Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Nose


“Blackheads on Nose” this is the first step of acne which is also called Open Comedones. Actually, these blackheads are blocked pores in the skin which are filled up with sebum, keratin, and many more oily products from the skin. Moreover, these blackheads are mainly seen on the nose, so it looks very awkward.

I have told you that blackheads on nose are the first step of acne because later on, these blackheads can cause pimples. Yes, at young age pimples is normal but what if you can get rid of those irritating pimples which destroy your beautiful looks for a time.

get rids of blackheads on nose

Do you have annoying blackheads on your nose? Fine, you don’t worry because here you will know about how to get rid of these annoying pimples in a very simple ways, not only this I will also tell you all those things which you will need to avoid to prevent blackheads from yours. So are you ready to know everything about how to get rid and prevent these blackheads on nose?

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Simple remedies to get rid of Blackheads on Nose:

Till date, no medicine can entirely cure blackheads, but you are lucky enough that you don’t need to have any medicine for curing blackheads because you can only cure blackheads with the simple home remedies. The good news is that, as you will follow only natural things there will be no adverse impact on your body. So here below are the simple home remedies that will help you to get rid of blackhead on nose easily.

1. Cinnamon with honey strips:

This is the best remedies for curing blackheads on nose. The reason for this being the best remedies for curing acne is because honey contains many antibacterial agents in it which will restrict to all those bacteria which causes acne. Cinnamon will improve the blood circulation in your body which in result will glow your skin. By applying the home remedies daily, you will get a healthy, smooth, fair and soft skin free from blackheads and acne.

You will need a pure (raw) honey, clean cotton and some amount of cinnamon powder. First mix the raw honey and cinnamon powder together, but make sure that you mix enough quantity of both so that you can cover all over your face. Now apply the mixture all over your face especially on the area where you have blackheads, keep the layer thin all over your face.

honey and cinnamon stripes

Now press cotton over the layer and then keep it still for some 4-5 minutes. After 5 minutes remove the mixture from your skin slowly. Now apply your regular moisturizer on your face, and the procedure is complete. This is all you need to do in this remedies to remove those irritating blackheads from your beautiful face.

2. Lemon Juice Scrub:

This remedy is very simple, and it works on each and every types of skin. With this lemon juice scrubs, you can not only remove regular blackheads, but your deep blackheads can also be removed easily with this remedies.

lemon juice scrub

For this home remedy, you will need to have Honey, lemon juice, rosewater(if not available then milk), a bowl and yogurt. Take a bowl and add lemon juice in it and then add yogurt, salt, honey in the juice and mix it well. Now take the mixture and scrub the mixture in those infected areas, make sure you apply this mixture for 10-12 days every day. If you also want to cleanse your face, then you can also add rosewater or milk to the mixture.

3. White Mask of Egg:

As blackheads cause in the pores of our skin, you can use the white portion of the egg to create a face mask for you. The egg white mask will tighten up all the pores of your face which in result will prevent the formation of blackheads in the pores, and the main thing is that the egg white content high numbers of nutrients in it which is really good for our skin.

The only that you will need for the simple remedy is a small bowl, 1 egg, 1 clean towel and some facial tissues. The first thing you are to do is separate the egg yolk from the egg white, and in the meantime, you should wash your face clearly and then rub it clean with a towel. Now apply the egg white to your face and make sure you make fragile layer and place the facial tissue over your face slowly.

egg wite

Again make the second layer above the facial tissue and make sure the tissue doesn’t slide off your face. After applying leave it for some time to dry, after the mask is dry you will see that your face will feel tight. After the mask get dried off, peel it and then clean your face and apply your daily moisturizer on your face after it. This is it, do this procedure for some 10-12 time a day, you will see a good result within some days.

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4. Mint and Apple Cider Vinegar: 

This home remedy is also one of the most used remedies for removing blackheads on nose, but I must tell you this remedy works same like the egg white mask works, the thing is this remedy is familiar to all types of skin. The plus point of this remedy is that this will also cure inflammation.

The main thing that you need to have in front of you is Apple cider vinegar, some cotton balls, water and some 3 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh mint leaves. First of all, you will need to keep the vinegar and mint together in a bottle and then keep the bottle in dark and cool place for at least a week.  After a week add a cup of water in the bottle and then keep in the refrigerator again for 6 days.

mint and apple cider vinegar

After 6 days of keeping the bottle in the fridge, your toner will be totally ready for you. So now, first of all, you are to wash your face to make your face wet, now deep clean cotton balls in the toner and then apply in the infected area of your face. After applying the toner leave it for the whole night and wash your face in the early morning and then you can apply your regular moisturizer. Remember you will need to use this toner every night for some few weeks for getting better results. I am sure you will see a positive result by using this remedy.

5. Clay mask: This is exactly not a pure home remedy because here you will need to use cosmetic clay. But this remedy is very much effective in curing blackheads. For making this remedy at your home you will need to have apple cider, cosmetic clay obviously, a towel and a bowl.

clay mask

Now take a bowl and add cosmetic clay powder and some amount of water it and then mix them together. After adding clay powder and water add apple cider vinegar and blend it well. Now your mask is ready, so just apply in your infected area of your face and then leave it for some 10-15 minutes so that it gets completely dry. Now wash your face with warm water, this is it all you need to do. Repeat this remedy procedure for at least once every day to get a better result.

Here above I have given the best five simple home remedy that you can follow to get rid of blackheads, and I am sure that all this remedy works. Now let’s know what is the main reason in the cause of Blackheads in our face.

Main reason for the cause of Blackheads on nose:

Here below I have given some of the main reason for the cause of blackheads on our face in our young age.

1. Stress: It is not medically proved that blackheads are mainly caused due to stress, but one thing is that when at stress black hair turns to gray hairs. During stress what we do, we don’t care of ourself (neglecting our body) only thinking about the situation. So in this case blackheads can easily cause as in stress we don’t look upon the body.

too much of stress

2. Sweat: You would be shocked to know that sweat is also one of the major reason for causing of blackheads on nose. While sweating it block all the pores of our skin, so if the sweat doesn’t get cleared from the pores there is a high chance of causing blackheads. That is why it is important after a sweat full workout or anything you must have a shower bath to clear up all the pores of your skin.

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excessive sweating

3. Smoking: Many experts have commented that smoking is one of the main cause of blackheads on our face. The cigarette is full of smoke, ash and many other chemicals which is very much bad for our skin because of the chemicals present in cigarette blocks all the pores of the skin and dead cells. It is also proven that you won’t be able to eliminate blackheads from your face if you smoke the cigarette during the treatment of blackheads. As smoking is injurious to health say NO to smoking 🙂


4. Using a different type of Skin products: Using of excessive cosmetics also causes blackheads on the nose because cosmetics will hydrate your skin to make your skin look glowy, but this cosmetics will end up clogging all the pores which will result in causing blackheads and finally causing acne. So it is the best if you can avoid using cosmetics on you.

different skin care products

5. Consumption of alcohol and coffee: If you love having both coffee and alcohol then I must say it is really bad for your skin, so it will be very good if you try leaving this two items easily. In many studies, it has been proved that caffeine and alcohol slowly clog all the sweat pores of your body. If you are drinking both of this drinks than I will say that you are exposing yourself in pores clogging.

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excessive alcohol

These are some of the major reason of causing blackheads on our nose. If you can avoid all this, then you will be able to prevent from occurring of blackheads on your nose. In the above paragraphs, I have also given some of the simple home remedies for getting rid of blackheads on nose. So if you are going through problems regarding blackheads then you can easily adopt the simple remedies to get rid.

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