Fast 30 Minutes Outdoor Exercise For Muscles & Slim Body

Fast 30 Minutes Outdoor Exercise For Muscles & Slim Body

Outdoor exercise can be the best for you if you are working out to get a fit and slim body. To have a fit body all you need to do is go outside and blast out your calories and try to sculpt up your every muscle in the body.

Going to the gym can be bad ideas, try to workout outside for at least 30 minutes per day. Only then you can expect for the best result, according to the study of some experts they have eventually proved that working outside can burn calories up to 7.43 pounds and 6.17 percent of body fats in a couple of months.

exercise in outside

Outdoor exercise can eventually improve your mentally and boost up your self-esteem of doing exercise. Outdoor exercise can be best for both men and women. You can try out going to your nearest park or backyard for it as it will help you burn fats nearly 260 calories. But warm up before you start your exercise daily.

Also know the stretching benefits in your body.

Different tips and step for outdoor exercise:

Slalom Jump: 

This steps can certainly increase your fitness improving glutes, hamstring, and quads. To follow this moves you will just need four to six pieces of rocks that you will need to place them in a zig-zag pattern, in a distance of one to two feet between each rock or stones.

slalom jumping

Then keep both of your legs together and jump in and out the pattern of each stone, try to turn around each and every time you reach the end of your stones and repeat it for at least one minute per day.


If you are into getting your body for the best fitness, then try out this side step to improve your core, glutes, shoulders, upper back, and obliques. For this step take a flat wood or rock and stand on it with a single leg and hold both of your arms at shoulders height and bend down your elbows till 90 degrees.

outdoor exercise

Twist your waist with the contracting abs when you will need to bring the left knee and your right elbow all together to the front. Switch the sides each and every time you do.

Push-up in park bench: 

This steps will help you to improve fitness in chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Go to the park and find one single bench and place your hands on it, take your feet behind and extend your body on it. Try to bend your hands and lower the chest towards the bench with at least 12 times push ups. Try this for at least couples of weeks to get a perfect body fitness.

outdoor exercise

Dip in park bench: 

This exercise will help you to improve your triceps, shoulders, and core. First, you will need to sit on a bench and then place both of your hands on the either side of your hips, and you will have to slide your butt forward with the support of your hand behind. Also, bend down your elbows and then bring the upper arms parallel to the ground, and return to the same position. Do this with almost 10 to 12 time for couples of weeks to have fitness in your body.

outdoor exercise

Shuffle up your side: 

Following this steps will help you to improve in glutes,quads, and the outer thighs. You will need to stand with both the feet hip distance from each other and bend the elbow with the help of fist near your ribs.

outdoor exercise

You will need to take three wide distance, sliding the right or the left foot to meet each other. Then bend the knees followed by jumping in order to face the opposite direction. Repeat for at least a couples of times or at least for one minute.

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Try out this outdoor exercise every evening or morning for almost a couples of months then there you will find your body with the perfect shape and fitness if you do have queries regarding outdoor exercise please do comment below we will assist you.


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