Eye MakeUp Tutorial For Beginners – Easy And Simple Ways

Last year during Christmas I was trying for different shades of eye makeup tutorial but later end up feeling depressed. I went to the beauty parlors for perfect shades and eye makeup tips for my eyes. I guess you too have faced so many issues like me and tried to search all the eye makeup tutorial.

eye makeup tutorial

After so much of search on the web, finally, I have found out the best eye makeup tips which I will be reviewing in this article. And if you are not good at applying eye makeup then I will also be guiding you with easy tips.

So, get ready with the best tutorials for learning eye makeup tips…..

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Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners:

For me, eye makeup tips is a fashion trend and you also get bored with the same eye makeup tutorials. So why not try other different shades and designs of eye makeup, easy and advanced methods.

There are three simple steps of eye makeup tutorials for beginners. You can check your favorite eye makeup tips below..

a) Eyeliner.
b) Mascara.
c) Eyeshadow.

#1. Eyeliner – eye makeup tutorials:

eyeliner tutorial

To get the right shapes of eyeliner is the most efficient for a woman’s eye makeup. Below I have added some of the tips and tutorials of applying eyeliner.

  • To apply a smudge proof and long lasting eyeliner, remove the oils from your skin especially from the eyelids.
  • To get a right eyeliner shape draw an outline with a small thin eye pencil or an eyeliner.
  • For a natural look, apply a liquid eyeliner drawing a thin outline.
  • For a smokey look, it would be better if you choose an eye pencil. Apply on your eyelids and smudge it little for a smokey look.

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#2. Eyeshadow – eye makeup tutorials:


Applying an eyeshadow will make you look stunning and gorgeous when applied. try them by mixing different shades of colors. there are some guidelines you must follow to apply eye- shadow.

  • For a good and perfect eyeshadow tips, you must buy a well-branded quality of eye brushes which are flat and stiff.
  • If you want your eyeshadow to last long then apply an eye cream followed by an eye primer on the entire eyes.
  • Now apply your desired eye shades, but remember that you apply a darker shade at the contour and lighter shades at the center.
    Apply a lighter shades of eyeshadow in the contour eyelids and lighter shades in front.
  • Blend and mix all the shades with an eye brush for a smokey look.

Types of an eyeshadow eye makeup tutorial:

a) Red Glittering Eyeshadow:

lady gaga red glitter

I guess celebrity Lady Gaga really likes the red glittering eye makeup tips. If you want a glamor and celebrity look then this red glitter eye makeup will be a perfect choice. Let us know the methods of applying the red shimmering eye shadow.

Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial:  Before applying the red eye shades, you must first apply eye primer. This will last your eye shadow longer, and it is available in any departmental store. Now with a brush or fingers apply the red glitter eyeshadow properly, if any stains on the sides of your eyes then wipe it with a tissue.

b) Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial With Gold Color Shades:

smokey eyes

It never too difficult when you have the will to learn. Apply a gold eye shadow on your eyelids and with a brush smudge it a little. These looks are mostly for a night out or night occasions. For a complete look apply a liquid liner with a thin line.

#3. Mascara – Eye makeup tutorial for beginners:


It is impossible to skip mascara when I speak about eye makeup tips. Here are the different types of applying mascara. This mascara gives a clean and bright eyes when applied.

  • Always remember that you apply a mascara from the roots of your eyelashes and leave the tips. Volume gets created for brighter eyes.
  • To get thick eyelashes you must apply the mascara at least 2 times.
  • If you want a waterproof eye liner then you get easily in the market.
  • When you apply a mascara on your lower lashes make sure you put a tissue under your lashes.
  • You can also use an eyelash curler for curling your lashes.

eye makeup tutorials

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Additional eye makeup tutorial for beginners:

  1. Use a tissue paper to remove good amount makeup for eyes.
  2. Always start applying eye primer or face primer before you apply any shades of makeup.
  3. You can draw an outline or highlight some of the corners of eyes with a fresh lighter shades for a fresh looking brighter eyes.
  4. There is much long lasting and waterproof sweatproof products available in the market. Purchase the best one and apply them.

So, this is few easy eye makeup tutorials for you and me. Now let us look at how you remove those heavy eyes makeup.

How to remove excess makeup from your eyes?

It is suggested that you must remove your entire makeup before you go to bed at night. Might be you have tried them but all the excess makeup does not get removed. Are you thinking how to remove it? Well, I will be helping you out in case you are not aware of it.

  1. Always remove your makeup with a face cleanser following by a cotton ball.
  2. Make sure you wash your face with a cold water because hot water opens up tiny pores of your skin.
  3. Or you can do one thing, use a makeup remover with a cotton ball. Soak a cotton ball in the remover and wipe the excess makeup from your eyelids.
  4. Now remove mascara from your eyelashes completely.
  5. After that, you can remove an eye makeover from the entire face.
  6. After washing your face with a mild face wash dab on with a soft towel and apply a moisturizer.
  7. Olive oil, johnson creams, and lotions are also applied for removing eye makeup.

So, this is the best easy and simple eye makeup tutorial for the beginners. Try them out and definitely, it will work out and if you are new to the eye makeup tips then this article would have helped you a lot. If you find more good tips which I have not added then share your views and ideas.

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