Fun Places to Go on Your Birthday

Birthday’s is the most special occasions for each and everyone of us personally when our birthday falls. It’s a blessing that we are getting older for another year, so as gratitude and happiness we like to celebrate the day in special ways.
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Birthday’s are specially meant to celebrate with your loved and dear ones. Sharing your joy with families friends and relatives gives you an excellent, great feeling.

Usually, birthday’s are celebrated at home, restaurant or some other special places. But in case if you want to make it so much special and make it the best memorable birthday then you can explore some certain unique places that are mention below.

Awesome places that you should visit on your birthday

Here I’m going to mention you some famous excellent fun places of India’s where you can go and celebrate your birthday. These amazing places will blow your mind and makes you feel the most amazing memorable birthday ever:

#1. Goa:
These are the places that are very tempting by hearing itself and everyone dreams of going to this place. Because it is one of the famous destination for celebration and full on enjoyment. Goa is the best destiny for parties, especially for the beach lovers, as you can enjoy the beautiful beach, you can go for a riding party in the club and much more so you will never forget your birthday memories if you choose Goa for your birthday destiny.

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best birthday places

#2. Leh-Ladakh: 

These is one of the awaiting places and eventually one of the best spots where you can celebrate your wildest memorable birthday with your buddies. Usually, these are the best destiny, especially for the adventure lovers as you can explore many amazing places by a bullet ride and enjoy the wildest road trip ever.
So if you’re one of the adventures lovers you should surely plan for a birthday celebration in Leh-Ladakh as it will make you the most awesome thrilling and wildest celebrations ever that you will never forget in your entire life.
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#3. Manali: 

It is the most awesome and thrilling place where you can do paragliding. So planning for your birthday celebrations in Manali will be one of the most awesome idea as you will enjoy your mountaineering, rafting and much more. Manali is such wonderful and beautiful, awesome place that it also names as New Zealand of India by the people.
best places for birthday

#4. Mumbai: 

These are the famous and popular state known as the world of film city. So choosing your birthday celebrations to spot in Mumbai will be an awesomely cool idea as you can experience their ways of living, and their lifestyles. Mumbai is the biggest metropolitan city, people here never sleeps at night, and the party never ends as well. I bet you will fall in love with these cities and their living lifestyles so choose Mumbai for your best birthday celebrations if you want to make it memorable.
birthday places

#5. Andaman:

If you want to celebrate your birthday in a very romantic way then you should surely choose for these place. You will get an awesome feeling when you just blow your birthday candles in the most romantic place. You can’t imagine how special you will feel cutting your birthday cake in the Island of Andaman.
places for birthdaySo if you want to surprise your spouse and gives her the best gift making the most memorable time, then you should surely take her to the Island of Andaman.
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#6. North East – India:

 Is known as the most peaceful and beautiful place. You will be delighted getting the opportunity to celebrate your special day in the most beautiful and attractive place. You can visit certain beautiful places in North-East like Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and many other. You will be amaze seeing the scenic beauty of North-East India.
birthday places
You will truly feel great celebrating your birthday in the most beautiful and ideal place to make it more special and memorable.

#7. Munnar: 

This hill station is among one of the most densely populated hill station because of its beauty of flora and fauna. Everyone loves visiting in this hill station because of its scenic beauty. The beautiful Green top and its flora and fauna that gives a perfect combination of nature and adventure.
birthday places
So if you are one of the people who love the countryside and hilly areas, then you can select Munnar for your best birthday spot where you can celebrate experiencing its true beauties and fresh nature.

So, if you are planning to make your birthday a very special and memorable birthday ever, then some beautiful places are selected for you above. So these places given above can be the best places where you can make your birthday celebrations a very meaningful with lots of fun and enjoyments. So you should try out these beautiful places for celebrating on your upcoming birthday or plan it for your next birthday by now.

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