age.

Acne makes the face, the forehead, the upper arm, and even the chest the target at the most. Forehead acne is one of the most common diseases that people are affected with. There are a lot of ways to get rid of forehead acne. They are simple and easy ones. Here are some simple tips for you to follow and get rid of the dirty looking acne on the forehead.

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Some causes of Forehead Acne:

1. Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Hair Dandruff is one of the main cause for acne on the forehead. Therefore, a good anti- dandruff shampoo that will wash off your dandruff and keep the hair free from dandruff can be one way to get rid of forehead acne.


2. Balanced Diet:

An unbalanced diet and the digestive issues can be the major cause of the acne on the face and the forehead. Proper balance on a diet with high amount of water daily can help you get rid of your forehead acne you are fighting with.

balanced diet

3. Too much of stress:

Stress and tension can leave us with a noncurable disease. The acne also acts fast on the skin when you are at a certain level of stress. Yoga or meditation can help you get out of your stress and also your acne.

too much stress

4. Certain beauty products: 

The use of certain beauty products on the skin may also lead to the rise of acne. The products you bought for yourself to look beautiful with may have some chemicals in them which may cause harm to your skin. Therefore, prevention of such products can prevent the acne of your skin.

beauty products

5. Helmets and cap:

This usually happens for the two-wheeler riders. Wearing helmet and cap regularly cause rashes to the skin which arouse the acnes. The dust particles stuck in the helmet when comes in contact with the soft part of the skin on the face gets absorb in it causing to rise the acne. Cleaning off the dust from the inside of the helmet every day will help prevent the rise to acnes on the face and the forehead.

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helmets and caps

Simple ways to get rid of forehead acne:

1. Orange peel:

The paste of the orange peel with water can be the best remedy for getting rid of acne on the forehead. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave for 10 -15 minutes and then wash it off with water to get a fresh acne free skin.

orange peels

2.  Tea tree oil:

The antibiotic properties present in the tea tree oil helps to terminate the acne causing bacteria. So next time, you have an acne to cure, do not forget to apply few drops of tea tree on the pimples and acne, it will surely help you get rid of forehead acne.

tea tree oil

3. Mustard powder and honey:

The mustard contains the natural salicylic acid. The vitamin C, zinc, and 6 fatty acids work well on acnes and pimples when mixed with a few drops of pure honey. Apply this mixture to the acne affected area to get rid of that stubborn forehead acne.

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4. Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is also a remedy to make the acne appear less and if use regularly can also make them disappear. Drop a few drops of lemon juice on the acne affected area at night before you sleep. Leave it overnight to get a clean and fresh skin the next day.

lemon juice

5. Tomatoes:

Cut the tomatoes in two halves and begin rubbing them on the pimple affected part of the skin to get rid of the acne. Doing this twice a day will cure the acne on your forehead.


The forehead acne can really be a dark spot on our face. They can even leave marks that do not go for long. There are many causes for the acne on the face and the forehead. I have also mentioned some of the easy remedies that are easy and simple to follow. So, now forehead acne should not create a big issue. With the above-mentioned remedies, you can easily get rid of forehead acne. There should not be any barrier between you and your beauty like this acnes and pimples when you have the best and simple remedies at your hand.


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  2. Just what I needed. My cousin have such, so recommended this site (this article particularly) to her. Hope she recovers soon. Thanks to the team of Kicklifestyle

  3. One of the best natural remedies to reduce pimples is applying lemon juice. Lemon juice contains natural enzymes that can firm up and tighten the facial skin. Its acidic characteristic also cleanses deep skin impurities, while vitamin C helps in lightening the skin and reducing the acne.