Different Eyebrow Shapes to Match Your Face

Eyebrows are a small section of hair above the eyes that follows the margins of the brow ridges. Eyebrow shapes come’s in different shapes and sizes, some have thick and dark eyebrows whereas some have thin and light ones. The form and size of the eyebrows are very much involved in one’s beauty of the face.

eyebrow shapes

Now, people have come up with shaping the eyebrows accordingly to add charm to their beauty. Either adding hair or removing hairs from the eyebrows depends on one’s choice. Changing the position or adding color to the eyebrows have an immense effect to modify the look of your face. When going to shape your eyebrows, you may worry for the shape to match with your face. Well, that what everybody has gone through before shaping the eyebrows.

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Different Shapes of the eyebrows to Match with Your Face:

Today, I am going to show you many different shapes of the eyebrows  to match with your face

  1. Oval Shaped Face: eyebrow shaped The eyebrows do not need to make the face appear oval because this is the perfect face shape. For this kind of face shape, the soft angled eyebrow shape would be the best. This type of eyebrows moves up straight with a gentle round curve at the top and the down.

2.Round Shaped Face: eyebrow shape You can make your round face look less round with the high arched eyebrow. If you go for round kind of eyebrow, it may make you face look more round. Creating a high arch will reduce the roundness of the face.

3.Long Shaped Face eyebrow shapes A flat brow shape will make the long face looks shorter. If you are one with this face shape, the horizontal shape of the flat brow will give you a better look. The beautiful Asian girls with a long face shaped look gorgeous with this brow shape.

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4. Heart Shaped Face eyebrow shape A flat arched, rounded brow shape will suit best for the heart shaped face giving it a natural look. Whereas a high arch brow will make this face shape a lengthy look. Both this form of the eyebrows will add charm to the beauty of the heart shaped face.

5. Diamond Shaped Face  eyebrows shaped The curved brow shape will make your diamond shaped face beautiful. It will soften the angles of the face and also reduce the wide part. You can also go for the round brow stencils with this face shape.

6. Square Shaped Face eyebrow shape The angled brow shape can balance the strong feature of a square jawline. A well defined angled brow with a sharp peak at the top will soften the feature. You can also go for the curved brow shape with this square shaped face.

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The anxiety feeling when shaping the eyebrows will be no more disturb you after you read this article. There is a different eyebrow shapes just exactly best for different face shapes. After reading this article, you can check the shape of your face and go for the shaping your eyebrows accordingly. You are beautiful; you ought to remain beautiful now and then, so why to bring the shapes of the eyebrows to destroy your beauty? Look as beautiful as ever with any face shapes with their matching eyebrow shapes.



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